Save Me

Save Me Peter is the Alpha He s nobody s savior Not his pack s Not his town s And not that kid s But sometimes salvation goes both ways Words complete

  • Title: Save Me
  • Author: DiscontentedWinter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • Peter is the Alpha.He s nobody s savior.Not his pack s Not his town s And not that kid s.But sometimes salvation goes both ways.Words 39124 complete

    One thought on “Save Me”

    1. Fairly certain this will try to destroy me, but doing it anywayD I was a big giant chicken. Could have been a slow train wreck, but no. Told from Peter's point of view we get to reflect on the fallout of the horrific Alpha pack attack instead of being mired in it. Watching the transformation from rage and instability to peace and joyfulness for various characters is pleasing. It promises good after all the ugly. What could be better than Peter and Stiles getting revenge in the best way possible? [...]

    2. 4.5So so so so fucking good. Possibly my favorite Peter as pack Alpha story ever. It wasn't fluffy, but this story kinda turned me (ME!) into a sap, because I kept crying, but happy tears, for all the small moments when people who were so badly hurt felt better--cuz really the title tells it all. (view spoiler)[Unexpectedly favorite moment: when Peter suddenly realizes he forgives Derek. Like my eyes are tearing up just typing this.(hide spoiler)] So definitely check the tags, but as DW stories [...]

    3. I'm not sure quite how I fell into this YA/Feels stretch but it's working for me. To be honest, there's not much I don't like about Peter.You can make him sweet or sassy or diabolical and I'm there. But I really like when he's possessive, protective and growly ON TOP of all those things. If an author can roll all that up and serve it up on a Peter platter Katie, bar the door.As long as he's with Stiles, that is. No Stiles and I lose interest in a hurry.This fic had all of the above while also sw [...]

    4. Steter.My thanks to Vivian for hosting the Lisa Survivor Group Meeting the cookies and group support made the reading more enjoyable, the evil cliffhangers less painful.I hold on to my belief in Lisa being evil (I think she'd be disappointed if we didn't!) but she's also amazing.Peter is done well and this is one of very few fics I've stumbled on that acknowledges Peter's coma, how the past is not so distant to him. While grief and anger has shaped Derek it's still foremost and current for Peter [...]

    5. It's time to accept that I'm a fan of Steter. Sorry Derek.He’s an unlikely savior. And unlikely man to prevent a war, to destroy a monster or two, and to build a peace. But Stiles is an unlikely savior too, and Peter doesn’t doubt for a second that he is one.Waking up from years in a coma to the reality that everything he knew and loved is gone, Peter is full of rage. When the Alpha pack tries to take over the Hale territory, Peter decides to fight back. Unfortunately, Peter couldn't stop th [...]

    6. Peter feels alive too, for the first time in a long time. Something inside him, something black and bitter, breaks off and dissolves under the light of the moon. Just a tiny piece, but Peter feels its absence.Hook. Line. And Peter-worthy sinker.And this right here explains so much about why Stiles and Peter work in DW's TW-verse:And there it is. Stiles’s childlike certainty that Peter is one of the good things in the world. How is it possible that someone as clever as Stiles, someone who can s [...]

    7. *gasping with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat*This is THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!! I've never read the fanfic by any other author, but I still believe Lisa writes the BEST!!!!!! I loved this book sooo much that it has surpassed my absolute adoring love for "I Know Where Babies Come, Derek" From Series!!!!!I want more STETER!!!!<3

    8. ****original review 3/27/2016****Ummm I would like to apologize. I called Lisa Henry evil a few times while reading this. I take it all back. You are amazing. Thanks to every member of the Lisa Survivor Group Meeting that participated in the buddy read. I would not have survived this without you. ***************Reread 1/17/2017 still heartbreakingly goodReread 4/25/2017, 10/14/2017Reread 1/21/2018 heartbreak. Devastation. Hope. DW sure knows how to mix them perfectly.

    9. 3.5 stars Definitely lighter than I expected, given the non-con warning. Peter's a big 'ol softie. This deals with the aftermath of Stiles's trauma and it was great seeing how even though Peter saved him, Stiles also saved Peter. The epilogue was nice so we could get that '2 years later' nookie! I read this as a WIP and one thing about WIP's that's hard for me is not knowing how far away the ending it. I think I expected this to be longer so as I was reading it my pace off was thrown off a bit. [...]

