The Cure

The Cure Beautiful and brilliant eighteen year old Genesis Weatherby lives a charmed life as the clone of a long dead silent film star She is loved by her close knit family as well as her two best friends an

  • Title: The Cure
  • Author: Tania Hagan
  • ISBN: 9781530012596
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautiful and brilliant, eighteen year old Genesis Weatherby lives a charmed life as the clone of a long dead silent film star She is loved by her close knit family as well as her two best friends, and being a clone isn t so bad when everyone in the world is one too Thanks to an organization known as GOD, there have been no Original births in one hundred and thirty yearsBeautiful and brilliant, eighteen year old Genesis Weatherby lives a charmed life as the clone of a long dead silent film star She is loved by her close knit family as well as her two best friends, and being a clone isn t so bad when everyone in the world is one too Thanks to an organization known as GOD, there have been no Original births in one hundred and thirty years In a successful attempt to eradicate cancer, GOD has taken control of human procreation, and only the human copies that are proven to be free of the once devastating disease are allowed to thrive Genny never questions anything about her world, until she meets handsome and mysterious Nat Wilkinson Now, she is forced to make choices that can alter the course of her life, as well as the lives of everyone on the planet.

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    1. Tania Hagan has a smashing hit on her hands! She spun a tale of a realistic, yet horrifying life for humankind. Set in the future, this dystopian novel offers a fresh and unique approach to the imperfect worlds of the dystopian genre. From romance, action, adventure to suspense, this novel offers a bit of everything for everyone. It is also well suited for ages 12 and up. Young and old alike will love this one!The writing is excellent, the descriptions are vivid and the characters are not only b [...]

    2. I was totally on the edge of my seat through the whole book. I wanted to be Genny and have my Nat and do what they had the guts to do. For kids in their early twenty's, they sure had their heads on straight. I could see our future turn the way this story portrayed. This story was written beyond good, wonderful or great. This story had me right from the beginning at the first few pages. It peeked my interest and from there I couldn't put the book down. It was fast paced with your typical High Sch [...]

    3. A new and different look into the future. In order to eradicate diseases and the cancer epidemic, G.O.D. has initiated cloning instead of procreating naturally. The author choose this oxymoron which translates to Genetics Operating Division. When people decide to play 'GOD' an inhumane society is born.The main characters of Genesis and boyfriend Nat are typical teenagers that question the past and present state of affairs and the cloning process. Seeking the truth about the disappearance of a fe [...]

    4. What a fantastic book this is, so unusual and unexpected. Full of twists and turns. This book is very well written and very easy to understand even though there are so many things happening. I don't want to say much about the contents of story line as I don't want to spoil your reading experience, but I can say this is certainly a book to read. Can't wait for more books from this author!

    5. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review though that being said I would have ended up purchasing a copy of this book anyways because the synopsis had my attention from the moment I read itIn her debut novel The Cure, Tania Hagan does an amazing job weaving a new and interesting dystopian spin on earth. After the tragedy of a president loosing his two daughters to cancer the Genetic Operations Division, or GOD for short, find a way to 'cure' the world of cancer. Nowadays th [...]

    6. I've won this e-book due to a giveaway. I've promised the author I would write a review as soon as I finished the book but, honestly, there's nothing good for me to talk aboutFrankly, I did not like the main character. Or any of the characters, for that matter. I know I should write my reasons for not liking this; maybe some day I will.EDIT: After having a conversation with the author, I feel the need to write something more: just because someone does not like a book, it does not mean the book i [...]

    7. What would you do if what you believed in was against all of humanity? I loved this story and the future that was made to Cure Cancer, it really goes to show that love will prosper and find itself in all places. What people will go though for what they believe and for those that they love.

    8. I don't want to give away the plot, but this book is destined to be a movie!It's one of the best new books in its genre. The writing style is easy and engaging, and you won't want to put it down.

    9. Must readThe concept of this book is really interesting to the point something such as cloning the whole human race could happen. All it takes is one loving person to help many that can help change the world.

    10. This was a fascinating read from start to finish. I love the idea that something good (like the cure for cancer) has the potential to also be bad. GOD is a formidable enemy, and the challenges that Natane and Genesis face are very real.One of the things I loved the most was how it was obviously the future, but it wasn't chock-full of technological babble. Much of the world was the same, and the advancements were subtle enough to give you the impression of the future without clogging up the story [...]

    11. More than a hundred years in the future, mankind has eradicated cancer by means of cloning. Nearly everyone is a perfect, healthy, beautiful specimen who looks exactly like whatever code donor their parents chose for them. The only thing disrupting this distinctly utopian society is the threat of The Chosen, a bunch of radicals who believe that humanity should return to making babies "the old-fashioned way", and it's up to the government entity known as GOD (how apt) to keep the peace.Enter Gene [...]

