You Can't Catch Me

You Can t Catch Me My body suuuucks After lounging around on my butt all summer okay so maybe that was my bad this body decided to become something completely foreign So now I m trying to make the track team and I fe

  • Title: You Can't Catch Me
  • Author: Cassie Mae Becca Ann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: ebook
  • My body suuuucks After lounging around on my butt all summer okay, so maybe that was my bad , this body decided to become something completely foreign So now I m trying to make the track team and I feel like I m a baby learning to walk again A couple pounds wouldn t have been so bad Work those off, run like a mad woman, no problem, yeah But no I ve also developed aMy body suuuucks After lounging around on my butt all summer okay, so maybe that was my bad , this body decided to become something completely foreign So now I m trying to make the track team and I feel like I m a baby learning to walk again A couple pounds wouldn t have been so bad Work those off, run like a mad woman, no problem, yeah But no I ve also developed a couple of things that I definitely didn t have before And now my guy friends are all sitting in a pool of drool as they not so subtly stare at my chest Combine all that drama with the fact that the new track coach is getting major flack for being a little chunky, and all I m trying to do is convince the team that I m not running slower because of her coaching style Oh, and did I mention that I m totally falling face first in like with some guy I met in a cemetery And no one understands it just because he s also a little chunky But he s also adorable and wonderfully weird and I don t care what they say, his look sure does it for me But I don t know how can I be in like with someone, when I have no clue how to like myself any

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    1. THREE I WANT TO BE CAUGHT STARS. "how can I be in “like” with someone, when I have no clue how to like myself anymore?"Cassie Mae is my comedy, young adult go to author. Her books are always positive, hilarious and filled to the brim with affirming words for her audience. 'You can't catch me' is full of quirky cheaper titles, heart felt moments and humour by the dumper truck full. This book is definitely a young adult dream and it's safe to say that I can liken it the reading equivalent of a [...]

    2. I stayed up all night reading this because it was delivered to my Kindle at midnight.So this is me for the rest of the day.Review to come!

    3. 5 Platypires for You Can't Catch Me by Cassie Mae"And your handwriting is incredibly… non-loopy.”“Non-loopy?” “It was my substitute for saying it’s not very—”“Girly?”“Yes.” He laughs, and that adorable as all heck blush goes through his ears. “It’s like Lucida Sans when most girls have Lucida Handwriting.”"I swear I think Cassie Mae can read my mind or she maybe can time travel. Cause I feel like she knows what I went though my teen years. Seriously, she writes char [...]

    4. celebrityreaders.wordpress5 stars -- I've been staring at this cursor trying to figure out how to put into words what this book did to me. (oh, and I received an advanced copy of this book from the author b/c I'm a lucky son of a But I preordered it too, b/c that's what happens when a favourite author finally puts up a preorder for a book I've been waiting forever on)So Where do I even begin? I feel like I had all the words earlier when I was reading, but now that's it's 2am and I'm trying to s [...]

    5. Oh. Em. Gee!! I loved this book so much! If you love YA, or have never read one, I really think you should read this one! Cassie Mae has a unique style, adding a little quirkiness, awkwardness, a little nerdiness with a big ol heaping of swoon into this story. And I love the message she brings through the perils of Ginger. Almost Every young girl goes through an awkward stage, finds something about her growing body that she may not like, or may even hate. Ginger is no exception. She is a runner, [...]

    6. A theme that seems to be reoccurring in the books that I'm reading this year is that they seem to have a bit to do with self image and bullying. It's not purposeful, but it just seems to be happening, and honestly I love it, because it means authors are starting to write about these things a bit more. I am one of those people who can be 'spoken to' via books, they become so real to me and there are times when the message shatters me as much as my own life experiences do. That is why I love this [...]

    7. You Can't Catch Me was given to me as a ARC for a review.This is another incredible book by one of my favourite authors Cassie Mae. While reading this book I felt like I was reading about 15 year old me (sans being a runner ☺). I had quite a small chest growing up which suited me as I was a bit of a tom-boy but then all of a sudden BAM! Size DD appeared overnight and it was horrible. I was insecure and just bought baggy clothes to cover them.I always feel that Cassie hits the nail on the head [...]

    8. I was lucky enough to beta this book and I have to say this may possibly be my favorite Cassie Mae book. It was full of all the classic Cassie Mae trademarks. Laugh out loud moments, passages that were so well written I had to stop and smile, and characters that are so relatable you just want to climb in the book and hang out with them. This book also packed an emotional punch that had me tearing up and wanting to hug Ginger and assure her that it's okay to change. And then there's Oliver. Sweet [...]

    9. Another fantastic Cassie Mae readAs an athlete growing up (and still am) so much of this story rang true. Lots of things change in high school, minds and bodies, and we're kidding ourselves if we think they didn't (or don't if we're currently in that era) effect us.Cassie Mae brilliantly portrays these struggles through Ginger's story. I also thoroughly appreciated the insight into our secondary characters struggles as well. A few tears escaped while I read. A perfect blend of humor and emotion. [...]

    10. I loved this book! This was exactly what I wanted from a Cassie Mae YA book. It was fun, sweet, full of heart and full of laughs. Ginger is so much fun. I loved her energy, and definitely felt for her and understood her struggles. And Oliver was pretty much perfect. Their meet cute may be the cutest meet cute ever. I think he's my new favorite Cassie Mae guy. If you're looking for a fun book that will also give you all the feels, this is it.

    11. Another great book by Cassie Mae! The romance in this one is scaled back quite a bit and is more about self image and loving who you are inside and out. I actually feel this should be required reading for every teenager. Even if you don't have the same issue as Ginger chances are pretty high that there is something else you don't like about yourself that will make this relatable. I especially loved towards the end when Ginger really comes to terms with how she's changed and how she handles it.

