Wild at Whiskey Creek

Wild at Whiskey Creek Everyone knows the Greenleaf family puts the Hell in Hellcat Canyon legend has it the only way they ever leave is in a cop car or a casket But Glory Greenleaf has a different getaway vehicle in mind h

  • Title: Wild at Whiskey Creek
  • Author: Julie Anne Long
  • ISBN: 9780062397645
  • Page: 354
  • Format: ebook
  • Everyone knows the Greenleaf family puts the Hell in Hellcat Canyon legend has it the only way they ever leave is in a cop car or a casket But Glory Greenleaf has a different getaway vehicle in mind her guitar She has a Texas sized talent and the ambition and attitude to match, but only two people have ever believed in her her brother, who s in jail, and his best fEveryone knows the Greenleaf family puts the Hell in Hellcat Canyon legend has it the only way they ever leave is in a cop car or a casket But Glory Greenleaf has a different getaway vehicle in mind her guitar She has a Texas sized talent and the ambition and attitude to match, but only two people have ever believed in her her brother, who s in jail, and his best friend who put him there.Sheriff Eli Barlow has secretly been in love with Glory since he was twelve years old Which is how he knows her head is as hard as her heart is soft and why she can t forgive him for fracturing her family or forget that night they surrendered to an explosive, long simmering passion But when a betrayal threatens Glory s big break, Eli will risk everything to make it right because the best way to love the girl from Whiskey Creek might mean setting her free forever.

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    1. Hoookaaaay, so Wild at Whiskey Creek is a massive improvement to the first in the series, Hot in Hellcat Canyon, and confirms my impression that Hot in Hellcat Canyon suffered from the first-in-a-series syndrome by introducing too many side characters which will eventually get their own books.Wild at Whiskey Creek tells the story of Glory Greenleaf and Eli Barlow, childhood friends, who have been secretly in love with each other for such a long time that every memory of their past is inevitably [...]

    2. Oh goodness gracious.Where to begin? First, did anyone see how many quotes I had in the first 4%? And this was me, restraining myself. I just looked, and apparently have 14 pages of annotations. And this is me, restraining myself.The set up of this is exquisite. I don't know why, but it's perfect. Perhaps it's because Julie Anne Long is some kind of wizard. Going into this, I wasn't intrigued or pumped. The first in the series, Hot in Hellcat Canyon was FINE. It was a little overwritten, but gen [...]

    3. "I like to think of setbacks as trampolines. They eventually bounce you up a little higher than before.""I think you gave me an idea for a song, Casey.""Well, if Rihanna can sing about umbrellas and Sia can sing about chandeliers, there's no reason you can't sing about trampolines."WILD AT WHISKEY CREEK is my least favourite of this series so far and I can't exactly put my finger on why. I don't think I really liked any of the main characters all that much. I didn't dislike them, but I never lov [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. Another enjoyable CR in the Hellcat Canyon series. I've read them all now, but out of order. I have to say, #3, Dirty Dancing at Devil's Leap was my fav of the three, with #4 (tbp in May 2018) looking pretty good too. My least fav was #1, Hot in Hellcat Canyon, although I did like even that one too, just not quite as much.This one is about two people who have loved each other basically since they were kids. They are meant to be together, but there's a problem. Eli is the local Deputy [...]

    5. This one ended really well. I was annoyed in the middle for awhile, but it worked by the end. Compared to the previous book in the series, this one had more of a contemporary feel. Glory was a fun heroine. I enjoyed her attitude. Eli was a worthy hero, but I did struggle with the Bethany business. I just didn't see the point of the Bethany character. She was important to one plot point, and it was unnecessary to make that turn happen. I also didn't get how Eli was entertaining a casual relations [...]

    6. Wow is this a huge disappointment (though not a surprise because I read Ami's review). At a quarter or so in, I have zero respect for Glory and hope Eli will find someone nice who isn't an over-emotional idiot to be happy with. I'm sorry, but shutting out a guy you like just because he had to arrest your drug-trafficking brother isn't loyal or loving or honorable in any way. It is, in fact, a betrayal of a man you otherwise rather admired and have supposedly harbored warm feelings for. Add the r [...]

