Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel The classic fairy tale that celebrates Hansel and Gretel s strength and spirit over the malevolence of the world around them Set in Atlantic Canada

  • Title: Hansel and Gretel
  • Author: Ian Wallace Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm
  • ISBN: 9780888992123
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The classic fairy tale that celebrates Hansel and Gretel s strength and spirit over the malevolence of the world around them Set in Atlantic Canada.

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    1. Read it on an app that plays background music. It was fun.Evoked memories of my mother narrating the story to me and my brother at bedtime. One of those first stories, along with young Krishna's adventures with his friends, that I visualized in my head and fell asleep to dreaming them.This one is cute.

    2. DRA:? Grades:3-5When a mean step mother convinces their dad to abandon them in the woods, Hansel and Gretel are forced to fend for themselves and find their way back home. The first time they were left in the forest, they managed to go back home because of the shinny pebles Hansel left on the path. However, the second time the children used bread to mark the path and the birds ate all the crumbs, leaving Hansel and Gretel unsure how to get back home. The starving siblings run into a house made o [...]

    3. Hansel and Gretel are two children from a poor family. Their parents could barely make ends meet. They went out to pick berries but they some how ventured into the forbidden North Woods where demons and witches are said to live. Hansel The breadcrumbs that the baker gave her she dropped them to help them find their way back but a hungry crow ate the breadcrumbs. This story will keep your attention for sure. I think that children will be engaged by this story.This could be used to teach a lesson [...]

    4. Title: Hansel and GretelAuthor: Grimm BrothersIllustrator: Ian WallaceGenre: European FolktaleTheme(s): Teamwork/Problem SolvingOpening line/sentence: “Once upon a time, a woodcutter lived at the edge of a great forest with his wife and two children.”Brief Book Summary: The family is very poor and the parents think that they won’t survive if they have to feed all four mouths, so they decide to leave their children out in the woods. The first time the children found their way back, but the [...]

    5. Hansel and Gretel is a classic Fairy tale that tells a story about two children that were left in the woods after their father and step-mother abandoned them. Their mean step-mother convinced their father that Hansel and Gretel were the reason they were a poor family. When they were taken out in the woods, Hansel left a trail of pebbles so they would be able to find their way home. The next time they were taken out in the woods, they left a trail of bread crumbs instead of pebbles. When they beg [...]

    6. Summary: I really enjoyed reading this classic historical fiction story. This was the classic story of Hansel and Gretel that most people know about, with a few different turns. This was the traditonal story of Hansel and Gretel, but they turned the step mom into "the woman" in this story. Gretel is still Hansels partner. This story does not mention god. It does not mention Gretel crying, like the others. Kids are in the forest, but they are just tiny figures in an alien threatening landscape. T [...]

    7. This classic fairytale of Hansel and Gretel tells of the children being left in the woods by their father the woodcutter, after Hansel and Gretels's stepmother decides it's the only way to get rid of the children since they don't have enough food to eat. However, they are able to find their way back home after leaving a trail of pebbles. The next time the woodcutter takes them into the woods they leave a trail of breadcrumbsbut, can they find their way back home?Instead they meet a witch and a h [...]

    8. Hansel and Gretel will keep any young child on their feet. Their is so much that happens in this story and it's so hard to know what will actually happen next and that's the best part. This will have any child anticipating to flip the page and see what is to happen next. It's a classic fairytale about a brother and his sister that go off on a journey, they start off with their father and evil step mother, once they leave they go through a journey but in the end they are reunited once again with [...]

    9. Hansel and Gretel are a brother and sister who are left in the woods by their parents. The kids got hungry and searched for food. They found a house made of candy, sweets, and frosting. Why wouldn't they go eat at this house?! Because its owned by a witch who is trying to eat them. However, Hansel and Gretel do not know that and enter the house. They make their escape from the witch, and take her money and leave. They return home to find their father who tells them of their wicked stepmother's d [...]

    10. Okay, the site ate my review on this, so in a nutshell, this is set in the present day in North American on the Atlantic coast, all of which are original choices. The witch's death is somewhat ambivalent at the end, another unique choice. The illustrations are quite dark, literally, which might be the printing I read, but this one uses the mother relationship, and it's rather disturbing. You can also try to guess where the pigeon is in each picture. Lastly: if that's the witch on the cover, it's [...]

