Every Hand Revealed

Every Hand Revealed What If You Were Able To Get Right Inside The Mind Of World Famous Poker Pro Gus Hansen And Learn His Winning Secrets Now You Can One of professional poker s most intriguing and fascinating players G

  • Title: Every Hand Revealed
  • Author: Gus Hansen
  • ISBN: 9780818407277
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • What If You Were Able To Get Right Inside The Mind Of World Famous Poker Pro Gus Hansen And Learn His Winning Secrets Now You Can One of professional poker s most intriguing and fascinating players, Gus Hansen has often been called The Madman for his crazy, fearless, aggressive style But you can t dispute the fact that this poker superstar knows how to win and winWhat If You Were Able To Get Right Inside The Mind Of World Famous Poker Pro Gus Hansen And Learn His Winning Secrets Now You Can One of professional poker s most intriguing and fascinating players, Gus Hansen has often been called The Madman for his crazy, fearless, aggressive style But you can t dispute the fact that this poker superstar knows how to win and win big The holder of the inaugural Poker Superstars Invitational title as well as the only player to win three World Poker Tour tournaments, Gus won his fifth major international title when he became the 2007 Aussie Millions Champion, outlasting 747 players and nabbing 1.2 million Now, for the first time ever, Gus analyzes the hands that he played during the tournament and reveals his secrets for winning in Every Hand Revealed You ll learn An extensive, easy to follow analysis of the than 300 hands he played during the Aussie MillionsThe radical, yet coolly logical, methods behind Gus s madness that have helped him to win consistently Each and every bluff, precise calculation, educated guess, and read of his opponents How to call large bets with seemingly unplayable handsWhen to raise out of position with garbage holdingsHow the prize structure should influence your playAnd much Offering unlimited access to one of the most successful, popular poker players out there, Every Hand Revealed will help you understand some of poker s most coveted secrets and simply shows you the right way to play the game whether you re a beginner or a poker pro Now with Gus Hansen by your side, you too can turbo charge your game and watch it take off Superstar poker pro Gus Hansen has shaken up the poker world with his loose, aggressive style Called The Great Dane as well as The Madman, the five time international title holder transforms his hands with cool logic d flattens his opponents Voted one of the world s sexiest men by People Magazine, Gus is an avid athlete, backgammon player, and poker commentator for both Danish and American T.V.

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    1. Approximately 10% of poker players are profitable over the long haul. If you really understand the game and take it seriously, then you could have predicted Hansen's fall from grace a decade ago. In case you don't know, he's lost millions over the past several years. His style is not just aggressive, but reckless. Players like this will be in the limelight for a while, then fade away. The only way to truly win in poker is to implement bankroll management (no rebuys), position, table selection (s [...]

    2. Gus Hansen, Every Hand Revealed (Lyle Stuart, 2008)It should be noted first and foremost that the premise behind this book makes it pretty certain that this is about as vertical-market a poker book as you're going to find. Casual fans probably won't cotton to the idea of reading Gus Hansen discussing the almost three hundred hands he played at the 2007 Aussie Millions. If you're a serious student of the game, however, and you've always wondered at the method behind the seeming madness of a “ma [...]

    3. Diary of a mad poker player. Gus Hansen documents all 329 hands he played to win the 2007 Aussie Millions. The result is a truckload of amazing insights into how he Gus thinks about the game. He looks like a mad man, but he can do it because he his thinking at the second level if not higher. It's great study of actual hands against actual players with no cherry-picking.Be careful when you read this, it takes effort not to dive in to every pot and adapt Hansen's loose-aggressive style.

    4. This book is different from all the other poker info books. This book actually follows every hand Gus Hansen went through on his way to winning a tournament. Not really going to tell you anything but maybe how to handle the hand he played. still it is almost like a regular story as it unfolds to the the final hand. Good shit.

