Mi Propio Auto / Una Novela Breve y Facil Totalmente En Espanol (Spanish Edition)

Mi Propio Auto Una Novela Breve y Facil Totalmente En Espanol Spanish Edition None

  • Title: Mi Propio Auto / Una Novela Breve y Facil Totalmente En Espanol (Spanish Edition)
  • Author: Blaine Ray Command Performance Language Institute Lisa Ray-Turner
  • ISBN: 9780929724744
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Mi Propio Auto / Una Novela Breve y Facil Totalmente En Espanol (Spanish Edition)”

    1. I have to read this for Spanish class. This book repeats itself WAYYY too many times. I know I don't speak Spanish fluently, but once I've read something once, I don't need it repeated fifty thousand times. Here's my own translation of the first few paragraphs:"Today is the birthday of Ben Sullivan. He is seventeen years old. He knows what he wants for his birthday. He wants a car. He wants to have his own car."Ben Sullivan does not have a car. He has many things but he does not have his own car [...]

    2. This was the greatest book ever! It had magic! It had blood! It had incest! It had hot chicks!wait I think I just described Game of ThronesRegardless, this protagonist is becoming a sixteen year old and wants to get a car so he can keep his cranky girlfriend.His parents say "Your Boo sucks, son. Oh, by the way your are going to El Salvador to do mission work. Bye!"Then you follow Billy Sullivan and his eternal struggle to find a car.I read this in Spanish Class!

    3. I started reading this book to help with my Spanish. I was expecting a short book without a plot, but this was so much more. It told a wonderful story that I enjoyed reading, and it definitely helped with my Spanish. This book had a wonderful moral and a satisfying ending. It may seem to some like it was too repetitive, but I believe this helped serve the purpose of helping people learn the language. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the next one!

    4. This book is about young Ben Sullivan who is very confident in the fact that he will receive a new car for his birthday. He is longing for the day of his birthday to get the gift. When his birthday comes, he goes out to dinner with his parents and they give him his birthday present, but it is not at all what he expected. His parents give him a ticket to El Salvador for the summer. They tell him that he will get a new car after he returns from El Salvador for the summer. You may think this would [...]

    5. Let me start with letting you know this book is written in Spanish. So I would recommend this book to Spanish speakers or Spanish students wanting a challenge. The book itself is very dull and boring. You know what the ending is going to be like after the first paragraph. However, it is a great book if you are wanting to learn more about the language. The author uses simple words and an easy plot to follow. Ray uses different words the mean the same to help you understand. Reading this book will [...]

    6. I have only read to chapter 5 and this book has already changed my life forever. This amazing piece of literature is filled with jaw-dropping action on every page. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to really feel alive. Five Stars.

    7. Reading this helped me to learn more Spanish. The Spanish vocabulary listed at the end of the book was very helpful, as was the table of verb endings.The story was drawn with a broad brush. The main two young American characters are depicted very stereotypically, which detracts from the book.

    8. Well written story for those learning Spanish.Level: Novice-Mid 58 story pages9,100 total words 157 words/page Past tense Genre: Culturally-based fiction Setting: El Salvador

    9. This book changed my life. And without this book I would have been lost and have no idea why I even existed in the first place.

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