Future Shock

Future Shock Elena Martinez has hidden her eidetic memory all her life or so she thinks When powerful tech giant Aether Corporation selects her for a top secret project she can t say no All she has to do is parti

  • Title: Future Shock
  • Author: Elizabeth Briggs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elena Martinez has hidden her eidetic memory all her life or so she thinks When powerful tech giant Aether Corporation selects her for a top secret project, she can t say no All she has to do is participate in a trip to the future to bring back data, and she ll be set for life Elena joins a team of four other teens with special skills, including Adam, a science prodigyElena Martinez has hidden her eidetic memory all her life or so she thinks When powerful tech giant Aether Corporation selects her for a top secret project, she can t say no All she has to do is participate in a trip to the future to bring back data, and she ll be set for life Elena joins a team of four other teens with special skills, including Adam, a science prodigy with his own reason for being there But when the time travelers arrive thirty years in the future, something goes wrong, and they break the only rule they were given do not look into their own fates Now they have twenty four hours to get back to the present and find a way to stop a seemingly inevitable future from unfolding With time running out and deadly secrets uncovered, Elena must use her eidetic memory, street smarts, and a growing trust in Adam to save her new friends and herself.

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    1. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Albert Whitman & Company and NetGalley.)“I have to know why I’m not in the system. Even if it damages my brain, I need to know my fate.”This was a YA sci-fi story about a group of teens sent to the future.I totally understood Elena’s helplessness at the beginning of this book, being nearly 18 and about to be kicked out of foster care with nowhere else to go must be really scary, and the fact [...]

    2. My debut YA novel, a twisty time travel mystery with a kick butt heroine. Want to know more? Join my Facebook fan group for early excerpts or sign up for my newsletter to get a notification when it comes out!***Note: The Netgalley eARC had an issue with the formatting and caused it to not show the chapter breaks. The book does have chapters - each date or timestamp is a new one (like this). Sorry for the confusion! The final ebook and the print ARC and hardcover are all correct. :) ***I'm thrill [...]

    3. Situación actual: 4 a.m, acalambrada y entumecida en el sofa, hecha un manojo de emociones por este libro que IBA A MIRAR NO MÁS, NO A LEER, MENOS A TERMINAR. Pero valió 100% la pena.Muy, muy, muy bueno. Fue empezarlo y nunca más soltarlo.Por momentos es predecible, pero es original, depara sorpresas, es pura acción y te emociona.

    4. Elena Martinez is 17 and about to age out of the foster system with no prospects until one day she is offered the chance to participate in a research project with a tech company called the Aether Corporation. A group of five teenagers is recruited to be sent forward in time ten years to collect information on new technology and bring it back to the present. Of course, nothing happens the way it is supposed to, and instead of spending their time completing their specified task, Elena and the rest [...]

    5. It was a lucky day when I received FUTURE SHOCK through an ARC tour, and it'll be a sad day sending off again tomorrow.The plotting of this novel is so on point--not a paragraph wasted and not a chapter out of place--as Briggs answers readers' questions while setting up even more compelling new mysteries. I'd expect nothing less out of a time travel thriller, and FUTURE SHOCK's puzzling paradoxes and startling discoveries kept me reading well after I should have gone to bed.Characters are anothe [...]

    6. Elena Martinez has to find a job before she turns eighteen or she will be homeless and on the streets when she ages out of the foster care system. She's determined, street smart, and has an eidetic memory, but she's having a difficult time finding work. Maybe it's because she's a tatted up Mexican girl with a record, and her father's legacy hanging over head to boot. When she suddenly receives a job offer from the Aether Corporation, an L.A. tech giant, for more money for a day's work than she's [...]

    7. Future Shock was a lot of fun with a twist at the end that I did not see coming. And I'm usually not easily surprised by twists, most are too obvious. Not this one. No. I would never have guessed it is was that person.This book sucked me easily in, because the writing was so easy and - for the loss of a better word - alive.Another thing that sucked me in was Elena's POV. I loved Elena's POV. She was a good person, trying to help everyone. Don't think she didn't had her flaws. She did. But they m [...]

