Truth Or Date

Truth Or Date Falling for the man of her dreams Ruby Wood is perfectly happy playing the dating game until she has a red hot dream about her very attractive flatmate Nick He might spend every day saving lives as a

  • Title: Truth Or Date
  • Author: Portia Macintosh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Falling for the man of her dreams Ruby Wood is perfectly happy playing the dating game until she has a red hot dream about her very attractive flatmate, Nick He might spend every day saving lives as a junior doctor, but he s absolutely the last man on earth that fun loving Ruby would ever date The solution Focus on all of Nick s bad points And if that fails, up herFalling for the man of her dreams Ruby Wood is perfectly happy playing the dating game until she has a red hot dream about her very attractive flatmate, Nick He might spend every day saving lives as a junior doctor, but he s absolutely the last man on earth that fun loving Ruby would ever date The solution Focus on all of Nick s bad points And if that fails, up her dating antics and find herself a man So what if she manages to make disapproving, goody two shoes Nick jealous in the process Only, after a series of nightmare first dates, there s still just one man on Ruby s mind Maybe it s time to admit the truth and dare to ask Nick to be her next date

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    1. Ever since I've heard about this book I wanted to read it.The cover is just adorable, it's like it shines with positivity and the premise sounded like something I'd enjoy.The best thing about this novel was the writing style it was wrtitten with.Even though this was my first time reading Portia Macintosh's work, the feeling I had while reading this book was like coming home, if you know what I mean.It was like coming back to something familiar that makes you feel comfortable, if that makes sense [...]

    2. “To be honest, after my recent dreams, I could happily never dream again. I used to love my dreams, even my nightmares. For me they were like an escape from real life, an adventure where I could do anything and go anywhere and no one could hurt me. It was an awesome life that I’m never going to be able to have.” – Truth or Date by Portia MacIntoshRuby spends her time going to work at a coffee shop, going to nightclubs with her best friend Millsy and spending way too much time going on ni [...]

    3. Reviewed for Chick Lit Central (chicklitcentral)Truth or Date was such a great example of how opposites can attract, and whether that’s ultimately a good thing, or a bad thing. There is nothing about Nick that Ruby feels she could ever be compatible with, considering how totally different they are. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that she still feels drawn to him. I think that might have something to do with Ruby sharing a few characteristics with Nick, and not realizing it, or maybe she d [...]

    4. Firstly i love the cover for this book, if that doesnt make you pick the book up and have a read of the blurb than nothing will It sounded a fun read and just up my street. This was a bit of a slow starter for me, i took a whille to get into it which was disappointing. I didnt warm much to Ruby, who is the main character but thankfully it did pick up.So meet Ruby Wood, she works in a coffee shop with her best friend Millsy, he is very simular to Ruby and they both dont care for their job a great [...]

    5. Sadly, this one fell flat for me. I didn't 'get' the attraction between Ruby and Nick. It didn't jump off the page, wasn't even there for me. It felt more like - Ruby and Nick have to get together, and the author literally tells you this without showing and certainly without any good reason why, and you're supposed to go along for the ride. I couldn't even get behind the romantic pairing (that was anything but romantic to me - it felt forced, as in, "the blurb said this so I have to make it happ [...]

    6. I've fallen in love with Portia Macintosh after reading her previous novel "Drive Me Crazy" - this book was just my kind of book, I loved the way it was written, its humour and that it was so high - tech and up - to - date. So I don't think that I need to tell you that I didn't need any coaxing to request "Truth or Date" as soon as it appeared on NetGalley (thanks Carina for the auto - approval!!!). It was not only the synopsis that so appealed to me but also this lovely, gorgeous cover, one of [...]

    7. Ruby works in a coffee shop in Leeds with her best friend since childhood, Joe “Millsy” Mills. She shares a flat with Nick, a doctor and although the two of them got on okay when viewing the place, not long after moving in it quickly fell apart. Nick is a neat freak with a vegan girlfriend who likes the tea towels folded a certain way and he definitely did not approve when Ruby set fire to the bathroom during their housewarming. Ruby is a bit of a mess, glued to her phone and her dating app. [...]

    8. Well!! What can I say about ‘Truth or date’? Thank you to Netgalley and Carina for the early copy! Apparently blue balls are a ‘thing’, and I don’t mean the bouncy kind. According to Ruby, you’ll meet her in a moment, it is a line guys use to lure women into their love shack! Who knew?! Ruby Ruby Ruby!! Ruby is the person whose life you will follow, I say life, but I mean dating and alcohol central. She has the ‘I don’t give a fudge cake’ about everything, mainly guys, relation [...]

