Lady Elizabeth's Comet

Lady Elizabeth s Comet Elizabeth Conway s greatest ambition is to discover a comet Unfortunately she is the eldest of eight daughters of an earl so her relative expect her to take her rightful place in Society The heavenl

  • Title: Lady Elizabeth's Comet
  • Author: Sheila Simonson
  • ISBN: 9780446300360
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elizabeth Conway s greatest ambition is to discover a comet Unfortunately, she is the eldest of eight daughters of an earl, so her relative expect her to take her rightful place in Society The heavenly bodies she views through her telescope hold far fascination for Elizabeth than any mere male, although her perpetual beau, dashing Lord Bevis, would change that if heElizabeth Conway s greatest ambition is to discover a comet Unfortunately, she is the eldest of eight daughters of an earl, so her relative expect her to take her rightful place in Society The heavenly bodies she views through her telescope hold far fascination for Elizabeth than any mere male, although her perpetual beau, dashing Lord Bevis, would change that if he could When Tom Conroy, a distant cousin and the new Earl of Clanross, appears after a year s delay, Elizabeth offers him a cool welcome He is a dull stick and ill mannered to boot Yet he is the only man who has shown respect for her astronomical work, and his concern for her younger sisters welfare reveals a different side to him Then his heir, Elizabeth s cousin Willoughby, appears with the obvious intent of making a match between his lovely but silly sister and Clanross and with making as much mischief as he can Lord Bevis presses his suit with Lady Elizabeth, until she agrees, at long last, to marry him She resists making an announcement, though, until he tells his somewhat traditional father that he will not only be marrying an heiress but her telescope Elizabeth discovers a comet Clanross proclaims his pride in her accomplishment, but Lord Bevis s reaction is far traditional Willoughby introduces a beautiful woman into the mix and the twins further complicate it Distraught, confused, perhaps even heartbroken, Elizabeth faces the question of what to do with the rest of her life And what to do about Clanross, whom she just might love.

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    1. Lady Elizabeth Conway is 28 years old, 'on the shelf' and could never be happier. At a time when most women must depend upon a man for their survival, she has a home and monies that her papa left her. Not rich but satisified with her life, she is also guardian to two identical twin half-sisters. They keep her life from becoming too bookish.She has had offers of marriage but she is content to view the nighttime sky through her microscope. Until the new Lord Clanross enters her life. Stiff and sta [...]

    2. Very possibly the most enjoyable Regency romance I have read yet. All the usual genre tropes are here: the sensible heroine in her late 20s, her troublesome but amusing family, the strong-willed man who enters her life through uncontrollable circumstances. But Simonson makes her characters breathe and feel as no other regency writer I've read. The story is told in the first person, and we are placed into the mind of a woman in the nineteenth century--a very intelligent and educated mind, but one [...]

    3. I picked this one up on the recommendation of Erica, and I have to say, it was a wonderful surprise. I have a horrible cold/flu right now, I'm not up for much more than either gazing at Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice or feeling incredibly sorry for myself, and this book was just absolutely perfect. It was like Jane Austen, but with a fabulous heroine (her heroines are great for their period, but when I'm reading for pleasure I want something I can more relate to myself). And yet, it was so m [...]

    4. 3.5 starsMost of the book reads like a scientific diary and it is in first pov. She was an astronomer and the no none sense , straight forward reasoning and language was probably used to make us understand her way of thinking. It made her made her feel cold and not a character that the readers could easily connect to. Th secondary characters are what saves this book.

    5. The only flaws in this book are the multitudinous typos. Otherwise it is completely engaging, very humorous, with a touch of angst after Elizabeth realizes who she really loves and thinks it is a lost cause. Written in the first person (the heroine's), and wonderfully so.

    6. Talk about a romance getting off on the wrong foot. She's cool, somewhat uppity and a bit off-putting. He seems stiff and unfriendly. He has a reason for his behavior. She not so much and is a bit unlikeable at first, but, not to worry, there will be some personal growth here.Lady Elizabeth Conway is one of eight daughters of the late Earl of Clanross. The aloof earl never tried to have a real, united family and you sense that Lady Elizabeth, in particular, has grown up rather cold and self-invo [...]

    7. Lady Elizabeth Conway is a spinster in her late twenties, an astronomer and sister to 7 younger sisters, including the lively fourteen-year-old twins Jean and Maggie who have come to live with her. Elizabeth is worried about the arrival of her late father's heir, a third cousin she's never met. When the new Earl of Clanross finally arrives, a year after the old Earl's death, Elizabeth finds him stiff and oddly formal. They find each other at odds over the twins' education and matters due to the [...]

    8. Let me start by saying I had a hard time warming up to Lady Elizabeth who I found to be in the beginning a bit of a cold fish, distant and a bit unfeeling. Things do change though and I enjoyed the second half of the story immensely. When the story opens Elizabeth and two of her sisters receive the announcement that their father’s heir has arrived, one year late, to take possession of his title and his estate. When they meet Elizabeth finds him a bit stiff and even a bit rude. Not that she is [...]

    9. Have you ever read a book once, and thought meh, then went back again and found it a totally different book? That's my experience with Lady Elizabeth's Comet. Part of my problem when first reading Lady Elizabeth's Comet was, unfortunately, Lady Elizabeth. Big problem when the book's narrated by Lady Elizabeth. For a first person narrator to be successful, the narrator must be, if not reliable, likeable. I had a hard time liking Lady Elizabeth at first. She is, quite frankly, a shrew. Lady Elizab [...]

