Artemis: Wild Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis Wild Goddess of the Hunt Shunned even before she was born and destined to live a life of solitude Artemis Goddess of the Hunt finds power through her skilled hunting ability and mighty bow She slays those who wish to do ha

  • Title: Artemis: Wild Goddess of the Hunt
  • Author: George O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9781626725225
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shunned even before she was born and destined to live a life of solitude, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, finds power through her skilled hunting ability and mighty bow She slays those who wish to do harm to the innocent and takes care of the young and helpless She protects women and young girls, helps in childbirth, soothes, and is unrivaled in her hunting abilities In tShunned even before she was born and destined to live a life of solitude, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, finds power through her skilled hunting ability and mighty bow She slays those who wish to do harm to the innocent and takes care of the young and helpless She protects women and young girls, helps in childbirth, soothes, and is unrivaled in her hunting abilities In the latest volume of Olympians, New York Times bestselling author George O Connor continues to turn his extensive knowledge of the original Greek myths into rip roaring graphic novel storytelling.

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    1. I adore Mythology and the larger meanings behind the myths. They are really trying to explain the mysteries of life I think. This is another great graphic novel from First Second. I love this publisher. They do amazing work. this is several stories of Artemis told in the book. I really didn't know the story about the 2 giant stone monsters that threatened to steal her away. It was pretty great. Artemis was ruthless. I did know the story of Orion. The story did a great job of telling it.The are i [...]

    2. Final rating = 3 / 5 stars.I was provided with an electronic ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.My biggest issue with this book is that I found I didn't learn anything new about Artemis. Much of this book contained stories or pieces of stories we had read about in the previous volumes. And the stories that were original and individual to Artemis did not really speak to her character very much.I liked the inclusion of Atalanta and Orion. I did not think her origin st [...]

    3. I am a big fan of George O'Connor's graphic novel take on the Greek gods and goddesses. O'Connor's Artemis is a strong-minded gal that knows what she wants AND SAYS IT. That's certainly what I liked about her! Just be warned that you don't want to cross her! I definitely have included this on my must have classroom books for 2017!

    4. I love this series and I've always had a soft spot for the goddess Artemis. This jumped around a bit, but ultimately I still liked it.

    5. I'm a big fan of all things Greek mythology, so I'm always delighted when I discover a new Greek-related series. In ARTEMIS: WILD GODDESS OF THE HUNT, author George O'Connor introduces us to the ethereal and eternal goddess of the hunt. We see how she came to be, and both her friends and foes, as she travails the world, perfecting her skill. O'Connor's work is more Edith Hamilton than Rick Riordan, and it's reflected in some of the truly grim scenarios that some of the gods and goddesses around [...]

    6. He was an archer, fashioning his own arrows and customizing his bows. Each autumn he would enter the woods before daybreak, waiting and watching. Once I was old enough I would walk with him. Before we got to our spot, light permitting, he taught me the names of trees and plants and their possible uses. He was a man who appreciated nature, learning to understand the signs she offers.This is why for years, as a sport, I would practice with due diligence at straw bales in our back yard, taking the [...]

    7. I don't know why I'm so disappointed. O'Connor writes in his author nite that he saved his favorite gods and goddesses for later in the series, and his favorites seem to overlap with mine. So why am I disappointed? I'm not sure, I just felt like Artemis didn't get a story, he told the whole thing from other people's perspectives. Not sure why I'm giving only 2 stars really.

    8. As the twin sister of Apollo, Artemis is the often underappreciated sibling of the pair. Apollo is the god of music, healing and the arts, subjects to which most people can relate. Artemis is the virgin goddess of the hunt, protector of young women and wanderer of wild places. That makes her odd, a little distant and someone that may be disdained or ignored by men.Her story depicts her as a confident and outspoken goddess, one who knows from the start what she wants from her father Zeus. When sh [...]

    9. 5 stars from Bill, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREDisclaimer: just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishersArtemis is another in the ongoing series of graphic stories about the Greek gods written and illustrated by George O’Connor. The short version of this review is pretty simple: these works are individually nearly all excellent, and the series as a whole, while absolutely great for young readers (and for teachers of young students), is just as fa [...]

