Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea Two straight guys One desert island Even if it means quitting their boy band mid tour Troy Tanner isn t going to watch his little brother snort his future away after addiction destroyed their father

  • Title: Beyond the Sea
  • Author: Keira Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781988260020
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
  • Two straight guys One desert island.Even if it means quitting their boy band mid tour, Troy Tanner isn t going to watch his little brother snort his future away after addiction destroyed their father On a private jet taking him home from Australia, he and pilot Brian Sinclair soar above the vast South Pacific Brian lost his passion for flying and joy in life after a traTwo straight guys One desert island.Even if it means quitting their boy band mid tour, Troy Tanner isn t going to watch his little brother snort his future away after addiction destroyed their father On a private jet taking him home from Australia, he and pilot Brian Sinclair soar above the vast South Pacific Brian lost his passion for flying and joy in life after a traumatic crash, but now he and Troy must fight to survive when a cyclone strikes without warning.Marooned a thousand miles from civilization, the turquoise water and white sand beach look like paradise But although they can fish and make fire, the smallest infection or bacteria could be deadly When the days turn into weeks with no sign of rescue, Troy and Brian grow closer, and friendship deepens into desire.As they learn sexuality is about than straight or gay and discover their true selves, the world they ve built together is thrown into chaos If Troy and Brian make it off the island, can their love endure This is an LGBT romance about discovering yourself, finding love, and eating way too many coconuts 85,000 words.

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    1. see links at the bottom to find out what happened to me when i posted this review.JULIO'S JOT-TAKE™: GAY FOR YOU.i got your irate messages. what the hell's the matter this time?i'm not reading this book.why not?because its existence irritates meat's hardly a novel state of affairs.go fuck yourselfne, fine—but why does this book irritate you?because it's built on the GFY trope.what's GFY? didn't you tell me to go fuck myself already?GFY means "gay for you." usually you see it written as two h [...]

    2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!DEAR BOOK:Keira Andrews, I want to kiss you and possibly give you money/anything else you want for writing this book. It's like you crept into my brain and pulled out my fantasies and made a book out of them!! Yup, it's 2 am here, folks, and it would have taken a band of armed robbers to pry my kindle out of my hand before the last page of this book was turned. This book was simply divine! It took my favorite things in M/M and romanc [...]

    3. Okay, I'm a dirty ho. There, I said it.When I first saw the blurb for Keira's new book, "Beyond the Sea," of course my filthy mind went directly to thinking that the plane would crash, the questionably-straight guys would immediately land on one another's dicks and sexy times would ensue. Wrong.This is not that book and I absolutely loved Keira's unique approach to the story.Instead, what I got was a story that was extremely compelling and completely held my attention. Not a lot of books do that [...]

    4. Two men. One island. A love story for the ages.Fed up with his brother’s drug abuse, Troy hires a private plane to take him from Sydney back to the States, world tour be damned. He is a pop star after all and can afford such luxuries. Brian treats Troy like any other passenger. He could care less about a boy band idol. For Brian, this is just another job. Just another job, just another day just another flight. Until the plane falls out of the sky. Stranded on a desert island somewhere in the P [...]

    5. Your dichotomy is problematicIn Julio's takedown of Keira Andrews's Beyond the Sea and the GFY trope, there was one rather large detail I couldn't let pass by without challenge.Julio positions romance in opposition to erotica." erotica, the point is kink. the point is fetishism. because the point of erotica is to get you off, and that (rightfully) encompasses almost everything under the sun, legal and illegal, for as long as people have been fuckin[g] . . . romance is aspirational and positive, [...]

    6. ***4 Stars***Troy is part of a boy band with his younger brother.Fed up with his brother's drug use he leaves in the middle of a tour.Not wanting to attract the paparazzi and all the questions he hires a private jet to take him back to America.Brian is the co pilot.He is dealing with issues of his own.He used to be a pilot on commercial flights but after an emergency he has low self esteem and is quite content to be second in command.He's kind of shut himself of from the world.When the private j [...]

    7. Big thanks to Alona for reading with me.I loved this. It's Keira Andrews and I love me some Keira Andrews. She writes the sexiest sex and the romanciest romance. The woman is a genius. Now, on to the subject at hand, which is sadly not this great book. This author found herself at the center of a controversy because of her wording in the blurb and the concept of "gay for you." I don't know what that term means to Keira Andrews. I don't know what it means to each individual who reads it. When I r [...]

    8. Stinger/summary: In Andrews’s novel, both heroes are stranded on islands long before that’s literally true. One man is a reluctant part of a boy band, dutifully letting himself be shuttled through life in a glass hamster wheel, plastering on a smile while the paparazzo click away. The other is a celebrated pilot hero unable to process his survivor guilt, shutting himself off from the world to the point it’s almost dangerous. Neither one of them in any way is repressing their sexuality or o [...]

