Von Fischen Und Geistern

Von Fischen Und Geistern Buch in der Serie HellsingerAls sein Onkel Mortimer starb und ihm Hoxne Grange hinterliess die Familienvilla aus dem spaten neunzehnten Jahrhundert wurde Tristan Pryce der Zweite in der Familie d

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  • Title: Von Fischen Und Geistern
  • Author: Rhys Ford Jutta Grobleben
  • ISBN: 9781634762601
  • Page: 453
  • Format: ebook
  • Buch 1 in der Serie HellsingerAls sein Onkel Mortimer starb und ihm Hoxne Grange hinterliess, die Familienvilla aus dem spaten neunzehnten Jahrhundert, wurde Tristan Pryce der Zweite in der Familie, der sich als Verwalter um das Anwesen kummerte, einer Zwischenstation fur Geister auf ihrem letzten Weg ins Leben nach dem Tode Tristan ist auf die Herausforderung vorbereitBuch 1 in der Serie HellsingerAls sein Onkel Mortimer starb und ihm Hoxne Grange hinterliess, die Familienvilla aus dem spaten neunzehnten Jahrhundert, wurde Tristan Pryce der Zweite in der Familie, der sich als Verwalter um das Anwesen kummerte, einer Zwischenstation fur Geister auf ihrem letzten Weg ins Leben nach dem Tode Tristan ist auf die Herausforderung vorbereitet, wenn auch nicht unbedingt durch die Geister, die er seit seiner Kindheit sehen kann Fest entschlossen, zu beweisen, dass Tristan geisteskrank ist, um Zugriff auf sein Erbe zu bekommen, heuern seine liebenden Verwandten Dr Wolf Kincaid und seine paranormalen Ermittler, Hellsinger Investigations, an, um zu beweisen, dass es auf dem Grange nicht spukt.Der Skeptiker Wolf Kincaid hat es sich zur Lebensaufgabe gemacht, ubernaturliche Phanomene zu entlarven Nach Jahren voller Schwindel und Falschungen kann er es nicht erwarten, zu beweisen, dass die Geister des Grange nur auf knarrende Bodendielen und ein zugiges, altes Haus zuruckzufuhren sind Auf dem Grange erwarten ihn einige Uberraschungen, inklusive des bissigen, verschlossenen Besitzers Tristan Pryce ist viel attraktiver und viel weniger verruckt, als Wolf bereit ist zuzugeben, und als sein Team im Grange einen geisterhaften Serienmorder befreit, ist er hin und hergerissen zwischen seinem Skeptizismus und dem Verlangen, den Mann zu beschutzen, den er eigentlich diskreditieren soll.

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    1. My first book by Rhys Ford was not all at what I expected it to be. I didn't expect funny and this book was funny. It is quirky, sexy, paranormal all squished up into one package--->Paraquexy? Whatever it was, I really, really enjoyed it, despite a few plot holes and little issues.Wolf Kincaid is in the business of disproving people who claim that ghosts exist. He finds phonies and uncovered their ruses, and he is good at what he does. When he is called in by a woman who thinks her nephew, Tr [...]

    2. I think Rhys Ford wrote this book just for me. My thinking is that one day Rhys sat down at her computer and thought, “You know, that Jenni Lea is one cool chick. I mean, just look at that pink hair! How can someone not cool sport that awesome hair? She deserves a book with all her favorite things in it. I will write her a story.” Yep, I’m gonna go with that because I can’t explain how else she managed to incorporate ALL of my favorites into one book. From enemies-to-lovers and hot, scor [...]

    3. Written September 25, 20143 Stars - Fun, spooky and sweet but not fantastically engaging and enchanting r meBook #1 An Rhys Ford crime-PNR-M/M about ghost-hunting and amazing sweet "boys-who-loves-boys" who meet a new boy to love for rest of life. The first part in the new (from December 2013) Hellsinger series about Paranormal Investigator Wolf Kincaid, his friends and love life.I've listened to the 8 hrs audiobook narrated by Tristan James. ~ My first audio narrated by him (he 'does' the Sinne [...]

    4. I didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would and here is why:First, the pacing felt off. Despite the murderous ghost wandered about, the livings were mostly going about their usual business. There seems to be lack of urgency, even though the business had been disrupted and Tristan was almost possessed or killed. The pacing and the progress was disrupted by the chapter long sex scenes. Which I am not in favor of. And that lead to the second point.Second, as I read this, a rather unkind co [...]