    9. Truth or Date by Portia MacIntosh is a book which just screams fun to me, I adored the cover and after reading the blurb knew I had to read this book and it did not disappoint it was full to the brim with funny scenarios but also had some lovely heartfelt moments.Ruby Wood has been perfectly happy dating a different man every week, content to keep looking for her ideal man rather than settle down and focus on a relationship. Until she begins to have rather erotic dreams about her flatmate Nick. [...]

    10. Received an ARC from NetGalleyThis was a nice read, but I wasn't exactly enamored by it. I'm a huge romance junkie, and this book wasn't romantic enough for me Maybe romantic isn't the word, it didn't have enough H/h scenes for me to enjoy it. As in, the H/h didn't interact as much and they didn't have an abundance of scenes together. It doesn't make this a bad book, at all, though! In fact, this book was quite funny and I laughed a lot during it. I just wish there was more idk "romance."The sto [...]

    11. Thank you to the author, Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.I have to admit, it took me a while to warm to the main character, Ruby. The book is narrated by her, and boy is she chatty! She is an immature, sweary, boozy mess, who works in a coffee shop with her best mate Millsy, who is the male version of Ruby. Neither of them particularly care about the job they do, and Ruby doesn't seem to have any sense of responsibility (secretly I think I'd quite like to [...]

    12. This story was ok and there were some funny moments, but I had a lot of problems with it.I don't know other than the dreams, Ruby's switch toward Nick is bit too suddenI didn't really feel the love. Also Nick is being mean to her and all of a sudden he's jealousm, where did that come from? And why would he be jealous of a character as dumb as the rugby player. It didn't make any sense. Characters just switched attitudes with no reason other than the author wanting them to, but the reader definit [...]

    13. I’m upgrading this to 3.5 stars because reading this novel is guaranteed a 100 % to make you forget your everyday worries and problems. It really is the perfect distraction to lose yourself in. The writing was very to the point, a little sarcastic in tone sometimes, and made me chuckle almost every other line. Sometimes I felt it was perhaps a bit too fast going, the humor too much too fast but still, I enjoyed the jabs Ruby gave, she gives her thoughts so crudely, or honest to the bone, if yo [...]

    14. Ruby has been having some very sexy dreams about her flatmate Nick, which I must say are very pleasurable to read about, but there is a slight problem. She and Nick just don't get on in real life and he has a girlfriend who is the complete opposite of him. Ruby has been playing the field for a while using a dating site called Matcher, and is having a series of very bad dates, somehow I do always enjoy reading about other people's bad dates in books, and these were certainly enjoyable from my poi [...]

    15. Ruby is content to keep on dating until the right man comes along. That is until she has a surprisingly red hot dream about her flatmate Nick. What does it mean? They don't even like each other, do they?I think the character of Ruby is an interesting one, I wouldn’t say I loved her character from the start. However as I continued reading she really grew on me, some of the situations she ended up in were really funny. I really liked her friendship with Millsy, together they were so funny even i [...]

    16. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesI do like Portia MacIntosh’s novels. They are always fun and lighthearted with some hilarious moments to keep you laughing out loud. This novel is no different. Truth or Date has a certain “expectedness” to it which I don’t always find in MacIntosh's writings though– this was disappointing. I don’t think I’d be giving anything away to say that you’re very soon aware of how the novel will end.That being said I don’t think the delivery was disa [...]

    17. I am so very glad that I decided to give the whole Chick Lit genre another shot after years of avoidance and even more glad that I've got NetGalley around and the ability to request great new titles from publishing houses like Bookouture and Carina UK. My latest read is Portia MacIntosh's Truth or Date, thanks to Carina UK and set for publication today! (At least in the UK -- as of 4:45am Eastern Time it's still showing as unavailable in the US on . Super huge bummer.)This was a nice and easy r [...]

    18. Ruby Wood is a fabulously down to earth character. She seems to be working her way through a matchmaking site having one date disaster after another. Even though she has been sharing a flat with Nick for awhile she suddenly starts to have dreams about him and slowly realises she is falling for him.Ruby and Nick are total opposites. He's clean and tidy, looks after himself and you can see that at times he is fascinated with how Ruby is and at other times infuriated by her. He is a long term commi [...]