    10. First of all, I want to say that class of 6th graders cannot seem to get enough of this series. I have students constantly pulling these books off my shelf. The artwork is always fantastic and the stories relate-able. As for this book in particularArtemis can be cruel, but George O'Connor does an excellent job with her backstory to explain why Artemis will not suffer slights of any kind. Like the other books in the Olympians series, this book takes the opportunity to also overlap stories in orde [...]

    11. Artemis: Wild Goddess of the Hunt is about Artemis and the first man she loved. The man she loved was Orion, who's own origin is rather unknown (despite one very crazy rumor). Orion was the best hunter (according to himself) and tried as he might to get Artemis' attention. He finally did after he started hunting exotic and rare species. Soon Artemis began to allow him to hunt with her. While their relationship never went past that, she did have feelings for him. But because she is who she is, sh [...]

    12. A collection of Greek myth stories about Artemis, her origins, and some of her most famous adventures.As always, O'Connor does an amazing job of weaving all of these tales into a seamless graphic novel. I like Artemis in the Percy Jackson stories so I was looking forward to this one. Evidently Riordan made her a little bit nicer than she was in traditional mythology, because some of these stories are cringeworthy harsh. I know, I really shouldn't be surprised. Characters in Greek myths are all s [...]

    13. This latest title in the “Olympians” graphic series features Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, friend of young girls and protector of women in childbirth. Various characters and even Artemis herself narrate this edition and relate episodes of Artemis’ thrilling and vengeful adventures. The multi-faceted Artemis is fiercely protective of the wild things on earth and equally loyal to her mother, Leto. But even Leto’s plea to Mother Earth cannot keep Artemis from taking the life of her love [...]

    14. Although nearly as cruel as her brother Apollo, there are many more things I do love about Artemis, namely: her connection with wild places, her own wildness, her boldness, her cunning, her archery skills, her nocturnalness, her devotion to her mother and the defenselessMonday girl of the moon. I even got warm hearted toward apollo in this one because of the way family was looking out for each othertearblingsm. Contains the myth of Orion (which was new to me), Niobe the crying rock (which now I [...]

    15. If I could give this ten stars I would. This one made me laugh loud enough to startle my dog awake more than once. The depiction of Artemis is spot on, even if the crescent moon arrowheads annoy me with their impossibility. The way the story flows is fantastic, and significantly less jerky than many of the previous gods' stories. The narrator changes frequently (watch for the change in the color of the text box if you're having trouble following) but it all blends into a seamless whole. Artemis [...]

    16. Most of the narration is from others' perspective and we don't get Artemis' POV narration until the very end, which is the weakest part of this retelling. I wanted to hear HER voice - not her know-it-all family. However, when the narration drops away and we just have characters actually talking and taking action, then the story is AWESOME - action filled and ancient and fresh and poignant and funny and tragic and, once again, a wonderful retelling of the old myths from a new angle by O'Connor.

    17. Another thoroughly research, beautifully illustrated, and wonderful retelling of Greek mythology by George O'Connor. What a clever way to teach Greek mythology. It helps the reader by putting a face to a name and to help keep the characters straight. Kudos on a job well done Mr. O'Connor.Thank you for the loan Franklin Public Library.

    18. The author says in his note at the end that Artemis is one of his favourites and I think you can really tell that he loves her - you can also see, compared to one of the earlier volumes e.g. Hera, that the artwork is better and more polished. Again, I learnt so much from this and it was such an enjoyable read, I can't wait to read more of the series!

    19. Artemis has long been my favorite goddess, but I also have not typically enjoyed O'Connor's Olympians series, so it makes sense that this was a very middle-of-the-road book for me. The individuals myths/stories suffer from a lack of flow, and while I did very much enjoy the ending with Atalanta, Artemis, Orion, and Apollo, this was just meh.

    20. One of the best in the series by far! A bit darker and sadder than the others. I'd always had a fondness for Artemis but this has made her one of my favorites. She's a good role model for girls in that she knows what she wants and marches to her own beat. O'Connor did a great job with this one.

    21. The artwork style and coloring for this series is fantastic - realistic enough to get the point across about what happens in the story without being outright disturbing. A balance that I deeply appreciate.

    22. As a Classics nerd I love a good retelling of Greek and Roman myths. George O'Connor does a great job, and the art is excellent. Can't wait to see who he does next. PS, he's a good feminist.

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