Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt The much anticipated full length poetry collection by the critically acclaimed author of Black Cloud Witch Hunt delves into the terror and beauty that occurs when love madness and addiction collide

  • Title: Witch Hunt
  • Author: Juliet Escoria
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The much anticipated full length poetry collection by the critically acclaimed author of Black Cloud, Witch Hunt delves into the terror and beauty that occurs when love, madness, and addiction collide.

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    1. What I appreciate most about Juliet Escoria's poetry is her unadorned ability to get right to the point. She expresses herself in basic language without smoothing out the edges. Her battle scars are on full display, along with her frustration "at my inability to remove myself from myself." I would like to imagine that writing is as cathartic for the author as it is for the reader. Despite the presence of blood, there still exists the caress of safety.

    2. Another writer I've heard lots about and the hype turned out to be completely justified. WITCH HUNT is a very personal, borderline confessional poetry collection but it feels much more involving than a simple diary. Juliet Escoria is inhabited by a powerful anger I recognized almost immediatly: the one you feel when you have to live next to people who can cope too easily with themselves and how the world is. Poems like SEXY TERRORIST, INNER MONOLOGUE, CONTEMPORARY GUILT, HELP DESK and IS THIS WH [...]

    3. Self-aware and not an ounce of bullshit. Cool but not trying to be. This collection is full of life, it might have bit a million lesser collection of poetry on the chest and sucked out all the blood to make something, something tough, but something hurtful and sweet too. Juliet Escoria has this part in the last piece that might be my favorite part, she cuts a picture of a dead deer out of a magazine and hangs it over her desk where she does her writing, now in the piece while sitting in the pass [...]

    4. I was in it. I felt these words through to the bone. This is what writing poetry needs to get. Deep waters! And absolute open channels and vulnerability. I was mesmerized and will read this again and again. Brilliance!

    5. Read my friend's copy of this while I was staying over and really enjoyed it, especially the honesty and insight of it. The short poems were my favorite, especially when they were focused around one very particular insight or detail--particularly when it was something private, the kind of thing you wouldn't tell anyone ever, though of course that's what most of this collection is made up of, and why it's interesting. They were really raw but that also seemed like the point, though I think the co [...]

    6. 2.75 stars.Juliet channels her inner 8th grader in this collection of poems that seemed a bit childish and gross to me. After being so impressed with the short stories of 'Black Cloud', I was disappointed with her poetry. The poems try hard to be edgy and ooze with mental illness but fall short in my opinion. I'm no great poet but this one just seems to be praised a little too much."True StoryThe most honest act I can do is pop a pimple and watch the pus squirt onto the mirror.Everything else is [...]

    7. Juliet Escoria is fucking brilliant. I read Witch Hunt in one short sitting, and I was that person that was reacting to a book in public. There's so much beauty in how she conveys such tragedies. Definitely one of my favorite writers.

    8. 3.5? Any rating here is really kinda arbitrary.At least for the reviews I post publicly on , I typically limit myself to 100 words. I do this because if I wrote an essay-length treatment of every book I read, I would cut my time for actual reading down to almost nothing, because that kind of limit forces me to pare things down to only the absolutely necessary, because it’s a fun creative challenge, and because I love to write and it’s a way to sharpen my skills when I don’t really have the [...]

    9. Reading Juliet Escoria's work is like dreaming about an abandoned childhood home. There are enough recognizable things about it to make you feel familiarity or nostalgia, but the fact that it's dark and abandoned only makes you feel cold. The frustration of remembering certain details, plus the creeping questions of whether we remembered it wrong or if it happened at all. It serves as a blurry reminder that even though the past may have been good or bad in that place, it is gone forever and only [...]

    10. Escoria's Black Cloud was as pulverizing for me, emotionally, as everyone said it was. Lots of honesty and darkness there. Witch Hunt, I feel, is darker, more sinister. It's still cringe-inducing in many ways, but also really, really funny in parts. It feels evil. It's like if Black Cloud was the destroyed animal you found on the side of the road, mewling its sadness during its last thread of life, Witch Hunt is when you bring that animal home, nurse it back to health and then find out it's poss [...]

    11. fluctuated between ok to great. (i hate most poetry i read. so) there were parts i didn't get or thought were weak and there were parts that had me nodding my head and saying "yes, yes". i wouldn't compare the writing to bukowski but i got a lot of the same reactions as i do when reading buke. "ah ha!" the writing is easy to understand and raw like a good steak. there is no dancing around the subjects. it contains violence, suicide, and sex and other stuff. but it's not excessive, i think most r [...]

