The Weight Loss Cure ""They"" Don't Want You to Know about

The Weight Loss Cure They Don t Want You to Know about An absolute cure for obesity was discovered almost fifty years ago by a British medical doctor Tens of thousands of people used this simple inexpensive safe medical treatment and achieved miraculous

  • Title: The Weight Loss Cure ""They"" Don't Want You to Know about
  • Author: Kevin Trudeau
  • ISBN: 9780978785109
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • An absolute cure for obesity was discovered almost fifty years ago by a British medical doctor Tens of thousands of people used this simple, inexpensive, safe medical treatment and achieved miraculous, fast, and permanent weight loss Stubborn area fat deposits melted away Body reshaping of the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist was so dramatic it appeared as if the patieAn absolute cure for obesity was discovered almost fifty years ago by a British medical doctor Tens of thousands of people used this simple, inexpensive, safe medical treatment and achieved miraculous, fast, and permanent weight loss Stubborn area fat deposits melted away Body reshaping of the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist was so dramatic it appeared as if the patients received liposuction Amazingly, this medical breakthrough has been debunked, discredited, and suppressed by the American Medical Association, the Food and Drug Administration, and other medical establishments throughout the world Now, for the first time in fifty years, this revolutionary breakthrough discovery, which permanently cures the condition of obesity, is being released to the public.The main problems that overweight people deal with are massive, intense, constant physical hunger food cravings and uncontrollable urges to eat when not hungry low metabolism and an abnormally high amount of fat stored in stubborn secure problem areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist This weight loss cure protocol has been proven to be virtually 100% successful in correcting these conditions, thus curing the individual of obesity for life Read the fascinating true story of how this discovery was made and, importantly, how this miracle weight loss breakthrough has been hidden from the public so that drug companies can make billions of dollars selling their expensive drug treatments and surgical procedures for obesity You ll be amazed to read how the food manufacturers actually have a financial incentive to make you fat This is the book that answers all the questions about why people today are continually getting fatter and fatter The good news is this book gives you the cure that can solve your overweight condition once and for all.

    One thought on “The Weight Loss Cure ""They"" Don't Want You to Know about”

    1. “They” are keeping everything covert. “I” spoke to “them” yesterday and “they” said “they” simply refused to reveal “their” instantaneous slimming techniques to the heil-pulley and pubbeyshites out “there.” Before “I” left, however, “I” managed to sneak “their” tips on a poorly placed printout, and here “they” “are”:1. Eat forty mandarins and a knob of butter at 3.26pm every day while balancing a beaker of FizzPop on your head. All the cellulite wi [...]

    2. I was anxious to know the secret - too bad it involves endless internal organ cleansing and shots of hCG. No thanks.

    3. I really liked this book b/c it reveals the problems that persist in our country that are keeping people from losing weight. It especially adresses the conspiracy issues of the food and drug industry's and the coupling of the 2 with our own government to keep people heavy. They make money! A caution though, I do agree with most of what is said in this book, but you must educate yourself on the physiology of the body and how it works so you can make informed decisions on whether to use the key po [...]

    4. A ridiculous book, if you ask me. Claiming that the only way to be "naturally skinny" is to inject yourself with pregnant women's urine. Whatever.

    5. I'll begin by saying I admire Kevin Trudeau tremendously for his immense work in educating us, the masses, as to how to protect ourselves from environmental toxins, cleanse these from our bodies and eat optimally in order not to repollute ourselves. I admire him also for his tremendous courage in doing so in the face of threats to his life and well-being.The present book deals with the only genuine weight solution known to Kevin Trudeau, one he himself has used with total success. This is Simeon [...]

    6. I took this book of of the library after a bout with insomia and his infomerical appeared. As someone who has been struggling with a weight problem for 2/3 of my life, I am getting desparate to lose weight. Even though I eat reasonably healthy and exercise (does chasing after two kids count?), my weight does not budge.My favorite part of the book, aside from the entertainment I received when he described the conspiracy that the food companies and the US government are in to make people fat (and [...]