    7. Afrodyt's review:4.5 starsAs I returned to Hellcat Canyon, it all started coming back to me. The quirky characters, the small town dynamics, the random movie star sightings. We met Glory Greenleaf in the previous novel singing her heart out and bringing down the house at Open Mic night at the Misty Cat Tavern. Everyone who meets Glory and hears her sing asks the same question: "What the heck are you still doing singing in this small town?" Only she knows the answer to that question and she's not [...]

    8. knjiga je izvrsna u svojoj jednostavnosti, likovi su lipo napisani i opisani, susjećaš sa njima, ima nekoliko izvrsnih i komičnih detalja i samo zbog toga zaslužuje 5preporučujem za bezbrižno i lagano štivo

    9. 2.5 starsHonestly, I am disappointed. I mean, book #1 in the series, Hot in Hellcat Canyon, was one of my top favorites of 2016. So I was eager to read this one, especially with the hero and heroine having 'history'. I love second-chance romance!I didn't like how Eli and Glory didn't really interact much to rekindle their feelings towards one another. There were a lot of 'reminders' of the past or personal musings but they didn't really reconnect. In fact, I thought that throughout the book eith [...]

    10. "That was the paradox of his life. To be stretched out on a sort of Catherine wheel, pulled between equal and utterly opposing desires. And if you believed the legend of the Eternity Oak, he has only himself to blame."FINAL DECISION: No one does the slow burn romance better than Julie Anne Long. Destiny and fate, decision and mistake, the pushing and pulling of characters live.  Glory and Eli are characters that feel fated and yet fate can be fickle.  Loved this oneE STORY:  Glory Greenleaf a [...]

    11. I was slightly disappointed in this second installment of the Hellcat Canyon series. Julie Anne Long is one of my favorite romance authors, but this time I had some problems with the story.The two leads, Glory and Eli, have been friends most of their lives. Eli is a deputy sheriff in the town and was the one to arrest Glory's brother, Jonah his best friend. It was ugly and one could question the way it went down, but Jonah was indeed guilty. Glory is holding a grudge and, although she and Eli s [...]

    12. I really liked Hot in Hellcat Canyon. I loved Wild At Whiskey Creek. Julie Anne Long’s writing is refreshing and different and her characters are so well defined. I loved Glory and Eli. In any well written romance novel, you want to see the hero and heroine get through their issues and find their happily ever after but I cared so much more about these two. It was agony watching them let their fear prevent them from being together. Because Eli cares so much for Glory, his fear is not of rejecti [...]

    13. Great sense of humorI loved the subtle word play of this book and the character arc. I would love to give it four stars, but I always dock one for no mention of birth control in a contemporary.

    14. I've enjoyed both of the Hellcat Canyon books released thus far, though I perhaps liked this one slightly better. The slow burn between Glory and Eli kept me engaged and wanting to keep reading, and it did not bother me at all that the couple's first sexual encounter doesn't occur until nearly the end of the book, as the deliberations going on between them consumes all of their energies. The frustration, resentment, and obvious passion and love between the two childhood friends is a book that fa [...]

    15. I liked the first book, but I LOVED this one. It's sweet, quirky, funny, and deeply romantic. Honestly, I don't usually go for romances where one of the main characters is in law enforcement or a musician (for various reasons), but I absolutely loved both Glory and Eli. I'm not going to write a synopsis here because you'll find that in plenty of reviews so I'll try to summarize what I loved so much about this book.Strangely enough, something that didn't entirely sell me on the first book in this [...]

    16. Disappointing. No real interaction between the H/h, just a lot of rumination on their growing up together. I know the author is a musician and I felt she was more wrapped up in that aspect if the story.

    17. Wonderful read! Eli and Glory made a great couple, as they worked out their differences. I like that there wasn't any false or forced issues. Their romance felt real and the smexy times were introduced at the perfect time of the story. The ending was lovely and I can't wait for the next one in the series. JAL is rockin' this series!

    18. It's a bad sign when I'm more interested in the romantic rival than the hero. JAL has some really high highs so it was an extra frustrating, disjointed read. Not enough historical relationship context for me to care, and very little interesting interaction between the leads. I liked the first book in this series and I'll read the next one (out of loyalty to this author, whom I generally adore) but this one was a bit of a turd.

