Once Upon a Lord

Once Upon a Lord HISTORICAL VICTORIAN ROMANCE Ivy Hodgson s Ivy Hodgson s elder sister Rose is married to the local clergyman her younger sister Lily is wed to a soldier In a desperate attempt to secure their home

  • Title: Once Upon a Lord
  • Author: Julia Regan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HISTORICAL VICTORIAN ROMANCE Ivy Hodgson s Ivy Hodgson s elder sister, Rose, is married to the local clergyman her younger sister, Lily, is wed to a soldier In a desperate attempt to secure their home, Ivy s parents decide she must be married to a wealthy suitor She is promised to Lord EsmondLetham, a recently widowed older man interested in a young wife who will give HISTORICAL VICTORIAN ROMANCE Ivy Hodgson sIvy Hodgson s elder sister, Rose, is married to the local clergyman her younger sister, Lily, is wed to a soldier In a desperate attempt to secure their home, Ivy s parents decide she must be married to a wealthy suitor She is promised to Lord EsmondLetham, a recently widowed older man interested in a young wife who will give him an heir Reluctantly, Ivy consents and soon becomes Lady of Wisteria Castle, where she finds herself locked in a loveless marriage to a cruel, unfeeling husband Graham BanburyHer world becomes ever darker when tragedy strikes, and she is faced with losing everything Her fate rests with one man Graham Banbury, Lord Esmond s nephew and closer in age to Ivy, has come to claim what is his by law Suspecting Ivy of misdeeds against his uncle, Graham is ready to turn her out but will Ivy s charms turn his misgivings into love

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    1. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Ivy is no shrinking violet; she is the more creative of three sisters, two already married. Ivy was next and soon she was promised to the local magistrate, also middle aged widower, Lord Esmond Letham. Ivy is pushed into a loveless marriage in order to produce Edmond an heir. Ivy watches her sisters and sees the love they possess with their husbands and wishes, she too, had that in her life. Edmond is involved in a tragic [...]

    2. Once Upon a Lord by Julia Regan is the story that had a lot of different elements in place. They all worked together to make the book interesting and likable. Ivy Hodgson and her sister's Rose and Lily were all of a marrying age and so the parents started looking for acceptable men. The two oldest sisters wed to men they actually loved. Ivy still lived at home and in her heart of hearts wanted a love match too. That was not exactly what happened for Ivy. She found herself in a situation at Wiste [...]

    3. A great book that shows that a strong young woman can survive the unpleasantness of life. With the turn of events Ivy struggles to make herself heard. It is a bitter sweet story. I was so happy to see a good turn of events for Ivy. Ivy's sisters had been married before her and her parents decided to make a suitable marriage for Ivy. Rose and Lily had found love. It seemed unfair that Ivy wan't able to hold out for that too. It was a good story!

    4. Received ARC from author for an honest review. This a short historical romance that puts a lot into it. You get to see what it was like for a young girl when told who to marry. Not all matches are good and some are just terrible for the girl. This book will bring you both but with a happy ending.

    5. This is a good book. A short book. I like this genre butit was not what I could expect from it . I do not know what I could write about it yet but it was for me one of the heavier books

    6. Don't waste your time. Not sure what the author or publisher was thinking piling on more than a dozen of unrelated stories BEFORE the actual story advertised, but it was seriously annoying and detracted from my enjoyment of the novel. I felt cheated because I expected a full length novel, but what the reader gets is a series of short stories that are not "Victorian 19th Century Arranged Marriage Romance" and THAT part of the novel wasn't very good.

    7. "Once Upon a Lord" is a quick 19th Century Victorian Romance with a dark side, which. I read it in one setting.Fast paced, beautifully written with all the elements of a great romance. Twists and turns abound, an arranged marriage, spousal abuse, trials, triumphs and maybe a HEA can be found. I was aglast with all the suffering the heroine, went though, fingers was crossed she would finally find her HEA. Enter the hero, Graham Banbury, the nephew of the late Lord Esmond, now the new Lord. The re [...]