    7. WOW!! What an amazing book! I approached this book with an open mind due to the fact that i have had a weight issue my whole life (16 years)and have tried everything out their (Slim fast, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Vegan diet, Eat Right For Your type,etc)I even did two seasons of wrestling in jr. high, nothing helped. so i went through my Freshman year of high school in a basic state of dpression beacause of my weight. I thought that there was no way out.Then I my grandmother (who is also ove [...]

    8. I am not impressed with this book. The author gives no real data, no studies, no factual evidencejust simply his opinion as he sees it. I'm not sure that his information is wrong, just that he does not state his evidence of why he is right. He is not a doctor, but a journalist! Most books like this at least state references to studies and other books where they got their information. This book has some references listed in the back, but it is not annotated to know which study belongs to which st [...]

    9. This is the book that I read parts of and did my crazy diet from the other info I got is called Dr Simeons "Pounds and Inches." You can google it and find it online. I loved it, I am so happy I did it for other reasons beyond the weight loss. I learned a ton about my eating urges and learned to discern the differences between my cravings and actual hunger. I have never been on a diet before- and this was a great way to just force me/teach me how to eat healthy. I learned to cook a few things too [...]

    10. I read this book cover-to-cover with an open mind. What a load of crap. I admit it. I got suckered. This guy is a con artist. This author pretends to sell a new weight loss technique, but it is loaded with left-wing propaganda and anti-capitalist ranting. He rants against the conspiracy between food and drug companies to keep Americans fat, but then tells us that to lose weight, the only solution is to inject yourself with urine from pregnant women and eat only 100% organic food. At one point in [...]

    11. Corporations--specifically those in the food, pharmaceutical, and weight loss industries--are "in it for the money". So is Mr. Trudeau, methinks, considering he constantly urges us to read his other books, hardcover copies of which carry a $29.95 price tag.I could go into details regarding this particular load of b.s but I think the other reviews cover the main points. You'd have to be a millionaire to make this program work. . . and nothing about it sounds appealing, healthy, or "quick and eas [...]

    12. Written for the lowest common denominator. Is alarmist and with a conspiracy theory tone that I found almost insulting. I would have rather it been more science based. Currently no definitive proof that HCG is more than just a placebo. The protocol is extreme and controversial with many conflicting testimonials. There is some valid information in the book on the current state of our food supply and the overall toxicity in our environment. And I would probably try the protocol under medical super [...]

    13. Promises, promises. He's a master at whipping up excitement and then breaking the very promises he made. To use the words "all natural and effortless" to describe (in the cover copy) what is within goes beyond exaggeration. I read much more than I should have before putting it aside. I decided to enter this before giving it to the Friends of the Thomas Crane Public Library for their bookstore. It sat on my shelf for nearly a year and the only thing this is good for is creating an extra inch on m [...]

    14. This book has a very catchy title, especially if you want to lose weight. Unfortunately it also says a lot about the author's conspiracy theory angle. He simply presents Dr. Simeon's findings on the hCG diet from 1960s and pontificates his own extreme additions and products. If you want to learn about the hCG diet go to thecntr/POUNDS&INC where you get the correct information that Dr. Simeon published rather than Kevin's unrealistic and fanatical version of Dr. Simeon's diet.

    15. This book recommends taking the pregnancy hormone HCG to lose weight and lose it in the right places when combined with a short term fasting/starvation diet. It was quite stupid and I don't remember much. However I do find while pregnant I am motivated to exercise, eat healthier, and often lose weight in the right places so while I believe pregnancy hormone are exceptional I'd prefer them to be enjoyed exclusively by pregnant women.

    16. This is a very boring book and very poorly writtenThe information in this book was nothing newAnyone with an eighth grade education or better is already familiar with much of the information contained within the book I recommend anyone thinking of purchasing it to think againAnyone using the internet or any public library can obtain the information in this book free of charge and it would be much less boring alsoI absolutely will not recommend this book to anyone.

