The Daughters Of Red Hill Hall

The Daughters Of Red Hill Hall When Gemma discovers a pair of ancient duelling pistols encrusted with rubies in the basement of the local museum she is immediately intrigued On a fateful night in two sisters were found shot i

  • Title: The Daughters Of Red Hill Hall
  • Author: Kathleen McGurl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Gemma discovers a pair of ancient duelling pistols encrusted with rubies in the basement of the local museum, she is immediately intrigued On a fateful night in 1838 two sisters were found shot in the cellars of Red Hill Hall And when Gemma begins to delve deeper into their history she begins to realise that the secrets of that night are darker than anyone had ever iWhen Gemma discovers a pair of ancient duelling pistols encrusted with rubies in the basement of the local museum, she is immediately intrigued On a fateful night in 1838 two sisters were found shot in the cellars of Red Hill Hall And when Gemma begins to delve deeper into their history she begins to realise that the secrets of that night are darker than anyone had ever imagined.As the shocking events of the past begin to unravel, Gemma s own life starts to fall apart Loyalties are tested and suddenly it seems as if history is repeating itself, as Gemma learns that female friendships can be deadly Perfect for fans of The Emerald Comb, The Pearl Locket, Rachel Hore and Kate Morton What reviewers are saying about Kathleen McGurl There were twists and turns galore that had me gripping my Kindle to within an inch of its life Becca s Books on The Pearl Locket An engrossing family saga cayocosta72 on The Pearl Locket If you want a book that is exciting, fast paced and impossible to put down, with plenty of twists and turns, then you need to buy this book I can t wait to read of Kathleen s novels Emma s Book Reviews on The Emerald Comb The Emerald Comb is fantastic Books Baby An edge of your seat read, that is a page turner and griped me from page one Comet Babe s Books on The Emerald Comb

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    1. Originally reviewed on Becca's BooksKathleen McGurl 'gets it'. She just 'gets it'. She gets what readers want and need. She understands that for a reader to continue reading, they need to have something that will pull them through the novel with such a ferocity that the very idea of putting down their Kindle is monstrous. This is exactly how I felt while reading The Daughters of Red Hill Hall. I could not bear to look away from this story for even a second. I was completely absorbed, wrapped up [...]

    2. I first heard of Kathleen McGurl last year when I read and adored her novel The Pearl Locket. Kathleen is a fresh new voice in historical fiction and really deserves great acclaim and to be read and enjoyed by many people. With this new story The Daughters of Red Hill Hall she has once again proven to me what an incredibly talented author she is, one who has the knack of spinning a tale which you can readily lose yourself in. The opening page mentions this book would be ideal for fans of Rachel [...]

    3. There are a couple of elements I always look for in a dual time story, maybe the most important being that the modern story and the historical one need to be equally strong - and this lovely book certainly delivered on that. Kathleen McGurl is a natural storyteller, and the whole construction of this book is a joy. Both stories were of wholly equal weight, and very cleverly mirrored each other as Gemma in the modern story and Sarah in the 1830s each had their reasons to question the nature of fr [...]

    4. The plot made sense! No loose strings! I am in Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder heaven!(One star off for the protagonist not torturing her ex-bestie to death; a little revenge torture goes a long way)BTW, Maggie D, I'm not as nice as the protagonist. I lent you $1,200 senior year, and you now owe me that along with 16 years of 7.5% interest.

    5. This review was first published at M's Bookshelf - mssbookshelfWith a stunningly gorgeous and intriguing cover (and blurb) like that, I knew I just had to read The Daughters of Red Hill Hall. To say that the author, Kathleen McGurl, gave her story some unexpected twists and turns would be a massive understatement. Just when I thought I had the characters and the story-line figured out, she threw one curve ball after the other. Loved it.So I'm definitely not claiming I knew what was coming, but I [...]

    6. The Daughters Of Red Hill Hall By Kathleen McGurlA very enjoyable read! Very interesting way of meshing two different timePeriods. Also, jealousy played an important role for two of the charactersIn this book. The question is how far does one go to justify getting the end result they think they deserve?Angeline

    7. Loved it! Two intertwined stories, told well and without giving too much away to hold the reader spellbound till the final few chapters where the two stories finally merge.

    8. Kathleen McGurl is quite the writer. This is my first read by Kathleen, and it won't be my last. I loved, loved this book. If you like mysteries this book is Highly recommended.

    9. Loved!I loved this book- initially I wanted to dump it as I got to the 2015 chapter But I was very much into it, so kept on. Glad I did. I kept expecting some level ofoh, I don't know Interaction? Haunting? But never got there, oh well. Still a great book. A bit of a lazy ending.

    10. Thank you NetGalley for the book and the chance to review it**Spoilers**Gemma has her dream job she is working in the museum in her home town, and although it can drag at times, especially when she has to sort through dinosaur fossils, there are things that occassionally jump out at her. When she comes across a box that seems to be full of garbage, she finds a hidden treasure at the bottom. The tag on the box has her curiosity peaked, and she asks for permission from her boss to investigate it f [...]