    5. This book is not exactly what I was expecting when I bought it. I thought "Every Hand Revealed" would be a discussion of a lot of hands and the thought process to go through in deciding whether to bet, call, raise, or fold. It sort of is, but it's basically a journal of Hansen's hands over the course of the Aussie Millions tournament, which he won in 2006 or so for a little over a million dollars. He does talk about what he was thinking in each hand, so there is a lot of insight into his strateg [...]

    6. I vaguely recall a story about a general who the night before a huge battle was approached by his second-in-command. Since it was possible that the General might fall in battle, the Second wanted to know his battle strategy so that he could carry on in this case. The general asked his second if he knew what the enemy's plans were for the battle and when the second said that he had no idea the general replied that he could not say what his strategy was until he saw what the enemies strategy was. [...]

    7. Gus Hansen is my favourite poker player and in this fascinating book which Gus has painstakingly put together for his fans, we get to see the genuine inside story of one of his big tournament wins. It is a blow by blow account of all the action and we get to see Gus' poker decision-making at work. Very often, on TV, you see Gus playing wacky cards. He will call with just about any two cards and plays so,me really unplayable hands which the average person will just chuck away. We see in 'Every Ha [...]

    8. Easily the best poker book I've ever read (and I read a lot of them). Poker books are almost always a choice between entertaining or educational about poker strategy, but Hansen is so articulate, thoughtful, and personable that this is the first book that completely satisfies both needs.If you're an especially advanced player, I'm not sure that you'll learn a ton (largely because Hansen's aggressive style of play has influenced so many and been taken even further since this has been written) but [...]

    9. A really great read for any poker players or fans! Be warned, the book uses plenty of jargon, but this is a really in-depth, truly experiential example of professional-level tournament playing. Hansen details every single hand he played during a million-dollar win at a Melbourne tournament, analysing his own play and providing countless insights for the up-and-coming player. He's level-headed enough to recognise his own image, but at the same time he also provides examples of moments where other [...]

    10. While most poker books I've read focus on outlining a particular strategy in general, this was a refreshing change literally a log of every single hand he played en route to winning a major tournament. The tone was light and it was an easy and quick read, almost like reading about an adventure rather than poker strategy. Gus' humor and his logical detailed explanations of some of the key hands give it enough credibility as a poker book. If you enjoy swapping poker stories, you'll probably like i [...]

    11. A fun read for any poker player. Hansen reconstructs every single hand he played (and a few he didn't) en route to winning the 2007 Aussie Millions tournament. His aggressive style is kind of amazing to witness, and he's surprisingly funny as a narrator, particularly when he's berating himself for a misplay or recounting the hand he won without knowing what was going on.

    12. Pierwsza książka pokerowa którą przeczytałem w całości. Wejście w umysł pokerzysty, szczególnie tak agresywnego jak Gus, było bardzo wciągające. Opisał on ponad 300 rozdań, każde z nich pełne rozkmin na temat matematyki, oddsów, psychologii, tellsów, ogólnej strategii na dużym MTT. Must read dla każdego zainteresowanego tematem.

    13. This awesome book takes you into the mind of one of the great poker players of all time. The thought processes explained mesh well with the active player looking for decisions post-flop. Passive players might not like this book but would benefit by changing their style.

    14. Enjoyable for a poker playerReading his thoughts and his reactions to to his plays is entertaining. There's some theories and some things to learn here but it's minimal. It's a good book.

    15. Really interesting look into how a pro thinks about each hand. Only of interest to semi-serious or serious poker players.

    16. A look inside the mind of the Danish Madman who, for a good while, had everyone in the Poker world befuddled with his maniacal style of ultra loose aggressive play. So is it all madness? The lunacy of a rather good looking Dane? Turns out, not really! There's a lot of method and thought process which goes into his "maniac" style of play. And in this book, he explains his thought process along with some poker principles behind all the major hands in a Aussie Millions tournament which he went on t [...]

    17. Just like the other reviews, I'm here to tell you that this book is an insight into the in-game thought process behind the 329 hands that led to Gus Hansen's 2007 Aussie Millions Tournament victory.It outlines his style, and his sense of humour (such as when he has a suited eight gapper!) and what factors he considers when he makes his big plays.What it doesn't show is what range of cards he just folds pre-flop.Sometimes he'll raise with disgusting hands, but what we learn from this book is how [...]