    17. While I don't necessarily agree with his "the whole world is out to get you and make you fat" mentality, I thought the book was very interesting. I believe some of the reasons why you are fat and can't lose weight that he describes in the book are true for a lot of people. From the research I have done, it seems that the science is sound and that if you follow the protocol to the T, you will attain the results you want.

    18. It does have some useful information and truth to it. But it is made to seem as if this is the only way to cure being overweight. When in fact it is not the only way. But I read it with an open mind so I did learn some things from it. I myself would not do this diet for it seems to drastic for me. It claims to be easy and inexpensive but with all the cleanses and supplements they want you to take I think it doesn't end up being so. But that is just my opinion, everyone is entitled to theirs.

    19. I wanted to find out what this was all about, but after reading more about these injections, decide this is not for me. In order to lose weight, according to this book, you have to inject a daily dose of pregnant women's urine(human chorionic gonadotrophin)hcg into your body. No way, NEVER. He is very extreme! Didn't finish the whole book, almost did. Can't believe someone would really do this. Many other things are way out there for me.

    20. It was good im going to give it a try cause i cant say anything negative unless i do it but i have high hopes. if your into conspiracy theories and all that u will love this book, KT does waffle a little bit but he is only trying to get his message across so if u can get past that ur on the right road. dont know how any one can give an opinion when they dont finish the book or even try the protocol

    21. Not well written, extremely repative. Author seems very self-righteous. However, he suceeded in sparking my interest about using human chorionic gonadatrophin with an extremely low calorie diet as a cure for obesity. I would try it if I could find a Dr. to prescribe itbut that is info you have to subscribe to Mr. Trudeau's website to have the privledge of viewing.

    22. This book was a total waste of time. Who is able to do half the things you need to do in this book to lose weight (colonics 3 X a month, only organic foods, drinking 3 or 4 different kinds of tea each day? ) plus get shots every day? Whatever I didn't even finish this book it was such a waste of time.

    23. I initially read this book two years ago and shelved it because the whole premise is based on a supplement that was not available to the general public. Now the supplement is avilable and I have seen dramatic results with friends at work. The 'cure' holds promise and is a total departure from mainstream diets so I am giving it a try. The proof will be in the results.

    24. I don't have the exact read start and finish dates on many books I have read this year. The dates are approximated, as I have been in & out of the hospital, and on bed rest, and read 2-5 books a day depending on the book & length and my ability to focus. All dates are approximated, by month.

    25. This man is so full of himself that he assumes you aren't smart enough to "get it" the first time he says something. He spent the first third of the book repeating himself a dozen times at least. I skipped most of the book so as not to waste so much time. The "weight loss cure" sounds like a lot of witch craft and very weird. I'll pass.

    26. Lots of great insight into the food and pharmaceutical industry and how they make you fat and sick. A great diet that I lost 25 pounds on and I've kept off for over a year. I would have lost more if I stuck with it.The only thing I'm not keen on here, is the repetitiveness of the author and it also seemed like the book was a sales pitch.

    27. This is again a GREAT find. Kevin Trudeau exposes the health industry and pharmaceutical kingdom.It is to the industries interest to keep us FAT. All the diet soda and diet food and diet exercise equipment -- would be trashed if we actually lost weight and kept it off.This book is a MUST read for anyone who is interested in being and living a healthy life.

    28. This book has lots of ideas in it that sound really good, but with a hectic life, I can't imagine doing all that this guy suggests to lose weight. I think that I will just stick to doing more activity and eating less calories. Sure, it may be slower, but much more doable that this guys plan of doing like 60 things for one month on a daily basis! Who has time for that?

    29. This was similar to his other book, and he adds sites to review for free information. However, I was taken to a site that wanted money to get the other things he can tell you on weight loss. Misinformation. He also speaks about drinking H which come from the woman's pregnant placenta. Who wants to take this to loose weight???

    30. He writes terrible. He always sounds like he is selling me on his other books. He does give good information about HCG which is why I got it. I wish he had something current that talked about HCG that is on the market today rather than just the injections that you have to find a doctor in order to get.

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