Buried This is an alternate cover edition for B XIGY Q Justice is overdue in the coastal town of Twisted Cedars where two unsolved mysteries lay buried in the past Over thirty years ago a series of murders

  • Title: Buried
  • Author: C.J. Carmichael
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B009XIGY4Q Justice is overdue in the coastal town of Twisted Cedars where two unsolved mysteries lay buried in the past.Over thirty years ago a series of murders targeting Oregon librarians was never solved Now someone with inside knowledge is feeding clues to true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, promising him the best story of his careThis is an alternate cover edition for B009XIGY4Q Justice is overdue in the coastal town of Twisted Cedars where two unsolved mysteries lay buried in the past.Over thirty years ago a series of murders targeting Oregon librarians was never solved Now someone with inside knowledge is feeding clues to true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, promising him the best story of his career Pursuing the leads means returning to Twisted Cedars, where his sister Jamie, is about to marry a man he deeply dislikes.Local Twisted Cedars librarian Charlotte Hammond prefers her mysteries and her romances between the covers of a good book, especially since the disappearance of her older sister, Daisy, eight years ago But then the dark and tortured soul who is Dougal Lachlan walks into the Twisted Cedars Library asking for her help.Before long Charlotte realizes there is no safe zone Not even in librariesd especially not in Twisted Cedars.Twisted Cedar MysteriesBuried, Book 1Forgotten, Book 2Exposed, Book 3

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    1. This is the first book in a trilogy. While it didn't say anything about a cliffhanger, the story winds up with several loose ends that leave you hanging. The second book picks up where the first left off. Normally I wouldn't buy the next book because I hate cliffhangers and feel like I've been cheated by an author who tricked her reader into spending more money in order to find out what happened. In this case they succeeded because I really want to discover the mystery behind it all.Having said [...]

    2. My Impressions: After going on an YA reading binge, its nice to read about adults again. Though, the characters in Twisted Cedars are a little on the depressing side. Almost every person in the book is either alone, widowed/divorced, or in some form of a destructive/unhealthy relationship…and then, there are the murders. Like I said, a bit of a downer.The Love Story: Nice…subtle. I was worried at first because I really liked Charlotte and didn’t want her to be hurt. But his eventual fall k [...]

    3. What a joy it was to read without the profanity! This is a well-written mystery and one of those rare books you don't want to end and much to my surprise, book two follows this! Looking forward to reading the sequel and will definitely continue reading more by this author.

    4. Wow. This one was waaay better than I thought it would be!It was an interesting mystery that had characters I actually cared about. The changes of voice and narrator helped build a more multidimensional mystery and create he small town feel. Plus the reveals were well thought out, and believable. I also loved the little undertone of romance and small town gossip.Spoilers—-It was obvious that Daisy had been killed but I loved the reveal of her buried in the garden that Dougal had been tending a [...]

    5. 5 STARSI was given this ebook today and it sounded so good I started reading it right away. Only put it down to answer the phone. If I had the next book in the series I would start it right away. At different points I was guessing at different things. So some of guesses were bound to be right. This mystery keeps you guessing the whole book.The characters draw you into thier lives making you want to know more about them. Some of them at different times I did not like to much. The more you learn a [...]

    6. Great mystery / thriller to add to your to-read list. A captivating read full of twist and turns. Unfortunately, this one ends in a cliffhanger.I thoroughly enjoyed this and would definitely read the next installment in the Twisted Cedar Series!

    7. Sometimes, I 'just gotta' read a thriller. I am glad this book was there when the 'gotta' hit me shortly after gaining at least ten pounds on Turkey Lurkey Day and the weekend that followed. BTW, the Saints lost to the Rams, and that revved up my comfort food eating for a gain of another five pounds.This book started like a robot was writing it, but it soon took on the human touch. The author's writing mechanics were excellent. The story was about serial killings of three or more librarians in r [...]

    8. Excellent book. I only planned on reading book 1, not the full series. However, within 3 minutes of finishing this book, I purchased the kindle editions of the second and third books. The ending of this one was greatok my completely by surprise. I had figured out several other parts of the mystery before the end, just not the last surprise.

    9. Title: BuriedAuthor: CJ CarmichaelNormally I don’t knowingly take on cliff hangers. I got sucked into that with Mortal Instruments and had to wait an entire year for the conclusion of the series. UGH. However, I found the premise of Buried to be so compelling, I was hooked from the first word. I wasn’t reading a stand-alone novel and, for once, that was okay. With writing this good and a story so well crafted, there was no way I could have cared. I just had to keep going.This twisted tale of [...]

    10. "A Buried Tale" is the first in the Twisted Cedars Mystery series by CJ Carmichael. As in her contemporary romance novels, the author builds an intriguing plot based on the strong emotional undercurrents within families--this time families of the coastal town of Twisted Cedars, Oregon. Her characters are all well developed and multi-dimensional, but her hero is particularly compelling.Dougal Lachlan, a bestselling true crimes author, returns to his hometown to investigate a series of unsolved mu [...]