    18. Gus Hansen is not much of a writer, which is really too bad, as that is the main thing that keeps this book from being 5 stars. This book is very unique in that Gus leads you through an entire tournament, hand by hand, explaining the thinking behind every choice he makes. Getting to look into a solid LAG player's thought process and to see those ideas in action outside the realm of pure theory makes this book an invaluable resource. While I do not always agree with all of his strategic decisions [...]

    19. Unlike many poker strategy books, this is a readable, entertaining look at a single tournament played by Gus Hansen. He's a very aggressive player -- which makes him very difficult to play against as his actions can represent a wide range of heads. It was great for him to "pull back the curtain" and explain how he picks his spots to challenge other players and when to retreat. His seemingly random playing style is actually governed by careful thought and analysis before each action. There's less [...]

    20. Was so happy to read this sbook, and learn about his aggressive style. Even just playing Zynga, where stupid people make all-ins for no reason, an aggressive style works even better, according to his method. Not saying he was entirely illuminating, or that i can play at his level, but Gus Hanson makes a strong case for careful but aggressive play to win tournaments. Im changing a lot of how i play poker based on this book, even as i read more and more detailed books about strategy. This is a fun [...]

    21. This was written almost like a story, every bit of it action packed, is he gonna win the hand or lose it. It all takes place at the poker table at the Aussie Millionaire Tournament. This isn't one of those how to play books but it isn't an actual story either, but it very well could be. You fallow Gus as he makes his way to the final table and then how he wins the whole thing. It was all just the poker hands he had in the tournament but because he actually wins it makes it more like an epic stor [...]

    22. My favorite poker book, but it really is about tournament play, which I don't really do.It is also dated, showing a style that was briefly successful in the world, before people adjusted their play.Gus has had problems since then, especially in cash games. In tournament poker, people don't like to get all in, but in cash people often don't care since they can just rebuy. So this strategy is limited.Still, I consider Gus to be one of the greats, and I'm sure he could beat 95% of the players out t [...]

    23. a look through a multi-day tournament from a hyper-aggresive player; the hand for hand analysis individually can be sparse and border on lacking much careful thought, but as a whole, represents a fascinating view into a difficult style of play; his honesty and sincerity make the reading fast and enjoyable; his statistical analysis at the end are interesting, although seems more circumstantial than definitive; overall, a unique look into a style of play that is very difficult to play, and defend [...]

    24. Very interesting and fun. This is a hand-by-hand chronicle of one no-limit Texas hold 'em tournament (Aussie Millions 2007). After each hand, Hansen stepped away from the table and took notes into a portable tape recorder. You can read it like a story ("I called. The flop came down like this. The other guy checked. I bet. He folded.") or you can get out your scrap paper and calculator and do the math on each hand.I have read a few poker books, and I must say that this one is unique.

    25. For what it is, this is the best of its kind: poker mastermind Gus Hansen describes every single hand he plays for an entire tournament, the Aussie Millions in 2007, throughout his ride to taking down 1st place. Gus shook up the poker world with his unique insights, and is well known for talking into a tape recorder between hands at the table. A must read for anyone hoping to improve his or her game.

    26. Excellent poker book. Really goes through the details of hand-by-hand poker for a major tournament, which is not what you see on TV - most of the hands are stolen blinds, or mostly uncontested.The analysis is readable by a beginner, technical without being overwhelming. Although the entire book is basically poker hands, it still remains engrossing because of the inherently interesting tournament structure.

    27. If you are into playing Hold'em this is a really interesting book. Gus takes us on a journey through a poker tournament from start to finish, showing us every hand he played with some explanations as to why he played them the way he did. There were a lot of hands that he never really explained much and some that he goes into much more detail. I would have liked more details about his thinking in a lot of the hands, but all in all a very interesting book.

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