    12. You can find my full review and asthetic post based on the book at my review blog - Bookworm Review And Asthetics - goo/evkfSXIn the future, no one is born naturally, they are all clones of those from the past who donated their genetic material for cloning. The government agency known as GOD “Genetics Operation Division”, has all but wiped out the devastating disease of cancer by having no natural births for the past 130 years. 18 year old Genesis lives a normal life for a teenager. She goes [...]

    13. *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*Genesis Weatherby is a clone, like everyone else in the world in the future. Everyone is a clone of someone, whether famous or not. Cloning is run by GOD-the Genetics Operations Division. Procreation is on legal if it's a code-regeneration by GOD. This was put into play to eradicate cancer.Genny has been taught that Original births threaten the world by reintroducing cancer into society. But where do the nightmares she, and [...]

    14. Our not so distant future looks great. Or does it? Look closer, not everything is honky dory. Future is populated by clones of passed celebrities. Is it any wonder when you see today's population trying anything under the sun to look like famous people? The book started picking up the momentum at the moment Genny agrees to make an "Original" (aka a baby) with Nat. Though up to this moment becoming pregnant and having a baby without knowledge of this GOD is a huge no-no, something worse that coul [...]

    15. Genesis Weatherby is by all rights a typical teenager, except everyone in her world, her included, are clones. For over 100 years the Genetic Operations Division has produced code-regenerations from people whose DNA was cancer free. Non-clone births, Originals, are illegal and are seen as a threat to this perfect, cancer-free, dystopian society. When Genny meets and falls in love with the new transfer to her school from Britain, Nat Wilkinson, she starts to question everything she has been taugh [...]

    16. The Cure if a fantastic and fresh new idea in a world of books that is flooded by something more of the same. I have read The 100, Divergent, Hunger Games and Maze Runner. I have also watched the movies and TV shows based on those very series of books. Tania Hagan, has brought something so new and so very refreshing that it is a must read for any fan of those other books and this genre. I felt like I wasn’t just reading a book but I was reading a storyline that belongs on the big screen. The w [...]

    17. The whole world is clones, so it’s actually not too bad being one, and on top of that, one of a silent movie actress, passed long agoeven better. That’s what stunning and smart, teenager Genesis Weather’s clone is. The terrible disease―cancer―has been wiped out and it’s due to ‘GOD’, an association in total control of human reproduction. Since then there has been no new childbirths only clones. It wasn’t until Genesis met the good-looking and perplexing Nat that her thoughts of [...]

    18. This book. I'm not sure what all to say about it besides the fact that it was such a refreshing idea in Dystopian fiction that I was too eager to pick it up. Then I couldn't put it down. As an author within this same genre, I am always pleased to read another book out there that can make me heart hammer like a good Dystopian novel. This book does show a very vivid and terrifying picture of the 'legacy' humanity may leave behindowing that we are indeed the monsters. Great work, Tania, and I look [...]

    19. As soon as I started this book, I couldn't put it down! I really liked it. It has a great plot and keeps you pulled in wondering what is going to to happen next. A great story. I can't wait till the next book. Will definitely be getting. I wont give away any spoilersjust read and you will love it. Great job Tania!

    20. Great readI wonderful story of a young British boy who gets a girl pregnant in a time when original birth is illegal only clones are allowed in this world. This is a story that you cannot put down because you are excited and thrilled on every page

    21. This book is fabulous! It should be made into a movie! Once you start reading it you can't put it downuntil you finish it! The whole concept is a possibility for the future! Who knows what the world will be like in a hundred years??

    22. This was a really good book! It was very interesting, keeping me hooked until the end! I will be on the look out for more from Tania!

    23. I read a whole lot of sci-fi/PNR/dystopia types of novels. As such, I try to give a lot of deference to the author because world building is tough. I so wanted to like this because the premise is actually interesting. Instead I am DNF'ing at 32% - very rare and even more telling.When I spend the first 1/3 of a book constantly asking why, it probably isn't a good sign. Why were the celebrities names changed at all? Because I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who the renamed celebrities wer [...]

    24. Just wasn't for me. I didn't buy that Genny would just up and go against everything she believed in. I thought she was incredibly naive and a love sick teenager. I also couldn't believe that the parents were so happy that their children completely did something completely it responsible ON PURPOSE and wrecked their lives. Wasn't a fan

    25. Reads like it was written by someone with no more than a passing knowledge of grammar, the English language, western culture, genetics, teenagers, and human beings in general

    26. Couldn't get past first few chaptersI had to stop reading once the story got to the whole gay bit. Just not what I was looking for at all. Ruined it.

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