    11. Mystery, danger, intrigue and heart-pounding drama are deliciously interwoven in Kathleen McGurl‘s gripping new novel, The Daughters of Red Hill Hall.When Gemma left university with a history degree, she had ended up lurching from one dead-end job to the next – until she got a job working at a museum in her home town of Bridhampton. For the first time in her professional life, Gemma feels fulfilled and content. Her boss, Roger, is a thoroughly decent guy, and although she would rather spend [...]

    12. This isn't a book I normally would have chosen but I had read The Pearl Locket, a WWII historical novel by the same author so I wanted to read another of her books. I could not put this book down. It is told from two time periods, 1838 and current day England. Gemma is a cataloguer at a museum who spends her days cataloguing items donated over the years to the museum. One day she catalogues a pair of ruby handled dueling pistols. She wonders what their history is and her boss gives her permissio [...]

    13. The two stories entwining together in the historical plot and the modern plot were interesting and well done. I liked the writing in the historical section much better than the modern section.The author had an annoying habit of inserting the word "erme" in so much of the dialogue. I suppose it was supposed to indicate the clearing of the characters throats when they spoke out of turn but I found it totally annoying. Would keep me from reading another one of her books.

    14. Fireside readingThoroughly enjoyed this story curled up by the fire. Set in the past and the present it deals with two girls being betrayed by their best friends. Gripping right to the end.

    15. I was disappointed. The book had such promise but seemed juvenile. More like a soap opera. There was just no romance at all. The authors overuse of the "Erm" during the dialogue between characters nearly drove me insane.

    16. Very good mystery! Loved the parallel story lines across the century, the twists and turns, and characters. I recommend it!

    17. This is a well thought out dual time drama about friendships that turn sour due to one party's good fortune and the other's gripping jealousy.

    18. Good readThis is the first book by this author I have read but I did enjoy it , some twists and turns, some I guessed , some I didn't , all in all an enjoyable book .

    19. Another fabulous book by Kath McGurl. This is a duel timeline story where past events seem to be happening again in the present day. Really enjoyed this book.

    20. I found it interesting that our modern day heroine, Gemma, has a penchant for Barbara Erskine novels as this book is trying very hard to slot into the same genre. Parallel tales of history and the modern world; in this case the pre-Victorian and Victorian worlds alongside our own. Unfortunately, Ms McGurl does not manage it with quite as much aplomb.The story centres around the discovery at a small Bridhampton Museum of a pair of ornate duelling pistols and then weaves the story of Sarah and Reb [...]

    21. It was an interesting concept, and I did want to know what would happen next and what the resolution would be, so in that the story was good. The story telling, however, I felt was lacking. I found the dialogue insipid most of the time. I'm not expecting Oscar Wilde, but this was almost like it was added as space filler. And the foreshadowing was less hinting at what would happen and more like the author informing the reader outright.The chapters alternate between centuries, which is a format th [...]

    22. I am not a huge fan of historical fiction but there was something about this novel that piqued my interest. One of them might be that I find the dynamics of female friendships fascinating.From the beginning of this novel I knew there was something special between the pages and I was happy to be proved right. This is the first of Kathleen’s novels that I have read and if they are all as good a read as The daughters of Red Hill Hall I will be adding the rest of her collection to my to be read pi [...]

    23. Family and FriendsIt was a good story of family and friends and plenty of secrets and lies. It was hard to put down!

    24. Love her style!Like the writing style. I wasn't sure at first I could read this one but so glad I did. Kept m attention to the point I couldn't put this down.

    25. I really enjoyed this gothic mystery. I could not put it down till I finished it. Time for some more McGurl!

    26. Okay. This was well written. The pacing was good, the characters, while pretty cliche were well drawn. But the plot? Really? I had a very tough time suspending disbelief in how utterly stupid and insipid the primary females in each time were. I can't even count the number of times my eyes rolled. It was like that Geico commercial about horror movies. Sorry but this was just not it for me.

    27. I really wanted to love this book. It had all the hallmarks of the irresistible dual-time tales I adore; a Victorian country house, and an intrepid modern-day heroine attempting to uncover the truth about a tragedy which unfolded there. So far, so Kate Morton - wonderful, I thought, as I settled down with a bucket of tea to immerse myself in this delicious prospect. And that's where it all went wrong.There is a fine tale at the heart of The Daughters Of Red Hill Hall. Two feuding sisters and a p [...]

    28. 2 1/2 stars rounded upWritten in a dual narrative style, "The Daughters of Red Hill Hall" is set in the present day AND in 1838.I love a good historical novel - and the promise of one written in a dual-narrative style, which is one of my favorites, held great appeal.We meet two girls in 1838. They both reside at Red Hill Hall, a handsome family manor in Dorset. Rebecca Winton, is the daughter of the house, the other, Sarah Cooper, is the daughter of the housekeeper. When her mother dies, Sarah i [...]

    29. Follow my reviews. :Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+Connect on:TwitterI enjoyed reading ‘The Pearl Locket’ and ‘The Emerald Comb’ and like those books, this story has both a historical and contemporary setting, which intertwine in an interesting way.The historical story of Rebecca and Sarah, ‘The Daughters of Red Hill Hall’ is full of mystery, menace and is often poignant. The contemporary tale of Gemma and Nat cu [...]

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