The Art of Zootropolis

The Art of Zootropolis Disney s newest animated feature Zootropolis is a comedy adventure starring Officer Judy Hopps a rookie bunny cop who has to team up with fast talking scam artist fox Nick Wilde to crack her first

  • Title: The Art of Zootropolis
  • Author: Jessica Julius John Lasseter Byron Howard Rich Moore
  • ISBN: 9781452155814
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Disney s newest animated feature, Zootropolis, is a comedy adventure starring Officer Judy Hopps, a rookie bunny cop who has to team up with fast talking scam artist fox Nick Wilde to crack her first case in the all animal city of Zootropolis This lushly illustrated book offers a behind the scenes view of the elaborate artistry involved in creating the film.

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    1. I wish this book had 500 pages and more info MOREEEEEE!Are always a big artist working on these films and making a ton of stuff that finally never gets to to light and it´s always fantastic to see it and to see how we arrive to this final film.We know is probably pretty impossible to get the work perfectly at the first attempt and the WAY is important to see and know.Lovely! I really hope after reading and seeing all this work and sketches, they could work on other works in the city exploring a [...]

    2. Taken a break from novels, I switched to some art production. I enjoyed this book and the movie it accumulated into. The world of these animals is diverse and feels alive. Yet it also tackles the idea of prejudices shifting in the underbelly of this vibrant city. Altogether it makes for a great, buddy detective story that touches a bit on crime noir as well. I always love looking at the concept design and storyboards as I feel partial to that pre-production work. I only wish there was even more [...]

    3. Yep it's a book about art but it's pretty wordy and I'm counting it because I'm stressing I won't finish my challenge in time also it's my reading challenge, bog off! ;) For real though this was such an interesting read, I love the behind the scenes of how they designed the characters and locations it's beautiful and my dream career.

    4. The Art of Zootropolis book takes you through characters, environments, cinematography, and story. The art featured in the book is so detailed and thought out. There's no denying the hard work that went into developing Zootropolis.

    5. i really liked how this artbook went into the description of all the different locales featured in the movie :)

    6. I don't know if I've gotten pickier about movies over the years, or if movies have been getting worse. It's becoming increasingly rare for me to leave a movie theater loving the experience enough to want to dash home and immediately add the DVD to my wishlist. It's even rarer for me to look up something like an "Art of" book so I can dive more deeply into the world - but I've done this twice in the last couple of months. I ordered The Art of Zootopia first, back in March, but some odd delay (per [...]

    7. If you love Zootopia and are debating about getting this book, just go ahead and do it, you won’t regret it. The book is great about walking you through the thought process of the studio. You learn about the multiple itertations the story went through, and how they eventually settled on the plot that made it to the screen. In addition to scrapped plotlines, it also includes architecture, regions, and characters that also didn’t make it into the film. It also lets you appreciate the little de [...]

    8. This was a fantastic book for all lovers of the movie Zootopia and the world created for it. As someone who truly felt the depth and potential of story that the world the movie was set in, this was a great read. There are tidbits of insight into the creation and thought process behind each location and subject. One of the regrettable things I would say is that this book didn't have enough. Some of the sections I would have loved to see more of and in depth, larger images, more long and detailed [...]

    9. Ever wanted to know more details about the Disney movies you love? The Art of series is doing just that, along with glorious full-color shots, sketches and notes on those very movies. It's a movie lover's dream.The Art of Zootopia cleverly covers the film's storyline, possible additional storylines and gives readers a better idea of the story's evolution. It's a gorgeous book, and one that I've had on my wishlist for quite a while. I snagged this at the Last Bookstore in LA--it was a signed har [...]

    10. El arte esta hermoso. Me divertí como niña al ver los distintos dibujos de los personajes y de los lugares en los que se desarrollo la película.Como siempre, la investigación que hacen en los estudios Disney me impresiona. Revisan de todo, desde el comportamiento de los animales hasta como se refleja la luz en el pelo. Lo que me intrigo más del libro, fue de que trataba la historia al principio y como fue cambiando. De eso no tengo mucha información. Y me gustaría saber como los personaje [...]

    11. A great compilation of concept sketches, environments, storyboard art, and in-progress images from the film Zootopia. The art is gorgeous and I enjoyed reading about the decisions behind the components that made it (or didn't make it) into the final version of the film. Skip the preface by John Lasseter and the foreward by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, as they are almost identical and don't add anything to the book that you won't read or see elsewhere in these pages.

    12. What an awesome collection of visual development pieces for one of my favorite movies! Really well presented--you even get to see some locations and characters that were cut from the film! For fellow artists and storytellers, there are some nuggets of wisdom and skill hidden in here as well.