    11. This is not the actual version I read of Hansel and Gretel, but I could not find it on . The book I read was illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky and retold by Rika Lesser. I picked this folktale because it is such a classic, however, I couldn't remember the story. I thought this was another extremely dark version of the tale. The illustrations lacked bright colors and the ending seemed a bit scary for children.

    12. Hansel and Gretel is such a classic fairy tale I think all children should have the chance to read it at least once during their childhood. This story encourages creativity and imagination as a brother and sister embark on a journey away from home. Hansel and Gretel navigate their way through their obstacles and although some parts of the story are a little darker, it still ends happily. This book can be incorporated into many activities within the classroom.

    13. What father in his right mind would go along with his wife's plan of getting rid of their two kids because they can't afford to feed themselves, much less the kids? Now, don't get me wrong, there are parents would give their kids up for adoption because of the same reason, but they don't dump them out in the woods to starve to deathI wish the ending had been the kids getting a better home, instead of the dad getting rewarded in the end

    14. This fairytale is a timeless story. I remember my mother reading this to me 18 years ago, as I laid in bed and went to sleep, and I remember her telling me that my grandmother read it to her. I love the creative side that it brings out in kids, and I like the perspective taken on this novel. I think that kids or adults can enjoy this book and even in years to come kids can still read and love this book.

    15. EL Skills - Vocabulary & narrative skills. Lessons all around. Activities - Read, talk [& get a little scared]. Don't let your father marry a mean woman who doesn't like children, use something inedible to leave a trail when going into the forest, and never and I do mean NEVER eat someone's house [it's just bad form].

    16. Classic story brought to the US East coast. Illustrations aren't that great--it's a dark story & the pictures certainly reflect that. My fave is the one with the mom lounging in bed reading a magazine with curlers in her hair after deserting her children in the woods (how could any parent be that horrid?). At least the Father felt bad.

    17. The familiar fairy tale that won the Caldecott honor award. Hansel and Gretel are left by their parents an end up at an old ladies house that us made out of the most delectable treats. She tries to eat them, but fails due to the children's wit and cleverness. This book has great illustrations/ visuals for any age.

    18. Hansel and gretel is a classic children's book. It is about two children who are left by their evil step mother and mean father in the woods and taken by an evil child eating lady. I think this book can be used in a classroom around Halloween time and use for story telling. Perhaps the children can make their own little house out of candys and cookies.

    19. This version of the story is bone chilling. If you are familiar with the Grimm tales you know that the illustrations and words that they use to describe the actions in a story are never candy coated! I would use this book and compare it with other versions. For smaller children ( who are brave), you can teach cause and effect, and even address the issues that they see within the family.

    20. Published 1971 Delacorte Press NY, NY The book that I had was from the Crandall Library Glens Falls, NY. This book was illustrated by Arnold Lobel with no ISBN#, therfore I could not find it on . Pictures in this book were pencil drawings and dreary. I found the story to be a little scary.

    21. This book has been retold many times, so there are various versions. This one is not as gruesome as the others, which leads me to believe it is more fit for the classroom library. It is a very traditional folktale that has been sent down from generation to generation. It really captures the imagination of the children and builds suspense along the way.

    22. This version may be too graphic or frightening for little kids. The parents planned to abandon the children in the forest to starve to death, and the witch screamed in the oven until she was "miserably burned to death."

    23. This picture book tells the classic fairytale story of Hansel and Gretel on their adventure looking for food. This book uses very beautiful illustrations as well as descriptive content suited for lower elementary. I would recommend this for grades k-2.

    24. I have always enjoyed this story and the illustrations in this book are very descriptive. This would be a good story to read around halloween and you could relate it to a classroom project or activity. I think every child should read this fairy tale as it has been passed down generations.

    25. As a kid, this story made my imagination run wild. Even though it thoroughly freaked me out every time I read it, I couldn't help rereading it again and again. Sometimes you just get sucked in no matter how hard you try to resist. A creepy thriller every kid should read least twice.

    26. I really did not enjoy this book. I did not like that the mother left them in the forest. Nor did i like the adventure they went on. It was an "okay" book.

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