    8. This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for a honest reviewMY THOUGHTSI admit that I have a soft spot for books with time travel. Sure, they're a bit confusing at times, but they are so fascinating. This one wasn't, thankfully, as confusing as previous time travel books I've read and I enjoyed reading it!Elena Martinez has bounced from foster home to foster home and as she is approaching the age of 18, she'll be kicked out and left o [...]

    9. Future Shock was a very original time travel, young adult novel.Elena, a teen with extraordinary skills, is hired by a technological corporation to be sent into the future with a team of other young adults. They are each picked for their unique skills. But the corporation is keeping secrets that has Elena extremely concerned but the money is too good to turn down.They are told not to check into their future or ask questions about this experiment but the travelers soon discover only one of their [...]

    10. “No one wants to hire an underage, inexperienced, tatted-up Mexican girl. Even McDonald’s turned me down.”About: Elena Martinez has slipped through the cracks of California’s foster care system. Desperate for money and a future, she signs a contract with the corporate tech giant Aether in exchange for money and a college scholarship: time-travel to the future for 24 hours and bring back info about future technology.The only catch? She can’t look into her own future. It might mess with [...]

    11. I'll admit this isn't my usual read but the synopsis just grabbed me and so did the book, once I started reading I just couldn't put it down.Elena's life hasn't been easy she's been rolling around in foster care for years and she's nearly eighteen which means once the state cheques stop coming she'll be out and on her own so she desperately needs a job but no matter how hard she tries she can't get hired, a seventeen year old Mexican girl with tattoos is obviously not what employers are looking [...]

    12. Elena Martinez has to make plans quickly before she ages out of the foster care system. She applies for jobs but gets no offers and is feeling hopeless. Even though Elena has had a rough life she still has dreams and goals that she wants to work toward. After all of the setbacks on the job front an opportunity comes out of the blue and seems too good to be true. Elena feels it's her only choice though to be able to be independent.I enjoyed the gritty feeling of the story. It made the story more [...]

    13. What the. What.Elena Martinez prides herself on being a "tatted-up Mexican girl" with an eidetic memory. She's a foster child and yearns to be a social worker, hoping to make an actual impact on the mostly-flawed system. So when Aether Corporation takes interest in her skill and an offer is dropped into her hands, she jumps for it. Anything to escape the system. Also, they're offering monetary compensation, so yeah. Alongside three other teens from equally broken backgrounds - Trent, Zoe, and Ch [...]

    14. WOW! What a rollercoaster!I was totally captivated by the awesome plot.Somehow Briggs always get me all caught up in her books. She does things big and dramatic. Her books aren't slow subtle kind of stories- nope it's all or nothing: fast, dynamic and captivating. Future Shock is in many ways very different than her previous novels, yet it does have that element in common with them. They all are plot driven. And when it comes to plots, Briggs just out did herself with this one. There are quite a [...]

    15. What I really loved about this book was the casual representation. It’s not every day you see a Latina Mexican teenage girl with tattoos as the main character. Backed up by a bisexual secondary character, the representation was refreshing and really gave the book an added edge.Some of the plot was rather predictable at times, but it was a fast paced story. And everyone loves a bit of time travel. Mainly set over a 24 hour period, it definitely kept me hooked and wanting to read more.I think wh [...]

    16. 3.5 stars Solidly entertaining, action-packed scifi--especially if you're familiar with LA. (Ripley's T-Rex FTW!) Some aspects and secondary characters could have been developed more, but I still enjoyed reading it. Review to come.

    17. Wow! I had a feeling is like this but not as much as I did! I loved it! Great story and awesome characters! I heard somewhere that this may be a series and I truly hope so! I'd love to read more!

    18. One would think that, having grown up watching Back to the Future (along with Star Wars and Indiana Jones) repetitively, I'd be tired of time travel books by now. Oh, no. It's exactly the opposite. Yet I am a petulant reader, as you well know. I want lots of books but I want them to be engaging and well-written. Sometimes I think that in a publisher's eagerness to get a book to market, much of the fine-tuning simply doesn't occur.Future Shock doesn't pretend to be an ultra-scientific treatment o [...]

