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  • Title: Fieldbook
  • Author: Boy Scouts of America
  • ISBN: 9780839532002
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Fieldbook”

    1. I hate to say this, and, clearly, the Girl Scouts,(& Explores, & the Venture Crews) of America need to do something about it, but, right now, the Boy Scouts Manual is still the best scouting program book - Britain's Co-ed Scouting Program, on the other hand, may have us well wupped, grin, I see where you learned your knots, Lou.

    2. My husband got this book for Christmas, as he is an ASM for my son's troop. He recommended I read the chapter on navigation since I wanted to learn how to use a compass and map. As I leafed through the book, every chapter looked interesting and I thought I'd probably learn a few things if I read it cover to cover. So I did. And I did learn a few things. It was fun to read about topics ranging from kayaking to astronomy. I was given a good intro to compass navigation for a class I took, and a goo [...]

    3. A compendium of information relevant to the Boy Scouts. It contains information on hiking, first aid, packing food and even things on geology and botany. I used to read this book all the time when I went camping and stuff. It still holds up and is a marvelous book. It doesn't go into much depth with each thing it covers, but I don't know what you expect from a book that is only 630 pages long or so.Going back to what I said about reading it all the time, the cover is so damaged in my copy that I [...]

    4. A great comprehensive field guide to all things Scouting. Each chapter is a brief overview of the basics for Scouting; they might even be considered as mini merit badges and philosophy discussions. Might be a little much for younger Scouts, but a must for Scout leaders. Venturers will want to be familiar with this handy guide, though they probably have already learned most of these things.

    5. Excellent resource for anyone who loves the outdoors. This book is useful for anyone who hikes, camps, boats, or any other outdoor activity. You don't have to be in Boy Scouts to find this book useful!

    6. Read again recently. Although a bit dated, a great source of classical outdoor information. If you like being outside, this is a great book you should read. It has gone in my backpack previously and probably will again.

    7. This book is like 100% better than the new scout book,I wish I could use this book instead of the new book for my scout troop.

    8. A must for any outdoor oriented person, Boy Scout or not. I constantly reference it in my outdoor activities.

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