    10. I will not start till it's finished. . I will not start till it's finished. . I will not start till it's finished okay it's finished *dives in*(note to self really this one probably isn't suitable for the cheering up lunchtime in the office TW fic of the day)Fun and not as dark as I was expecting for a DW Steter fic and epically fluffy final chapter. I kind of like this Peter I am not sure what that says about me

    11. Oh god someone needs to Save Me from withdrawal. Lisa Henry you perfect goddess you. I think I found a favorite Steter. Peter is still perfectly dark and broken but *gushes like an idiot* this was such a great redemption(?) fic. No joke Stiles and Peterneedeach other in the best of ways. Peter and Derek's relationship was also heartbreakingly thoughtful. I just super enjoyed this one for sure.

    12. Wow. Such an awesome take on the whole killing Laura mythology. And what a way to mesh season 1 and 2. I sweartagod, Jeff Davis should be reading all DW's work and using it for blueprints.Seriously.

    13. An excellent Steter fic with lots of feels. Peter turns out to be the good guy in this despite his murderous past.

    14. Just. Fucking. Awesome. Thankfully, coming from Peter's POV, it was much easier to read than I had expected. Wonderfully written story of revenge, redemption, loyalty and love.

    15. This is the first time I've read this pairing and I enjoyed it more than I would've thought. I'm so glad I waited for the full story! It's been some time since I found a story that would make me almost incapable of stopping to take a breather. It's short but it packs a punch. This goes to my re-read list!

    16. The author always brings that little bit extra to the table. Loved being in Peter's head, seeing Derek through his eyes! Some great lines as well. The only thing I wished would have played out a bit differently was (view spoiler)[ the first time they had sex. Because, severely traumatized rape victim demands to have anal sex? At his first time no less. The sex, of course, goes off without a glitch. Everyone's happy. I have nothing against this scenario per se. Could be possible, I guess? Stiles [...]

    17. The first 20% of this book was very hard to get into and because of that it was a long and arduous process to finish. I skimmed a bit and then I skipped a big chunk until I got into the meat of the story. Then I went back and read what I'd skimmed. It was nice to get the back story on how Scott became a wolf and the other characters in the pack. Peter didn't seem too evil but I prefer him with Derek.

    18. I've never read Steter before. Figured I wouldn't like the pairing. But I've never gone wrong with this author, so I gave it a whirl.I might possibly be a Steter fan now. (which is just what I needed, another obsession)

    19. Um, it was okayish. Sweet, by the end of it of course. But the first few chapters made me want to close it & stop reading. But all in all, it was nice. Worth a shot.

    20. I'm usually more of a Sterek fan, but Lisa writes the best Steter, and this was no exception. I was really rooting for Peter in this story, and loved that he still remains a somewhat murky hero with evil overtones. I also liked the way the other characters fit into this story and had an important contribution.everyone form Derek to Chris Argent. Definitely a rereaddMAYBE A SEQUEL???? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    21. I loved this so much, it's kicked off a Steter marathon for me. Considering the fact that I'm (not so) secretly in love with Derek and I usually consider reading anything other than Sterek to be cheating, this is a big deal for me. I'm now off to read Infinite Space.

    22. This was rough. I just wanted to hug poor Stiles. And then I wanted to hug Peter for helping and making Stiles feel stronger in the process. Revenge is so satisfying. I also really enjoyed the Derek forgiveness part of this. It was really good but a little shorter than I would like.

    23. What was off about this one? Stiles. (view spoiler)[I've grown accustomed to seeing him independent and tough as nails. Whereas here I mean, yes, he stood up to the Alpha pack and was not letting the trauma get the best of him, fought alongside his pack whenever there was a threat, yapped his mouth off to Kate despite being chained to a wall and electrocuted, boldly went to Peter and asked to be together. However, he felt so dependent on Peter. I was jolted out of the story every time Stiles pre [...]

    24. You know you're going to love itad it.I love Steter even better than Sterek.I don't mind Peter having a soft side, but I don't like him being a big 'ld fuzzy bunny.Peter's not a fuzzy bunny here, and he's not super dark either.There were some bad things that happened, but the fic never felt dark.Nice balance.

    25. This is one of the Steter fics where Peter is not necessarily a good guy that I did like the pairing. It's because Peter & Stiles help each other heal & they seemed like they belonged together in this story. DW makes Peter seem like a character who deserves to have a good life in this story instead of someone who deserves to be destroyed.

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