One thought on “Casi Se Muere”

  1. This book is excellent for those learning Spanish! For intermediate learners, this book has the perfect amount of vocabulary, moves along at a swift pace, and has a pretty engaging plot! This book was at the perfect level for me since I'm still learning how to speak, read, and write in Spanish. This plot follows the story of Ana Silva and her experiences as she spends a year in high school in Chile! She meets new friends and even saves someone from choking to death! Fun and fastpaced, this is a [...]

  2. I gave this 3 stars instead of 2 because, while some may have found it dissatisfying, the ending actually felt somewhat organic. As opposed to some of the ways these CI books feel.I thought the story was engaging enough. No explosions or murders, but someone almost dies, so there's that. Ana (whose Spanish would in no way have been as proficient as the authors suggested - not for Chile) gets to travel internationally and learn about another culture. And she develops a crush on a boy. Those Chile [...]

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