    12. Juliet opens her diary and exposes her dark-side, the witch behind the HUNT!Addiction, dates with men and suicidal rants packed into a poetry style I'm not to fond of. Scoring a copy of this book, I thought I was walking into some inappropriate magic use or devious death. I enjoy her honesty and spit on hate.Favorites;-Wild West-Dear Patrick-Dear Robbie-Teen Angst-Fur Trade-Flight 6256-Long Distance Love Poem-But Do You Love Me

    13. In Witch Hunt, Juliet Escoria genuinely bares her soul. We get an unadulterated look at all of the beauty, as well as the not so pretty parts. In short, I was in love with the way this is written, and I am kicking myself for not reading Black Cloud long ago. If I could name one, the letters to ex's were a highlight, but there is so much to appreciate that I find it hard to pin one section down. Witch Hunt hits hard, and I am so glad I took the plunge into this stunningly personal collection.

    14. Gorgeous, dark, funny. I felt implicated, somehow, in each story and also the big thing, the wholeness of it, but I also mostly just felt this compelling mix of sad and hopeful. I flew through it, riding that hope or something, maybe just a dark and feverish curiosity, and loved every single page. Juliet has an amazing voice.

    15. Some of Escoria's poems I loved, some I liked a lot, and some didn't send me; but the latter can't necessarily be blamed on the poem or poet, but probably the reader. I thought the TRUE ROMANCE section was the strongest for its focus on the poet's (presumably) personal struggles with her relationship. Overall, I love Escoria's blunt, gritty voice, and her ability to find beauty in the ugly.

    16. Fuck this is a great book. Poetry I can believe in. Sometimes one gets down on oneself for the way they write. This book helped me get back on track. Some great fucking poetry. Arranged so well as a collection, too.

    17. Damn, and I don't even like poetry.I avoided reading this because I knew it was about a lot of self-destructive behavior, a lot of drugs, a lot of institutions. I was afraid I'd feel like a peeping tom, because it's so personal in a way I could never ever know. But I read it (based on multiple recommendations from trusted readers), and the thing that's so great is it is indeed raw, but also accessible. I discovered that maybe us humans are more alike than we realizedor maybe we're vastly more di [...]

    18. I was looking forward to this after having read Black Cloud, which I really loved. All of the prose pieces in Witch Hunt are stellar, but the poetry is a mixed bag. Some of the poems just feel flippant or unfinished.

    19. Witch Hunt by Juliet EscoriaJuliet Escoria’s first poetry collection, Witch Hunt, picks up where her first book, the story collection Black Cloud left off. That is, in a semi-autobiographical universe in which the author’s humanity is constantly on display. This isn’t woman magically ennobled, a made-up version of Juliet Escoria, heroine, but a largely unadorned testament that puts Escoria at the center of her own experiences without spending too much time moralizing on where she finds her [...]

    20. I don't get into much poetry but I loved this. So readable. Most engrossing poetry by anyone living I have read.

    21. Witch Hunt is a collection of "here's where I'm at right now" poems that is raw, intimate, sometimes funny, sometimes sock you in the gut and "yeah, I've been there". It's sitting down with a good friend and drinking too much coffee while she unloads all that's going on in her life at the moment. And you're more than willing to listen because her life is this haunting juxtaposition between tragic and beautiful. And it's cathartic soere's that, too. And you both thought Axl Rose was hot at one ti [...]

    22. I loved this book for its honesty about how stupid and ugly our lives can be can be, but it was also a lot of fun and completely unafraid to kick the world in the teeth. The speaker of these poems lives in the world populated by selfish boyfriends, half-assed parents, and internet nimwits who see themselves as cultural warriors, which somehow drives the speaker deeper into herself. The narratives often dip into mental illness which seems inevitable considering the world the poems create but some [...]

    23. I need to think on this some more.Powerful stuff inside about addiction, love, calamity, and then some lighter poems which are pretty funny, albeit dark.But, yeah, how do I rate this? Probably it doesn't matter, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Parts of it were kind of whatever for me and other parts were fantastic. So I could give it a three, but I don't know if that's especially meaningful for something like this.Pick it up for yourself and just start reading. You'll know pretty quickly w [...]

    24. Pretty excellent collection of poems. Themes include love, death, mental illness, addiction, horse-hating, and an eerily accurate depiction of my inner monologue. Darkly comic and brutally honest. More moments that I could identify with than I'd like to admit.I don't read very much poetry, so my opinion maybe isn't worth much here, but I enjoyed this book a lot.Definitely going to check out her short story collection soon.

    25. A great collection by Juliet Escoria, full of poems that gave me several nice reading moments and reminded me that good poetry comes in many forms, including images but even a shopping receipt. To me, it is Alt Lit poetry at its best. For sure this is now one of my favorite Alt Lit books, alongside the collections by Megan Boyle, Ana Carrete and Mira Gonzalez. One of the best books I read this year.

    26. Drug Abuse. Mental illness. Horses.I'm not much of a poetry man, but this little book is making me reconsider that. Escoria captures the fucked-up innerworkings of her mind with cathartic, most likely opiate-infused, surrealist poems that gave me a few dark chuckles and a dozen darker introspections. Good stuff.

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