    13. Zootopia ArtGreat insight to the design of a different world. The details are incredible and unused elements inspire what could have been.

    14. Solid work. Just solid. My favorite pieces in this were definitely the environment work. Tundra Town is a beast even conceptually.

    15. Loved spending more time in the vast world of Zootopia. Great art. Repetitive blurbs though -- either needed better/more writing or to remove the writing except for necessary captions.

    16. The Art of Zootopia book was magnificent. It included gorgeous illustrations, concept art, and background designs. All of the facts and tidbits about the production really make you appreciate how much hard work went in to the making of the film. The artists spared no expense on detail and thought of /everything/. I mean, it's amazing to think they had to plan how the clothes would look on animals that have different kinds of fur. It's not as simple as putting clothing on animals, but they have t [...]

    17. Along with the Art of Moana, I got The Art of Zootopia for Christmas, and I loved this one more than The art of Moana. This one just had so much interesting concepts for the cities and different environments that was a shame they didn't make it into the movie. I loved this so much.

    18. I saw Zootopia in theaters last year. I was especially excited after seeing the trailer. I finally got to see it and . . . it was a decent movie. I liked the overall theme and Judy Hopps as a character. I just wasn't as nuts about it as everyone else was.I liked this art book. It was a little wordy when compared to the others, but it was really cool to see the ideas the team had behind the areas they created while designing Zootopia, the research that went into the animals and how that affected [...]

    19. Interesting but if you're wondering about character or plot development it's not really explained here Excellent artwork and in depth explanation of technical methods but lacking depth in explanation and development of the plot of the film in relation to the visual development As an animation nerd this made me very happy but I was disappointed to find that the explanations of what each image was and how they ultimately contributed to plot or character development were brief and vague. I was hopi [...]

    20. I recently rented Zootopia as part of my quest to catch up on all of Disney's new (well new-ish anyway) animated movies, and was happily surprised by how much I liked it. Makes me want a site like for movies even more so I can talk about it! Please? The "Art of" book is pretty awesome, from my limited perspective anyway. I haven't seen a lot of the concept art books for the CG animated films yet, so there's not whole lot for me to judge it by. The biggest bookstore close to me has a frustrating [...]

    21. Kindle version sadly only averageThis book is full of interesting information about the movie; but it's mostly about the pictures. The hardcover is impossible to find for a reasonable price, so I ordered the Kindle version thinking it would be good enough. Sadly, not really. Many of the original illustrations are very large and have fine details that the text is trying to point out. When you zoom in on a picture to see these details, compression artifacts appear and often obliterate them. I gues [...]

    22. I've just begun getting into these 'Art of' books (the other two I picked up immediately after seeing the films were 'Inside Out' and 'Sanjay's Super Team') and this is easily my favorite. Not only does it perfectly recreate the feeling of the film (which, for the record, I loved), it offers a brilliant look inside the making of them film. There are fantastic explanations of the thoughts behind the designs and shows the numerous concepts and characters that didn't make it into the film film.

    23. As a Zoomaniac (this pun probably only works with german audiences) I absolutely love this book! It may not give away too much about the plot and story development, but it was interesting to read how much work was put into developing the characters and the world of Zootopia. Some places designed never made it into the finished piece, so it was great to read about them in this book. The artwork is stunning and it was fascinating to read about some of the designers tricks to create a place that se [...]

    24. This is an almost ideal blend of concept sketches, environmental art, and behind the scenes information. The Zootopia art book is a breath of fresh air compared to more recent art book releases that have been disappointingly lax on any kind of text (looking at you, Inside Out)My only complaint is that I wish there were more character art, and that's what's knocking a star off of my score. As is, this is still an excellent read for any fan of film or any fan of animation in general.

    25. The Art of Zootopia shows how much effort was put into creating the world of Zootopia and how much research was done to create this unique world. Unfortunately there are not many pieces of art for characters in this book (at least, not like I am used to like it was with "Tangled" or "Big Hero 6"), but all the sketches and pieces for architecture, houses and environments make up for it. It also covers a few storyboards and technical aspects of the production of this movie.

    26. The storyline changed many times before it became the movie that was released, so it was fascinating to read about the different plots and how those changes affected the look & the characters. A full world was realized but not all of it was seen in the movie. They also showcased characters that got nixed due to various changes. And, as always, amazing to read/see how much thought & pre-planning went into creating this story & movie.

    27. I'm a character design kind of person, not an environment design kind of person. I also have a bad habit of skimming large paragraphs in books that are supposed to be the ART of something. Seeing the inspiration behind the different areas of Zootopia was cool but I wish there was more information on the creation of the characters, particularly Nick since it was said that he evolved quite a bit over the development of the film.

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