    9. As someone who has come to an understanding of her queer identity rather later than some do, I found this book to be a lovely exploration of discovering bisexuality at different points in life. One MC is a young man who's never really felt what he's considered to be strong romantic emotions for the girls he's dated. The other MC is older and has a failed marriage and some relationships with women under his belt, but he's never felt the sexual drive he thinks he should toward them. Cue plane cras [...]

    10. This is 2.5* rounded up. I've rather mixed feelings about this one. I liked the basic idea, meaning I liked the idea of having two straight men marooned on a desert island who end up falling for each other. But I guess I expected far too much of this book and possibly I also expected far, far too much of this author. It is my first Keira Andrews book, but the author had been on my horizon for a while already, because of the consistent high ratings my f-list gave her, the rave reviews and the blu [...]

    11. Good lordy. I'm not sure how to start this review, to be honest. There has been so much talk that I don't know what to address first. I guess the book itself.Beyond the Sea is the story of two men who get stranded on an island after their plane crashes. Troy is a 26-year-old reality star and a member of a boy band. Brian is a 39-year-old pilot who carries a heavy burden and has been unable to forgive himself for an event that occurred in his past. As time passes on the island, these men build a [...]

    12. Review written March 15, 20164 1/2 Stars - Super über cute. My love to a perfect romantic touching love taleNot surprising, I was a bit curious. — What a simple storyline: Two men, a young boy band star (Troy Tanner) and a more than ten years older pilot (Brian Sinclair) on an deserted paradise island in the South Pacific. Strangers pushed together to fight to survive when a cyclone strikes without warning. — Feeling it? Of course Ingela truly enjoyed this wonderful tale.Beyond the Sea is i [...]

    13. Quotes from the book: "I don't know how to feel. Am I gay? I guess I'm bisexual. I'm clearly something. Bi makes sense to me.""He didn't care if it was crossing some line that made him gay, because what did it matter? He was clearly bi."" 'I don't want to get tripped up with worrying about what it all means and what everyone thinks. *He* said we shouldn't worry about labels. Gay, straight, bi. Pan. There are all these different categories.'""I always thought of myself as straight, but I'm not."" [...]

    14. Keira Andrews has done it again and delivered a beautiful love story.The premise pretty much reminded me of the TV show Lost and I was amused when the MC's actually referenced the show. At the start of Beyond the Sea, Brian is an emotionally closed-off man. He ran to Australia from the US and his old life as a commercial airline pilot when he couldn't handle the guilt of surviving a disaster - one where he, as the Captain, was instrumental in saving the lives of a whole lot of people. Instead of [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsI'm going to let you in on a little secret - I love the stranded on a deserted island trope. It's my crack. Mostly because I know I'd personally be dead within weeks, if not days, so I'm constantly fascinated by fictional characters who survive months or years on an island with nothing but a few supplies and their wits about them.When twenty-six year old boy band superstar Troy Tanner has had enough of his younger brother, and band mate's, drug use, especially after watching his father [...]

    16. Update 031216:I guess the original blurb has been reinstated. Tsk. Update 030916:I see the author has changed the blurb and it's 100 times better now. Very nice! I just wish it had been that way in the beginning. Previously:Why I won't be reading this book (Another annoyingly earnest essay by yours truly):When M/M first became a thing, I spent my $$ on any old book but these days I like to be quite a bit more discerning, and the cover and the blurb are often deal breakers for me. Personally, I f [...]

    17. I won't rate it, because I proofed it. But I loved every minute. I was fangirling throughout :) Keira did a beautiful job of writing this slow-build story of friendship turning to love, and the sexual discovery that went along with it for the characters. Highly recommended.

    18. Review originally posted at Sinfully.It’s been years since I’ve read a deserted island romance, and I realized I hadn’t ever read one in the m/m genre, but Beyond the Sea was a great way to start! If you don’t know the classic song, take a listen before you read.Somewhere beyond the seaSomewhere waiting for meMy lover stands on golden sandsA plane crash leaves 26 year old boy band musician Troy and 39 year old pilot Brian stranded on a deserted tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. T [...]

    19. TOTAL. BOOK. FOG.I loved it, loved it, loved it!I loved everything about this book, from the beautiful cover to the great title and the intriguing premise. Once I started reading the world stopped for me. I could not put it down until I'd read the very last delicious page.What a perfect love story. I'm still swooning.How many of you met your soulmate while actively looking for him/her? And many of you met your soulmate by pure chance/accident? Do you ever wonder "what if?""All these untaken road [...]