    12. ***This is a place holder for my actual review***This book kind of blindsided me so i need a little more time to think about it. Usually with Cassie's books my immediate reaction is "Awwh", "Lol", or just some general gushing over how much i loved it. And I'm not saying I didn't love it because I don't think there is any universe where I wouldn't love a word this woman writes. It's just that this book brought out some other emotions in me that i am still trying to process. And I think that's pre [...]

    13. I think this is the first Cassie Mae/Becca Ann book that I've read that I didn't get the chance to post status updates while I was reading it. (I was on a plane from the US to the UK while reading most of it.) And for that, I am a little sad. BUT, it won't stop me from being able to tell you how much I loved this story!Ginger is such a special character to me, on a personal level. She may only be a sophomore in high school, but I think most (if not all) of us can relate to what she's going throu [...]

    14. celebrityreaders.wordpressThis is the best body image book I have ever read! I don’t even know how to give this book a proper review, I feel anything I say will not do the book justice.She touches on how uncomfortable it is when our bodies change (puberty sucks) and we feel awkward in them, relearning how to move and dress. How the attention from people we thought we knew changes and we don’t know how to deal with it. There are no rule books for when we grow up. At least none that I was awar [...]

    15. This book is so amazing!!! I love how it helps readers see The beauty in their own flaws that they think or feel that they have.I love how this is a YA book and I would recommend teenagers reading it or anyone else who wants a good read. I love the romance between Oliver and Ginger. It was really cute.I also appreciated the letter that Cassie Mae wrote at the end of the book. The book and the letter was beautifully written and I hope this book will help a lot of people see that they need to acce [...]

    16. This book was funny as all of Cassie's books are but it still had a serious subject. I loved the main character and really felt for her when her body started to change I can't even imagine to do the things she did as she was trying to get rid of her problems. A very good read.

    17. I love this book so much. It's more about figuring out how to love yourself in your own skin than the love story, but the love story is pretty awesome too.I wanna gift this book to every teen I know.

    18. This was the first book I read every single page of, including the pages of acknowledgements and dedication :) A good read. Funny, inspiring, weird all at once.

    19. Cassie Mae has become an auto-buy for me, and this one didn't disappoint. Fun clean read. And it fulfills a massive need in the marketplace for plus-sized heroines. I loved it!

    20. Oops, I forgot to review this until now! This was an other fun read from Cassie Mae, and it was sweet too. I really like that the hero in this book doesn't have a perfect body like many heroes seem to do. He was way more realistic, AND he was asthmatic - in short, he had human issues to deal with that went beyond just some sad parts to his story. And his relationship with his mother was definitely one of the things that made him soooo sweet.I didn't really feel huge sparks or tension or anything [...]

    21. Great message. I had a hard time connecting to Oliver, but found Ginger really vividd really frank. I didn't mind her blatant way of seeing and saying things, but think it might be off-putting to some readers.

    22. Love Cassie's books. Ginger is sweet, honest, and tries hard to be her best, even when she isn't. This is a great book for anyone wanting a darling and easy read that you just can't put down!

    23. Wow this was so much better than I expected, way better! It was funny and heartwarming, and I have to admit although the last time I cried reading a book was 10 years ago, I couldn't help myself getting emotional reading this amazing book. I really felt with Ginger. She was genuin and real, her struggles to accept her changing body where believable. The romance was very sweet. I'm glad I found this book but I can not understand why so few people have read it, that's strange. 5 stars!

    24. A fantastic and beautiful read. I loved the ending. The hero and herine were great but the hero should have been more prominent like should haved been more enaged in the story, it felt as if he had taken a side character seat but all over it was great. the starting was hilarious and eye catching, it was the one of the few books that after reading for a while i was embarrassed (but good embarrasment) because of the writing style and humorful story, after a few minutes i would i have to gather my [...]

    25. I RECIEVED AN ARC OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MY VIEWS OR OPINIONS IN ANY WAYS.You Can't Catch Me by Cassie Mae is a very cute and interesting book.Summery From :My body suuuucks. After lounging around on my butt all summer (okay, so maybe that was my bad), this body decided to become something completely foreign. So now I’m trying to make the track team and I feel like I’m a baby learning to walk again. A couple pounds wouldn’t have [...]

    26. This book was a such an adorable, fun read! My favorite part is the message about loving your body. I loved how Ginger changes her perspective on how she views others. She realizes that people are not defined by what they look like or their size, and that they should not be judged based off of their physical appearance. I loved this message about body positivity and self-confidence. Despite the great message, I wish that the book showed more of Ginger and Oliver's relationship! I wanted to know [...]

    27. You Can't Catch Me was a wonderful read.Cassie is a master at writing about different situations that teenage girls encounter and she did a wonderful job with Ginger's story. In YCCM, Ginger is a teenage girl that struggled with one, of many, insecurities that girls struggle with all the time. She sees all the negative aspect of herself when she begins to grow. It was sad to see her put herself down and at times I wanted to reach in the book and shake sense into her. As the book progresses we sl [...]

    28. You Can't Catch Me is an absolutely amazing read! It's heartfelt, funny, sweet, and can make you feel all the feels as you go through Ginger's struggles with her. This is a book I stayed up late reading because I had to know how everything turned out, and throughout the whole book it gave me an enlightened, overwhelmingly happy feeling because I enjoyed it so much. We've all been there: we've all gone through that awkward stage or found some part of us that in our eyes isn't perfect. This is a s [...]

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