    19. Review originally posted at joyfullyreviewed/recomWhen I first started the Hellcat Canyon series I had no idea what to expect because I had never read a story by Julie Anne Long before but of course after reading and falling in love with Hot in Hellcat Canyon I already knew I had to get my hands on Wild at Whiskey Creek. While the wait seemed long I can tell you this book was damn well worth the few months of waiting. I am a total sucker for friends to lovers stories and I have made that known c [...]

    20. Book 1 was a pleasant surprise. I liked it so much that I sincerely thought this one couldn't be better. I was wrong. I just finished it and I feel sad because it's finish and I don't even know when the next one will be. Julie Anne Long did things a little bit differently, but she did it so well. It should bother me that it took more than 250 pages before there's rapprochements between Glory and Eli and it's only about thirty pages from the end before consummation, but it didn't bother me at all [...]

    21. Many people love this series, and this book. I am not one of them. Especially when it comes to this book. I'm glad people are having lovely experiences with this book, but I can't seem to see it from their perspective. To me, it seemed irredeemably unbalanced.Here's what I mean. This book is about 400 pages. For 300 of those pages, we have a hero and a heroine who barely acknowledge each other's existence, and when they do they go out of their way to hurt each other. They make each other jealous [...]

    22. Sadly, I read book 2 in the Wildcat Canyon series and was not impressed. It's a shame because I loved book 1 and have re-read it multiple times.My problem with book 2 is the heroine. She is a drama queen. We first meet her when the hero, the local sheriff, goes to a bar where she has convinced 4 men to play a poker game for the right to buy her a drink. Naturally, this does not end well.We next meet her when she has just started a new waitressing job. All the tables are full. So she insists the [...]

    23. Absolutely delightful friends-to-lovers tale. There were laugh-out-loud moments, and I didn't feel the conflict was too contrived, though it was clear to anyone who knew these two that they were slated to be together or miserable apart for all their lives.I also liked that there were no obvious villains and that most of the time these two acted like grown-ups. The theme of financial insecurity, where a family can be one car breakdown from homelessness was also handled sensitively. Ms. Long has m [...]

    24. I hate to love this series so much for fear she will never return to historical romances. But the first and second in this series are so awesome. I noticed the next book isn't about any of the secondary characters we met so far. Kind of bummed would love to see Franco get a book.

    25. 3.5. Didn't quite live up to the setup; they just spent so much of the book away from each other, pining. Still pretty good.

    26. (4.5 stars)I liked this book more than the first book in the series, and it came pretty close to being a rare five-star read for me. I docked half a star because the ending was both too neat and kind of over-the-top cheesy. And just like in the first book, no one uses condoms or discusses birth control, which seriously makes me want to bang my head against something.Anyway! Glory Hallelujah Greenleaf (yes, this is the heroine's name; just roll with it), a singer-songwriter, and Eli Barlow, a dep [...]

    27. 3.5 starsGlory Hallelujah (yup, that's actually her name) Greenleaf is the only one in her family who's never broken the law or deviated from the straight and narrow. Unlike most of her other family members, who only seem to leave Hellcat Canyon to go to prison or when they die, Glory was going to become a star, using her songwriting and singing talent to make it big. Of course, then her brother Jonah was arrested for meth dealing and she had to use all her savings to help pay her mother's mortg [...]

    28. I love Julie Anne Long and I really appreciate how all of her books are different from the average romance, but I don't think this one was as vivid as some of the others. Glory is a terrific heroine and way more relateable to me personally than most fictional characters. I liked her complicated relationship with her family and her path to stardom. I rather suspect that Ms. Long and I have a very similar taste in music! I liked the idea of Eli as a hero and thought their long-time quiet love for [...]

    29. I have a few quibbles, but all in all I very much enjoyed "Wild at Whiskey Creek". Glory Hallelujah Greenleaf is a wonderful character full of sass and grace. I could hear her singing in my mind and when she and others talked about music I could hear that too. One tiny little thing that bothered me was that Long neglected to mention "Eli's Coming" was written by Laura Nyro, yes I know Three Dog Night had a hit with it, but Laura was a GREAT songwriter/performer and since the author is really int [...]

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