    5. This book is for sure one of the most outrageously entertaining reading experiences I’ve had in this genre, and for sure one of the best books of this year for me. Oh baby this was delicious! Fish and Ghosts the first installment of the new paranormal Hellsinger Series (THANK GOD THERE ARE MORE!!) by Rhys Ford is creative, funny, rich with wonderful action, and just an overall seriously entertaining read from beginning to end. Think The Sixth Sense and Ghostbusters have a gay baby, which is a [...]

    6. So. much. fun!'Fish and Ghosts' had everything that I've come to expect from Rhys Ford. An interesting plot, two opposites-attract MCs, some zany secondary characters, and a bit of humour to top it off. Oh, and scorching hot sex. Can't forget about the scorching hot sex.As usual, Tristan James did an excellent job with the narration. This narrator has become one of my favourites.Tristan Pryce has seen ghosts since he was a child, leading to derision and ridicule by the rest of his family, except [...]

    7. This was FUN! I love paranormal stories that don't take themselves too seriously, but can still give me the fun heebie jeebies and this was one of those stories.Wolf and Tristan were great together, whether the were arguing, bantering or loving. When they did get together it was pretty quick, but knowing there are more stories to come and kind of the extraordinary circumstances in which they met, it really didn't bother me. The secondary characters, both earthly and otherwise, were just as good [...]

    8. I feel so weird, off like I read a different book than what others have read. Then I read the reviews and I realize I did read the same book. Let me say I did not finish the book. I stopped right before the first sex scene which apparently is incredibly long if I believe other reviews. I guess I stopped at the right time. Actually I know I stopped at the right time.(And this scene begins right after an attempted murder by a ghost with an axe and that made perfect sense)I didn't see any love inte [...]

    9. Compared to the writer's other works especially Black Dog Blue, this is a disappointment. The two main guys lack depth of character and chemistry. Wolf is the usual smirking alpha and Tristan is the usual sheltered geeky beautiful blond virgin. And speaking of blond, the writer's constant reference to Tristan as "the blond" just irks this reader. The guys' almost instant love thing is yawningly boring, starting with the usual sexual arousal musings/references littered about. And when they get to [...]

    10. 4.5 StarsWoot! That was awesome. I loved Tristan Pryce and Wolf Kincaid. I want to visit Hoxne Grange.But first things first who is that dude on the cover standing next to Wolf? It sure as heck ain't Tristan, that's for sure. He looks nothing like that! What's with the coke bottle glasses?!? Where did it say Tristan wears big glasses? Did I miss that? Never mind. Not in my world.Moving on. Despite not being a big fan of ghost stories, I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, charming, and enga [...]

    11. Not a ghost fan, but had a good time. A very good time. Tristan's different and he knows. His family knows it. And they've sent in the big guns to leverage themselves into a position to take matters into their own hands. Wolf is the penultimate skeptic and his backstory adds a level of interest to this tale. Along with his crew, they set out for Hoxne Grange to get the skinny on "the hauntings". What they find is something they've never experience before. Alright, so the set up for Wolf and Tris [...]

    12. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book, and as usual Rhys Ford hits a home run. Just as with her other series, Fish and Ghosts is filled with memorable secondary characters who are more than just placeholders, but fully-fleshed people in their own right. As for the main couple, I fell in love with Tristan immediately. He's unfailingly kind toward, and fiercely protective of, the ghosts checking into the hotel, and I could see why Wolf fell for him so quickly! Pick this book up A [...]

    13. Fish and Ghosts by Rhys Ford is a fun comical paranormal romance. This isn't the type of story I would usually read, I like paranormal if it's shifters and vampires but I haven't ever read a story with ghosts in it before, I was impressed and not only enjoyed the story in written form but I listened to it in audio as well on my commute to work. For the audiobook - Tristan James does an excellent job narrating this story and using his smooth voice to bring all the characters to life. I found myse [...]

    14. This was fun, entertaining absolutely fun paranormal story! An easy to read story that I couldn’t put down till I reached the end. Here we have Wolf Kincaid, who run Hellsinger investigators, they investigate supernatural occurrences and reveal them as frauds. Wolf and his team are hired to investigate the Hoxne Grange estate, and it’s owner Tristan Pryce. Tristan claims the house is filled with ghosts, and his aunt intends to prove Tristan is crazy. Tristan is a wonderfully sweet, innocent [...]

    15. 3.5 StarsA fun paranormal, with an interesting premise and characters, plenty of humor, and lots of sex. Dr. Wolfgang "Wolf" Kincaid of Hellsinger Investigations is basically a professional skeptic that makes his living debunking the faked supernatural. When he's hired to investigate Tristan Pryce and his home, Hoxne Grange, for some family members that would rather see Tristan committed than owning the huge estate, it's a case of opposites attract / insta-love followed by a really spectacular h [...]

