Lullabies from Hell

Lullabies from Hell From one of the most twisted imaginations working in Manga today comes Lullabies From Hell part biography part fantasy and totally demented

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  • Title: Lullabies from Hell
  • Author: Hideshi Hino
  • ISBN: 9781593075385
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • From one of the most twisted imaginations working in Manga today comes Lullabies From Hell , part biography, part fantasy and totally demented.

    One thought on “Lullabies from Hell”

    1. Rate: 3.5 starsHideshi Hino was a big disappointment to me. I had really high expectations (him being a"master of horror manga" and all) but his stories usually would just leave me with a "I don't know" feeling. Yes they are creepy and gory and oh I lost the count on how many times I've cringed at the torture and murder scenes, but the problem is that most of the stories have this weird (and kind of stupid) plot in which they are based on. Then, after a fastidious start of the story, the drama s [...]

    2. More icky fun from the most visceral of all manga artists. A child raised by demented parents goes from torturing animals and self mutilation to murdering his enemies by depicting their deaths in his drawings. (Hino's protagonists are often artists.) A woman gives birth to a lizard in a story that could all be a fantasy devised by her manga artist husband. This story has an environmental message that never quite rises to the sophistication of Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster. In the third story, th [...]

    3. The fist story in this collection, A lullaby from hell, is worth getting the book for in and of itself. Intensely creepy and unsettling. The middle two, Unusual Fetus and Train of Terror, I could take or leave - sort of the weak links. The last story, Zoroku's strange disease, is really solid though and leaves the collection off on a high note. So, a bit of a mixed bag. The collection is strongest at its most disturbing, and weakest when it's trying to be 'exciting'.Worth a read.

    4. The first two stories I thought was brilliant. Dark and a bit twisted, exactly what i was expecting from "one of the most disturbing minds of japanese manga". If the book had only contained these two I would have given it 5 stars.The third story was bad accually in comparison to the first two. It was also awkward to read(this may have a bit to do with transelation). Fourth story i found a bit gross. This was to be expected really. And it's just my opinion.

    5. This was my first manga and I really liked it. The first story was the scariest out of all, but I still liked all of them.

    6. Hideshi Hino is a mangaka whose work has never really worked as well for me as I would like it to, but I keep returning to the well because there is undeniably something powerful in his combination of grotesque, gross, gruesome, grim subject matter and his incredibly cartoony style. This volume worked better for me than much of what I've read, and from some later reading, I think I enjoy him more when he's working in the short form (to the surprise of no one familiar with my reading patterns)."T [...]

    7. If memory serves this was like all about parent/child/monster murder and dead/evil/lizard monster babies? IDK. it was a little sloppy, which makes it too funny to really be effectively horror comic-y. JUNJI ITO FOREVER. Sorry, brah.

    8. Me bajé este manga por dos razones: la review que leí, y el dibujo.Divertido y terrorífico, así lo defino. Si no le doy las 5 estrellas es porque una de las cuatro historias me pareció algo floja o previsible (Train of terror), pero las demás me entusiasmaron. Destaco la primera (A lullaby from hell) y la última (Zoroku's strange disease), que es mi favorita. Sin duda, leeré algo más de este autor en cuanto pueda.

    9. The first story was definitely the most horrifying, sick and twisted. The others veered between silly and stupid.

    10. Historias realmente miedosas, el espacio en el que se desarrollan es triste, gris y deprimente, lo cual suma bastante para hacer de su lectura más agradable en términos de diseño. Grotesco ante todo.

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