Beyond The Music

Beyond The Music Lincoln Stallworth bass player for Black Ice has quietly watched each of his band mates fall in love and has accepted the fact he ll probably never find the same for himself He doesn t really believ

  • Title: Beyond The Music
  • Author: Ann Lister
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook
  • Lincoln Stallworth, bass player for Black Ice, has quietly watched each of his band mates fall in love and has accepted the fact he ll probably never find the same for himself He doesn t really believe in true love, couldn t fully understand the absurdity of it, or the notion there could be just one perfect person for everyone A debilitating health issue began to shadowLincoln Stallworth, bass player for Black Ice, has quietly watched each of his band mates fall in love and has accepted the fact he ll probably never find the same for himself He doesn t really believe in true love, couldn t fully understand the absurdity of it, or the notion there could be just one perfect person for everyone A debilitating health issue began to shadow Lincoln in the middle of their last tour As his physical symptoms worsen, Lincoln has to fight the urge to hide from the world and himself inside his estate Aaron Baylor enters Lincoln s life at his lowest point Lincoln feels broken, damaged beyond repair, and he s ready to give up Aaron s patience and unwavering support slowly begin to pull Lincoln back to being present in his own life and gives him hope for a future and for love Will Aaron be the glue that holds the broken pieces of Lincoln s life together Can Lincoln fight his way back to good health and take a chance at love Or will the task be too great for Lincoln to handle Beyond The Music is Book 7 in The Rock Gods series This is the final story in the series, but also the launch of a new M M spin off series, Guarding the Gods, which will have many cameo appearances from The Rock Gods characters in each story If you enjoyed The Rock Gods, I hope you ll give Guarding the Gods a try

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    1. I absolutely loved this last book in this series. After the ending of the previous book I was very curious, about what was going on with Linc. My heart broke for him when I (and he) found out what was wrong. Now this review is gonna be hard for me to write because I don't want to spoiler it. So I will try to keep this to a minimum.Linc (bass player of Black Ice) is going through a very hard time and it was very surprising for me to see that it was Spumoni, who was his savier at first. I've alway [...]

    2. Lincoln Stallworth is the bass player for the world famous Black Ice. After two years of suffering from unexplainable health problems, he reluctantly decides to find out what is wrong with him. When the doctor explains he has a life altering illness, Lincoln shuts down. He is terrified that not only will he lose his job, but his entire life will be different. The doctor suggest a home health nurse to help him adjust his lifestyle. Aaron Baylor is a nurse that not only helps medically, but also h [...]

    3. This review is the hardest one I've ever written for so many reasons. I was thinking back to when I opened up my kindle to the first page of Fall For Me—Dagger and Ryan's story. After finishing that book, I realized that I would follow Ann Lister and her Rock Gods the same way an addict needs their next fix. When it got to the point where I was starting to 'jones', Take What You Want was released. We met Alex, Chase, and Danni. That satisfied me for a bit until I needed the next, Make You Mine [...]

    4. 5+ Stars For Linc & Aaron This is a story of losing control of your life. This is a story of feeling helpless. This is a story of learning to reclaim control of your life and learning you are stronger than you think.This story reminds me of the phrase "You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."Life isn't fair. Life will kick you until you're down, then kick ya a couple more times -- just because. That is what Linc faces in this story. The harsh reality [...]

    5. As this is the last book in this great series , I felt I should say a little something !I LOVED IT !!!With each book I was convinced that this couple where my favourite , but Lincoln and Aaron may indeed be my favourite , or is it Dagger and Ryan ?Anyway . We haven't heard much from Lincoln before getting his own book , and the reason for this becomes clear , he has had much bigger worries on his mind , his bewildering array of symptoms .When he finally is forced into getting his diagnosis , as [...]

    6. Oh Ann Lister can really rock the heart strings. Last in the series and what a wonderful read to end on!Review to follow for the blog tour at Foxylutely Books! - coming soon. In the meantime I recommend you grab a copy of this one! REVIEWThis is the final and seventh book in the Rock Gods series and finally we catch up with Lincoln from Black Ice.Over the past few years Lincoln has been hiding something from his band mates but also casting it from his mind so he won’t need to accept what the s [...]

    7. I have greatly enjoyed the Rock Gods series. Each story so different from the previous one. Lincoln.I was very intrigued by Linc, and could not wait to know more about him. Just what was going on? What secret was he hiding?I had my suspicions and couldn't wait to read this book!The fear of knowing the truth was just as intense as remaining in the dark and fear had a way of pulling one down to the dark place where Lincoln found himself.From his struggle to his new-found hope, and ultimately his l [...]

