Is Underground

Is Underground The irrepressible Twile family is back and there s mischief afoot in this newest adventure in the celebrated Wolves Chronicles

  • Title: Is Underground
  • Author: Joan Aiken
  • ISBN: 9780440410683
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • The irrepressible Twile family is back, and there s mischief afoot in this newest adventure in the celebrated Wolves Chronicles.

    One thought on “Is Underground”

    1. I love the Edward Gorey cover. Aiken and Gorey go together perfectly well. Aiken and Gorey sounds like the name of some sort of weird and gothic medical drama, sort of like House, if House investigated talking warts and haemogoblins and phantom limbs where you have an extra pair of hands doing unimaginable things you can feel but not see.Is, half-sister of Dido, embarks on an adventure all her own, a particularly dark one as the children of London have been lured to the new kingdom set up in the [...]

    2. A stand-alone continuation of the Wolves Chronicles, this excellent adventure features Dido Twite's younger half-sister, Is. Since the events of Dido & Pa, Is has settled happily with her older sister Penny. Their tranquil existence is interrupted, however, by a chance encouter with an uncle they never knew they had -- an uncle who, as his dying wish, charges Is to find her missing cousing Arun. Like Dido, Is is tough, resourceful, and honors her promises, so she heads off into the north cou [...]

    3. I love this 8th book in the Willoughby Chase series! Dido's little sister, Is, vows to find her long-lost cousin, and ends up looking for a missing prince too. All the children in London are being snatched up and sent to "Playland", where they are promised treats and games and fun. But the horrible reality is a dark mine where they are forced to work as slaves, and Is has to go underground to continue her search. Is gets unexpected help from some unique and interesting characters, but it is only [...]

    4. Blastburn is back, and it's badder, blacker, and child-abusinger than ever.Unfortunately, Is is no Dido Twite. She's probably a better person in some ways, but she's not as entertaining as her wild and mouthy sister. That combined with the grimness of the situation for all the children made this kind of a dark read.

    5. In this book our heroine is Dido's sister (though she feels and acts much like Dido) and the setting is an immense mine where children are forced into labor. Completely immersing and surprisingly complex.

    6. Originally titled Is, this book took its present title when it was re-published in the U.S. By naming it after its main character Is Twite, younger sister of the illustrious Dido, Joan Aiken ensured the ninth(?) installment in the Wolves Chronicles (after The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Black Hearts in Battersea, Nightbirds on Nantucket, The Whispering Mountain, The Stolen Lake, Limbo Lodge a.k.a. Dangerous Games, The Cuckoo Tree and Dido and Pa) would be practically impossible to locate in an i [...]

    7. if I could give this book more than five stars I would. this was my all time favourite book, and I wanted to be best friends with Is and Arun (although not in the mines because I am claustrophobic and also a smol chronically ill person and that would not turn out well). but this book was so delightfully weird and intriguing and mysterious and I still love it so so so much.

    8. For the full review, check out my wordpress! emmyclarkeblog.wordpress/I've been rereading Joan Aiken’s Wolves Chronicles since early last year. I first read The Wolves of Willoughby Chase when I was ten, at my primary school’s book club. I remember being absolutely enchanted! Unable to wait a whole week to find out what happened next, I did a very cheeky thing and stuffed ‘my’ copy in my bag when it was time to go home. I read the whole book in one sitting, and felt very proud and very s [...]

    9. Is Underground is the story of a young girl obligated by a deathbed request to investigate the fate of children spirited northward from London on the Playland Express. Sent to work in the mines, pottery, and/or foundry of an underground city, children toil from the age of five to 20 in the mines where "Boys in Playland comes and goes faster than raindrops" (p. 52).Set in 19th-century England, the story is full of political intrigue, class-warfare, unfed and mistreated children. More important, h [...]

    10. Wow, what a contrast to the last book I read! This one was brilliantly paced, with a fascinating plot and great characters. But the highlight of any Joan Aiken book is the language, and this one has it in spades. English regional dialects leap off the page. And she appears to make up words (or at least unexpected derivations of real words) that add to the charm. All in all, Is is highly recommended.

    11. I found the story very interesting, and couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.Also, Gold Kingy was such a jerk :PThe only problem is that it took a while for things to happen (which was a good thing, because the suspense was well built), but I found it ended a bit too abruptly.I give it a 4.5 stars :)

    12. in this volume of the wolves chronicles, dido passes the mantle to little half-sister is, who finds herself looking for a long-lost cousin up in the north country. the beginning/set-up was a little too much pinocchio/land of lost boys for me. but, i loved is's development as a character and the supporting cast are typically great. as is the nefarious villain and his comeuppance.

    13. Is Twite, the redoubtable Dido's younger sister, proves to be just as brave and funny in this adventure. On to her next! As I read this series, I'm musing on the Twite family: why is it that all the women are so good, and the men such scoundrels? No answer, but their adventures make great reading.

    14. Wolves #8. Takes up where "Dido and Pa" left off. Is goes off on her own adventure. I'm noticing that these books are all alike. Plucky youngster gets mixed up in some mischief being done by wealthy, powerful people and puts a stop to it. Pretty well written, but

    15. Love, love, love this book. Probably my favorite of the Wolves Chronicles (and it doesn't even have Dido). Spooky and massively original.

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