A Cousinly Connexion

A Cousinly Connexion Julian Stretton Lord Meriden wounded in the war and now home to assume family responsibilities is unexpectedly assisted by a practical young lady who is a distant relation

  • Title: A Cousinly Connexion
  • Author: Sheila Simonson
  • ISBN: 9780802708021
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Julian Stretton, Lord Meriden, wounded in the war and now home to assume family responsibilities is unexpectedly assisted by a practical young lady who is a distant relation.

    One thought on “A Cousinly Connexion”

    1. Well, this is the case where the first half was pretty much 5-star read and then it started to drag, became less interesting due to a long separation of MCs (big no-no for romantic reads) with out of the blue culmination “I love you /let’s get married”. It’s unfortunate because there are many aspects of the story I loved. It reminded me of Heyer’s The Unknown Ajax. Like Hugo, Julian (our hero) has been ignored and forgotten by his family, having grown up in his maternal grandfather's h [...]

    2. Julian Stretton was shipped off to live with his grandparents at a very young age. Years later, while recovering from being badly wounded at Waterloo, he recieves word that his father and older brother have died within weeks of each other. He is now Lord Meriden. He has seven younger siblings to take care of, and a histrionic step-mother to deal with tactfully. Luckily, he also has the assistance of the children's cousin, Jane Ash. There isn't much of a plot to this story; it is entirely about t [...]

    3. Miss Jane Ash formed a tendre for Edward Wincanton, an Ensign in the Royal Navy when she was just 18. Her father forbid the match and Jane carried a torch for Edward, now Captain Wincanton, for the next 6 years. Now he has returned and Jane finds him repulsive. She knows they would not suit and refuses to marry him just because her father wants her to be married. She's perfectly content with keeping house for her father and older brother. When her Aunt Louisa writes to say her husband had died a [...]

    4. Sheila Simonson's "A Cousinly Connexion"  Like "Lady Elizabeth's Comet", this book is a wonderful depiction of Regency England, with all the details (language, dress, society, household details, farming, horses, climate, travel, etc etc) accurate for the time and place.  The story is about Jane Ash, a young woman who is in danger of being put "on the shelf" but who refuses to marry her persistent suitor simply because she has no other options - she'd rather live a spinster than marry someone [...]

    5. I absolutely love Sheila Simonson! I've read two of her books so far and they both have characters I love with witty dialogue and great storylines.This book is a delight to read, with a sensible heroine with a great sense of humor. Jane is someone I would want as a best friend, kind and yet clear-sighted in her wit, without being sharp or caustic. The hero almost died at the battle of Waterloo and his injuries make him an interesting personality. I fell in love with him almost immediately.It's t [...]

    6. This is a very charming old-school Regency romance, very much in the Georgette Heyer mode. Not a lot happens of a dramatic nature and that is just fine. It is study in family relationships, with very enjoyable main characters. Julian Stretton, the new Lord Meriden, was badly injured at Waterloo and has been much delayed in taking up the reins of his inheritance. He has the requisite younger brother who is very tonnish. But Vincent is never made a figure of fun, nor is he a stock figure. Julian a [...]

    7. The world is ordered for the convenience of men. They have every advantage. To be balking at the few poor weak weapons available to you— h's aunt to h (on 'snaring' the H). good advice!

    8. When your entire life is a stress attack you need some comfort reading and this was great comfort reading. I️ didn’t realize this was written by Sheila Simonson who also wrote one of my very favorite comfort books “Lady Elizabeth’s Comet” until I️ was almost finished even though I️ recognized a lot of similar elements. Totally entertaining but ready Lady Elizabeth’s Comet first - if only for the cover!!

    9. PleasantNice story ,paced well, lead couple not godlike but so deserving of each other. Evolves into coping with dysfunction family.

    10. I was definitely not expecting to love this book, much less put it on my favorite books' list. When I first picked this up, it did not come to me that this was the Sheila Simonson of the Clanross' and company. It is based in about the same time, and you can tell by the quiet strength that characterizes all of Simson's writing, but o how different this was from the other three I've read from her!There is a certain levity, a certain spirit that this book has that her Clanross ones did not. While I [...]

    11. A Regency romance with a pastel cover and no Fabio paintings, I thought, would be full over over-emotional fluff without any of the fun sensuality that is the reward of reading romance. I was wrong. This book was strictly PG, but I found it an entertaining look at love growing between a very non-lofty lord and his stepmother's sensible and practical niece. Occasionally, it still dips into the melodrama, but otherwise I applaud Simonson on keeping these two characters likeable and pragmatic (most [...]

    12. My personal favorite of Sheila Simonson's Regency romances, this tells the story of Jane who comes to rescue her aunt and cousins from the clutches of the stepson, Julian, who inherits a load of debt, a tarnished title of baron, and a bunch of half siblings he's never met, after Jane's cousin, the heir, dies in a scandalous duel, and his father dies a week later of a heart attack. Julian is a far from simple character and not the blackguard he is painted by his hen-witted stepmother.

    13. While I enjoyed this traditional Regency, it's not as strong a book as Lady Elizabeth's Comet, which I highly recommend. Even so, A Cousinly Connexion is very welcome given the dearth of trads out there.

    14. Reminding me of The Sound of Music somehow. Not as good as Lady Elizabeth's comet in my opinion, mostly because I feel her storytelling suits the first person POV more. It's just more romantic. Anyway, it's still a very very good regency romance.

    15. A beautifully written, very understated Austen-like novel. Highly recommended. Heroine Jane Ash is quite enjoyable.

    16. Characterisation was great.ory was well writtena little more connection between hero and heroine would have been nice

    17. I was so pleased to find this long-lost old favorite made available as an e-book. It was a true joy to re-read!

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