    8. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEReading Beyond the Music was bittersweet for me as I’m sure it will be for the majority of Ann Lister fans. It doesn’t seem like it was back in 2013 when Fall for Me hit our kindles and we were introduced to Dagger and Ryan. A really big part of why I loved this series so much was that it was always a continuation from that first book. We may have met and fallen in love with different couples, or even a throuple, along the way but the stories evolved into a fa [...]

    9. Lincoln's story was a straight up 10+ stars. Lincoln completely broke my heart and I was crying at times feeling his empty soul and pain. But, not only did Aaron completely heal my broken heart but he filled Lincoln’s life with joy and love which caused him to mentally heal, as the physical illness will forever be with him. Spumoni, the enigma of the series stepped in and took loyalty to another level and helped Lincoln in his deepest, darkest time of life. He brought Aaron to Lincoln’s life [...]

    10. I have really loved this series by Ann Lister, and the finale to it did not disappoint!Lincoln has pretty much been a mystery through-out this series, and it was great to finally get inside his head, to see what was going on with him, finding out all his secrets.I loved the connection he had with Aaron, once he let his guard down and really opened himself up. This was an emotional read, Lincoln had a lot to deal with and work through, and it was hard going for him at times. Aaron stuck with him [...]

    11. Lincoln and AaronA lovely story it was. Oke here and there a bit sappy but what the hellSometimes hot as f*ck. Aaron he was a sweet stable personality and Lincoln a bit grumpyBut after you read why you will understand him completelyThe story has a good line and a bit predictable but again what the hellI loved all the story's “Give your doubts to me, Lincoln, and I promise to be there for you,” Aaron breathed into Lincoln’s partially opened mouth. “I’ll be your strength, if you let me. [...]

    12. "A touching and Heartwarming story of the incredible power of Love" That is the best way I can describe this story. This is the first book I have read from this Author and I feel I have been living under a rock! Why did it take me so long to read these books??? This is the 7th book in The Rock Gods series and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to have read it. Even though there are 6 previous books, I didn't feel lost or confused whilst reading, yes all the other characters are there and [...]

    13. What a wonderful, moving conclusion to the Rock Gods! Lincoln, the Black Ice bassist, has been pretty invisible in the series to date but when the author gives Lincoln some of her own medical history, she writes him beautifully and passionately. The build-up to Lincoln’s devastating diagnosis is heartbreaking and his initial response is painfully realistic - if not terribly sensible. In many ways, this last book is less of a romance and more the story of Lincoln’s personal journey towards ac [...]

    14. Beyond 5 starsOh how and why have I waited so long to read this Author's books? I have been in Rock Gods heaven and will be venturing back for more. This is book seven in The Rock Gods Series and I hadn't read the other six, I know but I was too keen, anyways I didn't get lost in the story. I believe it can be read as a standalone but it does mention other characters from previous books, so definitely not spoiler free. I am going to start at the very beginning because the writing of this story g [...]

    15. * "I'm certain we'll get there and we're gonna get there together, when you can be in that moment with me. Okay?" * It's always so bittersweet when reading the last book in the series and this book was no exception.Lincoln has also been such a mystery to me when reading the other books in the series, so was dead excited when I found out we were gonna be able to get inside his head and see just who is Lincoln. Aaron was a complete gem, seriously. His patience and love for Lincoln was enough to ma [...]

    16. Ann did another amazing job in The Rock Series book, perfecting end to the series. I'm going to miss all those guys! <3 This book had me laughing & crying & crying some more, so emotional My heart hurt for Linc & I'm so happy he was able to face his illness & have Aaron to help him & love him through it. Loved the book so much.

    17. Is it bad that I skipped book 6 in this series? Somehow the lock in thing just didn't seem like something I'd enjoy, so I skipped straight into this book. I did miss something, some kind of attack, but otherwise, I was perfectly fine with skipping the book.Honestly, this series has great potential, but it always ends up a bit too sappy sweet, especially for the kind of guys these are. Still, I keep on reading, and I'll probably continue on with the Guarding the Gods series.

    18. Beyond The Music (The Rock Gods Book 7) by Ann Lister is a must read, be it as a standalone or the ending of the Rock Gods series. This story by Ann Lister can be a great introduction to her storytelling, but the whole series should not be missed. Lincoln Stallworth, bass player for Black Ice, is 32 and been hiding from his band brothers in Black Ice and Ivory Tower--his health, his love life and his fears. When Linc’s health issues have to be deal with, Aaron Baylor, private nurse, has to com [...]

