Going Steady: Film Writings, 1968-1969

Going Steady Film Writings In Going Steady Kael has deliberately kept her film reviews in chronological order so that the reader can follow what was evolving in film during a crucial period of social and aesthetic change at the

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  • Title: Going Steady: Film Writings, 1968-1969
  • Author: Pauline Kael
  • ISBN: 9780714529769
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Going Steady Kael has deliberately kept her film reviews in chronological order so that the reader can follow what was evolving in film during a crucial period of social and aesthetic change at the end of the sixties From Godard s Weekend to Kubrick s 2001, via Barbarella, Bullitt and Yellow Submarine.

    One thought on “Going Steady: Film Writings, 1968-1969”

    1. You acnnot imagine how much fun it is to read reviews of movies you have never seen. Kael's reviews are more like essays describing what makes something good and what makes it not good. Every review is entertaining and honest and levels even bad movies with respect, which actually is so much more devastating than the dismissive reviews I am used to seeing. It starts all the movies out on the same plain and sizes them up in a way that makes a bad movie seem so absolutely disappointing its tragic. [...]

    2. Good collection of reviews, though obviously dated - mainly I was interested in the Trash, Art and the Movies essay. Really well written piece about how we try to turn trash that we like into art (pretending that something enjoyable is automatically art) and that we tend to ignore the trashy part of art movies.

    3. Not sure if she generally disliked all movies in 1968 or if this is mostly a collection of her negative reviews, but damn, she can really say some deliciously mean things about directors, cinematographers, actors, and writers. I love her.

    4. Kael really loves Barbra Streisand when she's young. And Katharine Hepburn before she became self-aware. And Intolerance. She opines like she knows movies, she writes like she loves them.

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