    8. Ivy Hogson wanted to marry for love like her two sisters. Her parent's were determined to find a suitable husband for her. Ivy loved to ready, climb trees and rocks and sketch for hours. Lord Letham the middle-aged, wealthy magistrate had lost his wife but chose to remarry to Ivy. Because he was the magistrate, they had a very short courtship. Lord Letham drank a lot and would take Ivy when and where he felt like it in order to produce an heir. Ivy was very unhappy and wished she did not have to [...]

    9. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a short book; the author seems to skip over a lot of ground rather quickly. I never really got involved with any of the characters, and was even unclear as to exactly when the action was supposed to take place. I assumed Victorian because the heroine was wearing drawers.The biggest problem I found was that there was too much telling, not enough showing. I got no sense of any developing relationship between hero and heroine, [...]

    10. Ivy had been married off to a whealty man who just buried his wife 6 months ago. She was supposed to give him an heir. Her husband did not treat her with any care and would try at any occasion to get her with child. She despised him because he was making her feel like she was only there for him to do as he is pleased. Then one day a servant comes to her with bad news. Her husband had an accident and he dies the next morning.Lady Ivy is in mourning when one day a nephew of her late husband cones [...]

    11. This was a quick read set in the Victorian era. Ivy was the middle daughter who saw both her sisters marry for love. She had no interest in getting married but knew it had to be done. She was hoping to find love like her sisters. Unfortunately she was forced to marry a lord who's wife died before giving him an heir. Ivy found out as months went by that her husband was just wanting an heir and he was going to take and do what he wanted. In an unfortunate accident her husband died. His nephew Grah [...]

    12. This book is about the last of three sisters to get married. She doesn't get to choose her husband like her other two . they got to marry for love but she had to marry someone of her father as choosing. He was older, rough and just wanted an heir. To go from a loving household growing up to such a uncaring household was extremely difficult. The circumstances chance and in comes the relative to take over. He seems to be the same way at first but soon proves he is not at all like the uncle . The e [...]

    13. Another wonderful book by Julia Regan!!! Ivy just wants to have what her sisters have found in their marriages, love!! Unfortunately it is not ment to be, but Ivy is strong and resilient. When her husband dies in a freak accident she is finally free. When her late husbands nephew Mr. Graham Banbury shows up to claim his title and inheritance he accuses Ivy of being a scheming nobody that ensnared his grieving uncle. She is no simpering Lady and eventually tells him how she feels. A great heart w [...]

    14. Once Upon A Lord by Julia Regan is a bit confusing for me. The first story is a historical romance. Not the best I ever read but not the worst. What comes after that is what confuses me. A collection of unrelated books, not historical romance and not great reading. I couldn't finish the book. While I'm a big fan of box sets or collections, there is always a theme that ties the books together (historical, military, cowboy, etc.) This was just a confusing mix of time periods and genres. So, the fi [...]

    15. Received this complimentary arc copy from the author for an honest review.It's time. Time for marriage. Ivy Hodgson needs to marry in order to help her parents. They choose Lord Esmond Letham. Now she will become Lady of Wisteria Castle. What she hopes for and what she gets are two different things. Life can be so cruel but also very rewarding in the guise of Graham Banbury, Lord Esmond's nephew.A story of a young girls hopes, dreams, love. A fantastic read.

    16. This is a quick read about Ivy, who agrees to marry the older gentleman her parents have picked for her. She hopes she'll fall in love with him in time. I liked Ivy's character, while she's not a rebel, she's a strong female.I do not usually enjoy historical romances, but this was a nice, short read.

    17. I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. A short read but it had heart. You get attached to just how Ivy had to deal with her life struggles. Great characters and dialogue. Love the way Julia Regan tells a story.

    18. Received this book for an honest review.This is a short story about a young woman that her parents feel she must marry a wealthy suitor in order to secure her future. She will experience some trials in her marriage.This story is good for a quick read of about 1.5 hours.

    19. I loved it. What an enjoyable book with lots of surprises. You never expect the people to go in the direction they do. Well written and I do recommend it. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    20. Once Upon a LordI chose four stars for the rating I felt this story had the basis for a great story. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful quick read. I will not spoil the story for you. But I would encourage you to read this story.

    21. This book felt very Jane Austin at the beginning then the tone changes later on. This is one of Julia Regan's better stories. Well written. Great ending.

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