    19. FAVORITE READ OF 2016!!!Yes, you read that right. I found the very first book to go on my Favorite Reads of 2016 list!When I received an email saying this book was available on NetGalley I couldn't request a copy fast enough. I have read (and loved) Elizabeth's Chasing the Dream series, which is very different from Future Shock, so I already know she's an amazing writer. And being a huge fan of the Back to the Future trilogy I was instantly intrigued by the synopsis, and eager to jump into this [...]

    20. 3.5/5Future Shock is one of the better YA time travel books I’ve read. A lot of time I struggle with the explanation of the time travel. Here, I thought it was interesting and easy to understand. At the center of this book is our protagonist, Elena, a smart, brave and strong young woman who has had to face a shit ton of messes in her life. She genuinely wanted to make her life better and was ready to go to lengths to fix her situation. Despite that though, I didn’t think Elena was that memor [...]

    21. If you want a high-octane story, this is it! The mystery that develops when five teens travel forward in time kept me completely invested in what was happening throughout the entire book. Not to mention the characters are fleshed out and believable, and the main character, Elena, is someone you're destined to root for. This is a fast-paced read that's sure to have you flipping the pages to find out more.

    22. Initial Impressions 3/3/16: 3 - 3.5 starsI actually had kind of a hard time with this book in the beginning and unfortunately, that really kind of set the tone. I liked and disliked that the book really didn't waste time hopping to the time travel aspects. It was great that there wasn't an overly detailed amount of set-up and the time travel did happen relatively early in the book to get straight to the action. I really would have liked some more intro to how this concept was possible, why they [...]

    23. Really good read/listen, ladies and gentlemen.Elena has an eidetic memory, no job prospects because no one wants to hire young inexperienced Mexicans even to a sh*tty restaurant, and only two months before she is forced to the streets from her foster home. And all she wants is a decent future. A university degree, a job as a social worker, that sort of thing Then comes an offer she can't refuse - a ridiculous amount of money for one day of work in a confidential, super secret project in a powerf [...]

    24. Elena has an eidetic memory and she tries to hide this as well as she can, so it won't bring her any trouble. Someone found out about it though as she's being approached by a company called the Aether Corporation to be part of a special project. In return she'll receive quite a sum of money which will enable her to go to college. The project is interesting, together with four others she will be sent to the future where she has to gather information. In exchange she will be generously rewarded.A [...]

    25. Such a great read I could not put it down. That is also saying something as most of the time I seem to have an allergic reaction to Young Adult but with the element of a dash of Sci-fi or maybe fantasy has made the book one of the first YA books that I have enjoyed in a while.I’m going to try and not ruin it with spoilers so forgive me if I am vague or if I give anything away. Now ever since I have seen ‘Back to the Future’ I love the concept of time travel. I also had a thing for Michael [...]

    26. (Pure Textuality)Fascinating. That’s one word I would use to describe this book. Amazing also fits as well. Once started, this is a book you would have trouble putting down. I think I stayed up all night reading because of how exciting this book ultimately ended up being.Elena Martinez is seventeen and in the foster care system. She’s close to aging out of the system and has no idea how she is going to live in a couple of months. When a famous corporation approaches her and asks her to join [...]

    27. 4 "I want to visit the future" STARSARC via NetGalley - THANK YOU!Elena (my TVD and Stelena heart is singing) is a badass seventeen year old with an eidetic memory who wants a good future -- something not so easy to accomplish with a past (and present) like hers. She'll soon be out of the foster care system and has nothing in sight - no job, no money, no house. When she's recruited by a large company to take part in an experiment for a LOT of money, she says yes. Of course, 'cause the girl has n [...]

    28. 4.25 starsSummary: Elena is a foster kid who is about to turn 18 and needs money desperately to be able to make a life for her self. But she cannot find a job because she part of the minority by being hispanic, she also has many tattoos. But the thing that makes her stand out the most: Her perfect memory. When an opportunity to earn a lot of money came for doing a one day experiment came, she acepts the offer. Little does she know that this experiment has to do with the future and that knowing t [...]

    29. Action packed, thrilling, time travel mystery with a hint of romance. I became caught up in the mystery and did not see the plot twist coming. It kept me on the edge of my seat riveted to see how it would all end. Captivating and enjoyable read.

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