    19. ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Inked Rainbow Reads Review Team~5 stars for this M/MI love this entire series and this book was just as good as all the other ones. Linc has been having health issues for a long time but he hasn’t told anyone. It is getting to the point to where he can’t hide things anymore and even with smoking pot he is still in pain all the time. When Spumoni sees him and that state he is in he jumps in to help even though Linc doesn’t want it. [...]

    20. Beyond The Music is the last book in The Rock Gods Series. Even though I loved the other books, especially Cooper and Jayson's, I will say that this one is my new favorite out all of them. Lincoln and Aaronoh my what a beautiful story.We know something is wrong with Lincoln. He doesn't want to tell the guys in the band because he doesn't want anything to change. He finds a friend in Spumoni who I adored. He knows something is wrong and decides to get checked out. Once we find out what's wrong, m [...]

    21. Wow, what a wonderful ending to a great series. Every one of the Rock Gods books was enjoyable and touching to read and Lincoln and Aaron’s story did not disappoint. Lincoln’s journey to accepting and dealing with his MS was heartbreaking. I could feel his pain and frustration. I love how Aaron helped with him with patience and love. I’m looking forward to continuing with the spin-off series but I’m going to miss these guys. 4.5 stars

    22. I loved Linc and Aaron and together they were amazing!! It was a great story to wrap up the Rock Gods series. As sad as I am to see this series end, I am really looking forward to the next series!!Well done Ann!!

    23. This was book 7 in "The Rock Gods" series and one of my favorites. This book was also bitter sweet as this is the last full novel in this series. Lincoln Stallworth is the bassist for Black Ice he has watched his band brother's and his friends fall in love over the last two years. For the last two years Linc has been falling down, feeling tired and having muscle aches and he doesn't want to face it so he tries to cover it up. When his vision starts to be effected he knows it's time to face it so [...]

    24. 5 Heart Review by KatDrunk, I am book drunk!Seven fabulous books in two weeks! Reading this series straight through has advantages and disadvantages. I have that anytime that I do that to myself. On one hand, I get to read it without the long waits that I despise. I really, really am not a very patient person when I want something! On the other hand, I am so emotionally exhausted, especially if the series is as powerful and gripping as The Rock Gods series. The other thing is sorrow! My series h [...]

    25. This was a great story. I'm not sure I've ever read a story where the hero was suffering with MS, but it made for an insightful glance into that world. The relationship which developed between Linc and Aaron was great. The tension, heat and vulnerability was set perfectly, and this is definitely one of my favourites of this series. I would definitely recommend to fans of this series and for fans of m/m.

    26. What a great read. It's close to home here as well. When we got married 25 years ago we thought it was odd my husbands cousin and our best man kept saying really odd things. Like I hope I can stand that long, and I hope I don't pass out. It wasn't until a few months later we learned he had an aggressive form of MS. I loved these characters and the almost insta loved be they had. So glad it worked out so well. He truly deserves the HEA. I hope Spumoni gets his own story, I love him. I'm pretty su [...]

    27. Black Ice's talented bass player, Lincoln, has slowly been isolating himself over the past year. Partly because he is trying to hide a severe health issue that he isn't even fully aware of just how severe it is, as of yet. And partly because he's tired of watching his fellow band mates and friends pair off and find their love. Lincoln is trying to convince himself he couldn't care less, but deep down there is some jealousy and envy roiling in his gut. On a break before the tour with Ivory Tower, [...]

    28. Reading Beyond The Music, by Ann Lister, Book 7 in The Rock Gods series, was bittersweet knowing that their time has come to an end. But, don't worry because the author closes this journey out by taking a new one which leads to new characters, a new series, and it's going to be awesome I feel sure. Lincoln has suffered silently for a couple years isolating himself inside his four walls and closing himself off to the people closest to him. However, one person noticed what was going on and took ma [...]

    29. 5 Rocking StarsI always struggle when it comes time for the last book in a series I love; I have a very hard time saying goodbye! That being said, I was excited to get Lincoln’s story and holy moly did Ann Lister deliver! I absolutely loved this book!Over the past few years Linc has noticed that something is not right, he hasn’t been feeling like himself and he’s noticing little changes. He doesn’t want to face the reality of whatever it could be and he’s doing his best to hide it from [...]

    30. Beyond The Music is book #7 and the final story for Ann Lister's Rock God Series. I will start off by saying that I'm an obsessed fan of this series, falling in love with each character from both bands Black Ice and Ivory Tower but this book is absolutely my favorite of the series, it has touched me so much, grabbed me by the heart and won't let go. We get to finally learn more about bass player for Black Ice, Lincoln Stallworth. Lincoln has always been an enigma we never really knew anything ab [...]

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