    16. I really stepped in it when I started this book and then was continually interrupted. That usually doesn't bode well. However, this book just kept entertaining me, even with all the interruptions.  The MCs and the secondary characters were fleshed out and so much fun. There are many funny lines and even funnier scenes.  It's absolutely the kind of book I like to recommend highly to my friends.  You won't regret reading this little jewel. 

    17. My first audio book.How did it go?Did I love it?Did I hate it?Did I sleep through it? Ha!Full review to come

    18. I thought it was about time to read another Rhys Ford series. I've had this book on my Kindle for ages now I really enjoyed it! It was witty and a little ridiculous, and altogether fun. I'm looking forward to delving into the next book :)

    19. I really enjoyed this. Its been in my TBR forever! And thanks to a push from some friends to read some Rhys. I'm glad I did. I so get it I've been on real life ghost hunts and they are insane, crazy, fun and yea at times super scary. Can't wait to start the next one hopefully soon.

    20. *** 3,5 ghostly stars ***Audio edition.-- Narrated by Tristan James --Overall: 3,5 starsPerformance: 3 starsStory: 3,5 stars

    21. Darum geht’s:Tristan hat von seinem Onkel Mortimer das Familienanwesen geerbt und führt dort die sehr spezielle Arbeit des Onkels fort – regelmäßig checken Geister in die Gästezimmer ein, um von dort aus den Weg ins Jenseits anzutreten. Der Rest der Familie glaubt nicht an Geister und möchte selbst Zugriff auf das Familienvermögen bekommen. Die beste Chance dafür ist, Tristan für geisteskrank zu erklären – was nicht schwer erscheint, denn Tristan behauptet ja, Geister zu sehen. Dr [...]

    22. I LOVE RHYS FORD!!! I swear every book I read just puts a smile on my face. *insert shit eating grin here* Tristan is beyond adorable and oh yeah, is Wolf yummy! Insert a ghost or two, a couple of sex crazed duck and run sidekicks, and one whirlwind of a mother and you have a recipe for fun and craziness you just can’t put down.Wolf Kincaid is a died in the wool skeptic. He may spend his life chasing down ghosts and working to debunk the supernatural, but he has yet to see one thing that would [...]

    23. Enter to win a free ebook copy of Fish and Ghosts! Closes 1/11/14 11:59 pm EST!Tristan Pryce is a reclusive artist who’s caretaker of Hoxne Grange. He can see ghosts and that makes him crazy in the eyes of just about everyone, especially his family who hires Dr. Wolf Kincaid to prove the Grange doesn’t have ghosts. That’s just what Wolf plans to do until his attraction to Tristan and the things that happen at the Grange start to change his priorities. The story takes you on a wild ride by [...]

    24. I can't believe that in 'Fish and Ghosts', Rhys Ford bought me every dirty, sexy, entertaining little bit of 'what I need' in one book. Sexy men with personalities that flame off the page, hot sex and sensuous encounters, ghost hunters, the paranormal, historical and evocative setting and her usual incredible flair of drawing me into a story and cursing like hell when it finished. She is truly an adept at seducing the reader into her lair like a giant, grinning spider and I'm sure she knows and [...]

    25. Well, how about that? I freaking loved everything about this book. I am a HUGE fan of Karina Halle's Experiment in Terror series and have never found anything remotely close to the ghosties she writes about until this. This was even at moments scarier. The set up for the story and the location were perfection. I could picture everything about the house and wish I could go there! This is one of those books I just did not want to ever end. The story was well written and the characters, all of them [...]

    26. Spooky fun! I just loved the banter and the chemistry between Tristan and Wolf. I'm really looking forward to seeing their relationship progress. The secondary characters were just as entertaining, especially Mara and Wolf's mother. An entertaining, sexy, paranormal read that doesn't take itself too seriously. Book 2 here I come!

    27. 🎃 Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge 🎃 5/10: A romance set in a haunted house.He knew it. In his bones. He could trust Wolf with anything. His body. His ghosts. His soul.What a funny and funky delight! Rhys Ford crafted a creative and quirky tale that left me wanting more.I ate the set-up right up. “Concerned” relatives of the owner of Hoxne Grange hire Wolf, a skeptical paranormal psychologist, to debunk the estate's haunting. Wolf has his own motivations for exposing fake hauntings, bu [...]

    28. Reread this before moving on to book two and have to wonder just how many pain pills I was on the first time. *wide eyes* I rather loved the book this time around and either couldn't see what I saw the first time (it was the drugs I tell you) at all OR I saw it differently than I did the first time. There were so many things I liked about this book. All the characters - ghosts, dogs, living people - were awesome, even the creepy killer ghost, though she was awesome in a totally different manner. [...]

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