The Liberation

The Liberation How far would you go in the fight for your country s freedom when it s crumbling from within In the near future all seventeen year old Vivica Wilkins wants is a normal life Time with her boyfriend h

  • Title: The Liberation
  • Author: Marissa Shrock
  • ISBN: 9780996987905
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • How far would you go in the fight for your country s freedom when it s crumbling from within In the near future, all seventeen year old Vivica Wilkins wants is a normal life Time with her boyfriend, her computer, sports But after becoming a fugitive, the only place she ll be safe is among the enemies of the government She has no choice but to join the Emancipation WarrHow far would you go in the fight for your country s freedom when it s crumbling from within In the near future, all seventeen year old Vivica Wilkins wants is a normal life Time with her boyfriend, her computer, sports But after becoming a fugitive, the only place she ll be safe is among the enemies of the government She has no choice but to join the Emancipation Warriors, the only hope for the United Regions of North America to return to the country it once was When her mother is taken as a political prisoner and slated for execution, the Emancipation Warriors change Vivica s appearance, identity everything With her vaunted computer hacking skills, she s able to infiltrate the government with a job that gives the Warriors a foothold in their fight for freedom and the chance to save her mother But soon Vivica is discovered, and her only chance of escape is to become allies with one of her greatest enemies Together they must follow the government s trail of evil to its highest levels, where they learn not only the future of their country is at stake, but the entire world From the cities of the United Regions of North America to the high tech corridors of Asia, The Liberation is an international thriller with an all too possible scenario that will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go.

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    1. Do NOT miss this sequel! Both books are a MUST-READ!Marissa Shrock is an amazingly talented author!Her words grab hold of you and absolutely will not let go until you reach the very end of the story! She illustrates the journey of her characters with such skill, you feel as if you ARE Vivica! (or rather Fredrica)I am so very excited to see this long-awaited sequel release. I devoured the first book of the series and have been patiently (not so much) waiting for the journey to continue!The author [...]

    2. Fans of YA dystopian looking for a Christian novel in their favorite genre would do well to read The Liberation by Marissa Shrock. It's second in a series, the first being The First Principle. This follow up is even more action packed and full of twists than the first. Several of my friends have teens and I think this is a good series to look into. Parents, I would encourage you to read the books, too so you can have some good discussions about things such as abortion, relationships, government, [...]

    3. Although the first book, The First Principle, remains my favorite novel of the series so far, this sequel is a good read. It provides action, suspense, and surprise turns. Ms. Shrock is a skillful writer, and I look forward to the next book in the series. And I am not typically a dystopian reader! The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

    4. Hacked FreedomThe Liberation (Emancipation Warriors Book 2)By Marissa ShrockHave you ever wished you could be someone else? Change your identity? This is exactly what Vivica Wilkins needs to do in order to save the one she loves and her mother before it’s too late.Hiding underground with the Emancipation Warriors, Vivica begins her training with the other rebels and physically undergoes a change in her appearance. Vivica Wilkins—daughter of the former presidential candidate—can’t be caug [...]

    5. In this sequel to The First Principle, Marissa Shrock writes one of the best Christian speculative novels I’ve read in a long time.Shrock keeps us right with her heroine, Vivica Wilkins, from page one to the climax. We are with Vivica as she enters a new world of being a member of the rebellion. These are a group of fighters dedicated to restoring freedom, especially religious freedom, to a world of dictatorial powers seeking to dominate all of Earth. Christians are persecuted, made into slave [...]

    6. Vivica Wilkins is on the run in a not-so-distant future. As a fugitive, she has no choice but to join an elite group of rebels that are hell-bent on making change happen. As she sticks with the rebels, she begins to realize that maybe she should start making some changes alongside them. But to do so, she must change her entire appearance: her face, her eyes, and even her voice. She must become Fredrica Lloyd, an undercover agent who must infiltrate the government. In this suspenseful journey, Vi [...]

    7. If you haven't read Marissa Shrock yet, you are missing out. I originally fell in love with Shrock's writing when I read what was her debut novel in this series, "The First Principle." "The Liberation" picks up where "The First Principle" left off:In a corrupt, dystopian society, Vivica Wilkins has joined the rebel forces and must either keep her identity a secret, or risk being executed. With the clock ticking, will she and the other Emancipation Warriors be able to rescue those they love befor [...]

    8. Genre: YA dystopianWorldview: ChristianPros: I really, really enjoy this series. The Christianity is overt, but the questions it raises aren't the trite ones. In this book, Vivica struggles with trusting God. Believing He is good even when things seem rotten. Believing that He has a plan, that He cares, and that He's sovereign. Add that to an interesting premise, great writing, and seat-of-the-pants suspense, and you've got a book I couldn't put down. I read the whole thing today. :)Cons: Only t [...]

    9. I received this book for free from the author through Christian Readers and Reviewers. I wanted to read something clean and different from romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Don't want to spoil the read for others. The government took away the freedom of religion from its citizen's and started imprisoning people, even underage teens who got pregnant became criminals. So you find the group who is considered rebels since their going against the government helping free those in prison. One gal [...]

    10. What a wonderful sequel to The First Principle! Vivica gets serious about acting on her beliefs and it turns her world upside down. Shrock kept me guessing what would happen and delivered a surprise every time. Packed with action, intrigue and gut-wrenching moral dilemmas, I highly recommend reading this one (and the first one too).

    11. The Liberation is an awesome read! In her fast-paced new novel, Shrock has created cool tech, interesting characters, a new world reflecting choices in our current culture, and an authentic look at the Christian faith’s belief of our lives not being our own. A great read for high school and college ages.

    12. Another entertaining and thought provoking read by Marissa Shrock. It kept me guessing the whole way through. I hope to see more like this from this author! It's nice to see well written and clean literature that you can recommend and discuss.

    13. Seventeen year old Vivica Wilkins never envisioned herself as a fugitive, but that is what she is. Living in the near future, she just wants to be a normal teenager. The only way for her to survive is to join the Emancipation Warriors and change her identity. Her mother is a political prisoner and scheduled to be executed. Vivica’s gift of computer hacking gives her the chance to save her mom, as well as her friend Ben. She feels responsible for the fact they were captured. Vivica’s success [...]

    14. I believe this YA book would appeal to younger teens. It is full of exciting action and mystery. I do recommend reading the series in order. I skipped the first one and was a little lost in the beginning. I have to say, the cover is what drew me in initially. Isn't it awesome? I received this ebook in exchange for my always honest review.

    15. ExcellentThe sequel to the first book didn't let down. I like how the characters are explored in more depth and where they have been led as their journey is unfolding. Can't wait for book three.

    16. LiberationI love dystopia. The Liberation kept me on the edge of my seat. It was intriguing, exciting and full on intense action. You wIll not be disappointed if you get a copy of this book. 

    17. I was swept into the story from the first page, and was entirely captivated throughout the story. I can hardly wait for the next book!

    18. The Liberation by Marissa Shrock is book 2 in the Emancipation Warriors series. I read this without having read #1 and wasn’t very confused although the events referenced made me curious about the first book. It did take me a while to sort out the characters, especially when they kept going by aliases, their real names, and then also referring to each other by code-names. Apparently in the first volume, Vivica ran away from home and sought asylum with the Emancipation Warriors in order to save [...]

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