    19. This was an author I had not heard much about so when there was a chance to receive a kindle copy of her book in exchange for a review I jumped at the chance without having read the premise of the book first. The book started well and I was delighted to discover the setting for the story was Leeds and it’s surrounds as although I live in Devon I am originally from Leeds. The humour instantly grabbed me and the little pieces of the back story that were given were needed, eg how does she have a [...]

    20. This is the first book that i have read by Portia MacIntosh. I was very eager to read this book after looking at the cover, it just screams Chic Lit!The story is based around Ruby who is playing the online dating game, rather unsuccessfully.Ruby is a quirky character, her best friend is a man with whom she works with at a coffee shop and she likes to speak her mind ALOT. She lives with Nick a junior doctor who she doesn't get along with but after a rather steamy sex dream featuring her attractiv [...]

    21. NetGalley copy in exchange of an honest review.Ruby loves dating and she does it a lot, and every time (or almost) she gets disappointed. One night, however, she has a very vivid dream about her flatmate, Nick. And from that moment, she tries to forget it, to move on, to date a lot, to focus on everything that is wrong about him.But can she forget him?If you’re in the mood for a light and quick read, with romance and humour, this book is for you!Ruby’s voice is very dynamic, and she’s supe [...]

    22. Ruby and Millsy are best friends since childhood, they both work at the coffee shop and they are both equally quirky and a bit childish at times. Ruby lives with a flatmate Nick, they don't get along very well, because they seem to be polar opposites, literally. Instead of talking and getting to know one another, they notice the things that rather annoy them about each other. Ruby is going on online dates, which don't work out like they could, but that doesn't hesitate Ruby, until she had a hot [...]

    23. 3 1/2 stars rounded to 4This book has a really good premise. Friends to lovers or, as in this case, enemies to lovers is always a good read. However, I really didn’t connect to Ruby, the main character, and I also didn’t fully believe in the idea of her crush/wannabe romance as there didn’t seem to be any real sexual/romantic tension in play.I enjoyed the inclusion of the dating app idea, and believe her dating failures could have been extended. I wanted more failed first dates!Ms MacIntos [...]

    24. Straight up fluff and pretty decent fluff at that. Ruby is in her late twenties and much to her chagrin she finds herself lusting and loving after her roommate-who she had previously decided was her enemy. With a wonderful cast of characters that include a woe is me brother and a hilarious best friend, Ruby goes about trying to win Nick, her roommate's heart. I enjoyed Ruby and her silly ways. I loved reading the banter between her and Millsy. Their relationship really made the book. The romance [...]

    25. Received a copy from Netgalley and Carina UK in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed the book. It's lighthearted and funny. Go for it if you're looking for an easy read.The female character is relatable. She has her insecurities and the occasional bad thoughts about Nick's girlfriend, but she's good at heart. I did pause between chapters to get some work done, but I found myself drawn to the book, wanting to know how she gets together with Nick. I do wish the author included longer hap [...]

    26. Thanks to Netgalley and Carina UK for the ARC in exchange for an honest reviewFirst, I absolutely love the cover. I have a very sweet spot for chick lit covers and this one is stunning. I would love a real copy in my hands.Truth or Date is a typical chick-lit story following a quirky protagonist looking for her Mr. Right. I really liked Ruby, she is funny, honest and a little bit crazy. Her best friend Mills is hilarious too. The story is kind of predictable but I enjoyed it a lot. It was a lot [...]

    27. I was graciously provided an arc in exchange for a honest review. This was my first Portia MacIntosh book and it was hilarious. Ruby Wood is a mess well everyone thinks she is. She drinks alot and party too much and is severely addicted to Matcher app. But after having two sexy dreams about her flatmate Nick she think she losing her mind. But comes to relies she in love with him. But Nick got s girlfriend Heather who is wrong for him it hilarious. But Ruby doesn't take the easy way to tell Nick [...]

    28. I received free ARC of Truth or Date from NetGalley and the publisher, Carina UK, in exchange for an honest review. Truth or Date is light-hearted and laugh out loud story about dating in the modern word and realizing that maybe you do not need to look far and wide for a perfect match, the person might be just someone you have known all along. This is also a comedy of errors with a lot of misunderstandings and crossed wires delaying our two main characters, Ruby and Nick, from finding their way [...]

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