    20. 5 Stars!Yup, I need a good meat slap. Once again, another book that sat on Kindle unread because.well #lengthaversion. And once again, I'm mad at myself for not reading this one sooner because it wasI mean I should have known in the day I really liked .And who didn't love Cast Away???Make it two guys stranded on a islandwell,I loved everything about this one. Loved the slow burn. The development of their feelings felt real. I loved their time on the island. I wanted them to be rescuedbut then I [...]

    21. I don’t like the whole stranded on a deserted island type of story. They scare me. They make my skin crawl and just totally freak me out. But I watch Castaway every time it is on TV. Don’t judge me.I don’t like to think about me in the situation. Worse, I don’t like to think about life going on without me. I’m selfish and I am spoiled, I know this. Whatever, it’s the truth. Oh and really, I know I would not survive. Nope.But really, I don’t normally choose to read something that ma [...]

    22. I really wish that I had been able to read this without seeing all the drama the past week. As much as I tried not to let it, the things I saw really had me questioning things while reading, looking at it in a way that I'm not sure I would have before. That's not a bad thing, it's always good to think about what you read, but it did still lessen my enjoyment a bit. I loved my rose colored glasses, dammit! The book truly was wonderful though, well written, and with the message that "love is love" [...]

    23. Seriously, is this a thing nowadays? Do M/M writers watch some gay porn online for "research", and then simply copy-paste all the lines into their work? Newsflash: dialogue in porn takes a backseat because it's not about the dialogue, but about the visual aspects instead. It therefore maybe isn't the best idea to let two kind "straight" guys, who have sex with each other for the first time, word-vomit the top 10 lines of porn dialogue over and over again in your book. Not only doesn't it fit wit [...]

    24. I loved this book !! It was so sweet and cute and hot ;)Troy is a famous singer in a boyband, together with his brother and a friend. One day he comes home from working out and finds his little brother snorting coke from the table, while having a (private) party. Troy's girlfriend is also at the party getting high. Troy decides he has had enough. He already watched his father od and he won't stand by watching his brother do the same. He breaks up with his girlfriend, tells his brother to get his [...]

    25. BR, tonight with Susan, Wendy and Karlijn*4,5 stars*I dunno but I kept seeing Christopher Atkins… And that is not a bad thing.Conveniently I just forgot all about Brooke!!This was lovely story. I loved that Brian and Troy made the best of the situation and really became great friends. Concerned about each other and very afraid that either one of them would die and they’d be all alone on the island.The guys had a great connection which happend to flow into a physical one. Both of them coming [...]

    26. Re-read February 21 2017Still loved it.------------------------------I’m glad Keira Andrews decided to not go all angsty on us. No massive amounts of inner struggle, no judgmental family members, nope, nothing. That was awesome. This book also had some really hilarious moments. I totally snorted tea out of my nose.Troy decides to quit the boy band he is in. He caught his brother and fellow band member using again, and he’s done. He gets a private yet to take him home. Pilot Paula and co-pilo [...]

    27. ETA: shitty blurb bits have been deleted. Glad to see it; may consider reading now. But does anyone know if Andrews said "my bad" or just hoped to disappear the controversy? ETA2: SERIOUSLY?! She changed it back again?! At this point I don't have enough energy to be angry, I'm just pretty upset that this genre thinks marketing to erase the existence of actual queer men is awesome. This book now officially couldn't say "not for you!" harder if it tried.Original review:I didn't actually read this, [...]

    28. When I saw what this book was about I knew there would be some controversy surrounding it. When you read the blurb what is the first thing you think of? Boy bands!! And of course that leads to asking "Who was the best boy bad of all time?" Was it N'Sync or Backstreet Boys? A case can be made for either. (although the Justin Timberlake "action" figure I have in my garage suggest I have a favorite)In this fun story Troy is one of the members of a famous boy bad and they are on a world tour when Tr [...]

    29. This was nice but gave me a lot of questions instead of answers. During this book's release, the double GFY aspect of the story became the talk in this site. I think I can agree with them that I also wondered how did Brian and Troy's relationship turned from platonic to romantic. But hey, I was never marooned on a desert island so I guess I can't really judge. What I wanted to get from this book was the representation of my culture knowing that Troy was half-Filipino. I think there was enough. [...]

    30. What an epic love story! I sincerely hope people don't get hung up on the GFY label and pass up reading this book. It's a beautiful story about two men falling in love. Troy is a boy bander who is fed up with his younger brother's drug use. At wits end, he quits the band during the Australian leg of their tour. He charters a private jet to get back to the states.When bad weather comes out of nowhere, the plane goes down somewhere in the Pacific. Troy and Brian (a former pilot who was first offic [...]

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