    11. A bit of romance, a bit of mystery, a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well-developed and very realistic.The story follows Dougal Lachlan as he reluctantly returns to his home town with a chip on his shoulder, a dislike of his sister's soon-to-be husband and some leads into several cold case murders from the '70s that may be linked. He teams up to do research with the town librarian, Charlotte Hammond, the sister of one of his old friends. Soon the pair find themselves [...]

    12. Go and get this book immediately! It is the perfect mix of suspense and mystery. This book was extremely well written, and a refreshing change from the YA novels I have been reading. Dougal is a character with depth and one that is definitely growing throughout the entire book. I like that he is not the guy you love, but you also don't hate him or question the decisions he makes throughout the book. When he doesn't go to his mom's funeral, you understand why. When he wants to distance himself fr [...]

    13. I enjoyed this. Thought it was well paced and all the different plot threads were interesting. The ending was abrupt and I was surprised to find it was a cliffhanger of sorts. One mystery was resolved while a larger overarching mystery was left unsolved. That was a surprise and left me a bit disappointed. I think it ought to be noted somewhere in the blurb that this is more a serial installment than book 1 in a series. However I read quickly to the end to find out what happened and did immediate [...]

    14. Very enjoyable mystery novel. A string of murders in the seventies and a missing woman all tied together in a town called Twisted Cedars. Interesting characters and the perfect amount of description - not too much, but not too little. Well written and easy to read. The ending leaves you wanting more. I'll definitely be reading more by C.J. Carmichael.

    15. A delicious page-turnerI really enjoyed this story and can't wait to read the next installment. Old mysteries and new relationships work for me.

    16. I really liked this and the characters she's created as well. Once you figure who's related to who and got it straight in your head, it is easy to remember them. However, it missed the 5* as it has a few too many silly mistakes, especially with apostrophes !! Can't seem to get their usage correct at all. One mistake was repeated 3 times in quick succession using Argent's and not Argents'. A shame as the story itself definitely warranted 5. I also made note of how she skips past the minutiae of l [...]

    17. "Holiday reading matter sorted"If you want a book to read on holiday this summer, this will fit the bill. It's easy-paced, with a straightforward plot, involving a solid array of characters. The writing style is better than average, and I found this opener to the series to be an enjoyable read. The clues are there; why other readers comment on the fact it doesn't contain a complete story beats me. You only have to check the Product Description page to work it out. It's become second nature for a [...]

    18. Very easy to read. Great pacing. Writing was descriptive, but not too focused on mundane details and had appropriate time jumps so that it never dragged on. I liked that this was written in 3rd person with subtle shifts in the writing, depending on who the story was focused on at the time. The characters and relationships between them were interesting to read about and I never felt like the romance was annoying or out of place. Intriguing mysteries with good twists.

    19. I downloaded this as a free Nook book not knowing what to expect and it turned out to be a great story!! Very interesting the way the characters & plot intertwine. It really kept me guessing how the outcome would be for all the sub stories as well as the final ending. I enjoyed it!!

    20. I really liked the story, and probably would have given it 5 stars if it didn't feel like the author wrote a long book, but decided to cut it off in the middle in order to make 2 books.

    21. This book was so good as soon as I finished it I went online and ordered the other two that make up the trilogy.

    22. Really liked this one, good mystery and twists. Not a lot of over descriptions, just enough to keep the high speed plot in gear. Definitely have to read the next one. Yep, that is definitely the Oregon coast.

    23. When true crime author, Dougal Lachlan gets an anonymous email about a series of murders years ago, he wonders if he may have just found his next story. What he doesn't expect is for it to take him back to his home town and the memories of his past.

    24. openbooksociety/article/buBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JerjenDougal Lachlan is a true crime writer. He has never met a mystery that he did not want to solve. So when he receives an anonymous email telling him about unsolved murders that happened thirty years ago, he is definitely intrigued. When he does some investigating he finds that he needs to pay a visit to Twisted Cedars to follow some leads. He grew up in Twisted Cedars, in a trailer park, and he has not been back for a very long time. [...]

    25. I received this book as part of the First Reads Program for the purpose of a fair and honest review.Overview: Dougal has come a far way from the boy who lived in the trailer with his mother and sister. Now, he has a new book due out when he gets a couple of messages. One is an invitation to his sister’s wedding, and the other is an e-mail filled with information of a murder, near his home-town, that happened in the seventies. Well, it’s time to head home. Can he figure out what happened the [...]

    26. Slightly different from the usual books I read, I found this one to be fairly slow paced but well thought out. Each character had their own personal demons in a tale of interwoven infidelity, unrequited love and murder. I so much wanted to give this book 4/5 stars but the ending just didn't satisfy and loose ends weren't pulled together.

    27. CON JOB!This wasn't a novel, it was just an enticement to get you to buy the next installment! While I enjoyed the writing, I will never touch another C.J. Carmichael. Shame on the author.

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