Hurt: The Inspiring, Untold Story of Trauma Care

Hurt The Inspiring Untold Story of Trauma Care Trauma is a disease of epidemic proportions that preys on the young killing Americans up to age thirty seven than all other afflictions combined Every year an estimated million people are hospita

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  • Title: Hurt: The Inspiring, Untold Story of Trauma Care
  • Author: Catherine Musemeche
  • ISBN: 9781611687965
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trauma is a disease of epidemic proportions that preys on the young, killing Americans up to age thirty seven than all other afflictions combined Every year an estimated 2.8 million people are hospitalized for injuries and than 180,000 people die We take for granted that no matter how or where we are injured, someone will call 911 and trained first responders wTrauma is a disease of epidemic proportions that preys on the young, killing Americans up to age thirty seven than all other afflictions combined Every year an estimated 2.8 million people are hospitalized for injuries and than 180,000 people die We take for granted that no matter how or where we are injured, someone will call 911 and trained first responders will show up to insert IVs, stop the bleeding, and swiftly deliver us to a hospital staffed by doctors and nurses with the expertise necessary to save our lives None of this happened on its own Told through the eyes of a surgeon who has flown on rescue helicopters, resuscitated patients in trauma centers in Houston and Chicago, and operated on hundreds of trauma victims of all ages, Hurt takes us on a tour of the advancements in injury treatment from the battlefields of the Civil War to the state of the art trauma centers of today.

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    1. "The treatment of the severely injured is a world of its own." -- Dr. Kate MusemecheWhat a world it is! As I read Hurt: The Inspiring, Untold Story of Trauma Care, I repeatedly found myself amazed by the plethora of medical luxuries that I take for granted every single day. I found myself further amazed by the history of passionate people who saw tragic, often fatal flaws in the system (or lack of system) and took it upon themselves to make changes. These people fought for funding and for suppor [...]

    2. Hurt is so much more than the typical non-fictional account of trauma care. Divided into three parts (Transport, Treatment, and Post-Trauma), Hurt is well written and fast paced and covers a lot of historical ground and shows how that history has shaped so many aspects of the medical industry. I’ve always had a non-professional fascination with healthcare, so reading Hurt has been both entertaining and enlightening. This small book packs in so much information, without getting bogged down in t [...]

    3. Educational and Entertaining - two things you may not expect to find in a non fiction book about Trauma Care. Or maybe you would. The information is presented in such a way that it kept me interested from start to finish.While I know that medical care has come a long way, I never really thought about how traumas are handled in hospitals, or even out in the field. There were so many doctors that fought for better care and better equipment out on the road to help decrease the fatalities from freak [...]

    4. Hurt is a book that explains more of what being a trauma surgeon is really like. Even though this is a book that explains in detail about certain accidents or traumas, it's not filled with blood and gore which is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about the topic without being totally grossed out. My only problem with this book is the fact it would start a personal story, then interrupt it mid-way to explain in detail about what the certain trauma entailed, and then resume the personal [...]

    5. First, thank you to LibraryThing and U.P.N.E. Publishers for this book to enjoy and review. As a retired Nurse Practitioner, I admire all books medical, and this one was ever-so special to me. Dr. Musemeche did a superb job of covering the history of trauma care beginning back to the Civil War. And what a very complete job she did, reviewing every aspect of trauma, how it occurs so often in very remote areas, what exactly is an “early-response” team, and how it developed over the years. “A [...]

    6. Hurt is an outstanding history of trauma care in the US interspersed with individual stories relating how different aspects of trauma care affected individual people. It is very well written and Dr. Musemeche does an exemplary job of explaining technical aspects of trauma care in a way that everyone can understand. Highly recommended!(Note: I received this book from the publisher via a LibraryThing Early Reviewer.)

    7. As a former EMT, the history of trauma care has always been an interesting topic, made even more so through this book. The author looks at how trauma care evolved mainly through discoveries and practices engaged in during wars. Making this history even more compelling are the addition of personal stories that add to the reader’s understanding. This was a fascinating look at something we all take for granted – being able to receive immediate emergency help simply by dialing 911.

    8. A history of Trauma care. The book gives fascinating stories of real-life trauma cases and the impact they often had in shaping emergency care in the US and around the world.The book is decided into three parts representing the three segments of trauma care; Transport, Treatment, and Post-Treatment care. Transport includes the development of EMS, the evolution of the ambulance, and the use of helicopters in life-saving situations. Treatment covers such topics as identifying shock, managing blood [...]

    9. I received this book from GiveawayHurt tells the story of trauma care in three parts: transport, treatment, and post-trauma. Musemeche uses the stories of individuals who experienced trauma to hook the reader at the beginning of each chapter and illustrate the impact of different aspects of trauma. I found Hurt to be a well-woven mix of these individual stories and the bigger picture of how trauma has evolved.

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