    10. I have an interest in the Regency period and am currently following a blog by women who write Regency romances. I'm not usually a big romance fan, but several of the postings in the blog concerned recommending Regency romances to those who don't usually read them, making the case for them not being your granny's bodice-rippers, etc. This was one of the ones that was recommended as being smart, reasonably accurate, and not too mushy.It was enjoyable. I'm not sure how believable the woman-as-astro [...]

    11. Heroine is the spinster daughter of an earl who had 8 daughters and no sons, so a distant cousin inherited. She's perfectly happy alone, because she prefers astronomy to amour. Then the new earl shows up on his tour of the inherited properties. She's not impressed--at first. His best friend, who is an old friend of the heroine's & has proposed at least once before, comes to visit, and their flirtation resumes. The earl goes out riding, has a fall, and is discovered unconscious and bleeding b [...]

    12. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel! I tend to read modern Regency novels cringing, in expectation of being disappointed. Simonson managed to make this one original and delightful and it was not a clear Heyer rip-off- refreshing! It was a clean read, which was appreciated, and the romance went simmering along, which was perfect. I despise those insipid novels where you wonder why the characters claim to be in love when, clearly, they could only be infatuated as they've had no real personal [...]

    13. Genre: Historical Romance (Regency/England)Sensuality rating: Sweet or Kisses or PGThe book is well written with a pleasant flow and although the truly interesting and amusing part only starts past the halfway mark, I cannot say that the first half was boring. There is enough of a suspicion as to what may be brooding to keep you reading and when things unfolded at last I was not disappointed.I would have preferred more of a description of the undertones (as to their thoughts) that were at play i [...]

    14. Nothing happened in this book. It was so boring. There was nothing dangerous and hardly any conflict. The biggest threat seemed to be getting annoyed by somewhat flaky relatives. I didn't really like any of the characters. Some of them were fine, but they didn't make me love them. The guy was super boring. Also, all of the men in this book used the exact same type and style of witty banter. There was little difference between their voices.I read, like, the first 30% of this book and then started [...]

    15. Again: if you don't know the structure of a language and/or a period, don't try it - you'll only butcher it. This time, it was also the inconsistencies - in character, in style, in time - that were just too much.

    16. 3.5 stars. This book veered between boring and good unpredictably. It ended well which bumped it up at least one star. If the main couple had been as charming throughout the book as they were in the end, it would have been delightful.

    17. I've been wanting to read this book for awhile, I love it when old books that are impossible to find get re-released on kindle!

    18. Great Writing Character development and story exceeds what passes for recency romances today. Tom was superb, Elizabeth you grow to love also.

    19. Premise: Lady Elizabeth is one of eight daughters of a recently-deceased aristocrat who left no sons. The title and the estate pass to a cousin, Tom (henceafter Clanross, obvy). Elizabeth is an astronomer who takes her place in life for granted (and then some), Clanross is an ex-soldier who is made of stiff upper lip; gentle comedy of manners and extremely mild romance ensue. I have confused feelings about this book. I'm unsurprised that it generally receives near-universal acclaim: the prose, d [...]

    20. Lady Elizabeths father Lord Clanross has died leaving the title to a relative.This is not much of a concern to her as she is an independent woman with her own establishment.She plans on continuing to live her own and life and pursue her passion for astronomy.And of course there are her two wild younger sisters to take care of.When he finally arrives he is nothing at all what she anticipated,being a very ill man ravaged by the war injuries he suffered in the Peninsular war. Not realizing this Eli [...]

    21. Lady Elizabeth Conway is an astronomer and the eldest of 8 daughters. Upon her father's death, it's a distant cousin who inherits the earldom, Tom Conway. But the new earl of Clanross doesn't seem very interested in his estates and takes a whole year to present himself to the family. When he finally arrives to the Abbey, he is not what it was expected… Elizabeth is a very charming and strong-willed heroine. Her life is her telescope and her stars and, for once, this feels real and not just som [...]

    22. I am a big fan of traditional Regencies--sorta odd in an erotic romance writer, huh? Anyway, Rike Horstmann at AAR recommended Lady Elizabeth's Comet this week and I bought it immediately and devoured it in its entirety the same day. It's a definite keeper for me.The book was first published in 1986 and reissued as an ebook in 2008. Yay for digital! Anyway, this is one of those low-key character-driven Regencies in which all the action is internal--no races to Gretna, no kidnappings, no Gothic h [...]

    23. 4,5*Oh my, my.Clanross.I knew since the first description of Clanross that I was about to fall for him, taking down Elizabeth with me.I loved everything about this book, the meeting of the two main characters, the unfolding of the story, the maturity on both sides. I loved the writing and the small added details that made the story more peculiar, like Elizabeth's interest in astronomy.Earl Clanross has just died and his new heir, the son of the man that tried to elope with the earl's dead wife, [...]

    24. A very enjoyable traditional Regency romance, with fully realized characters, good dialog. In the beginning Lady Elizabeth is not very likable. She is self-centered, totally focused (ha!) on her astronomy observations, resentful of having the care of her teenaged twin sisters and really quite nasty about (and to) her distant cousin, the new Earl. I wanted to smack her one. The new Earl Clanross is, at first appearances, stiff and cold. As the story unfolds we learn that his war injuries are behi [...]

    25. There are three types of historical romance; it can be (historical) romance, historical (romance) or historical romance. The first, there are all too many, the second I usually avoid (I'd rather read a proper history book) and Lady Elizabeth's Comet happily belongs to the third, all too rare, category of books.The monent I saw a sentence begin with an I, I had put this off for indefinately. Picking this up years later, I was again tempted to put it down seeing the heroine is quite mean-tempered. [...]

    26. “A most rewarding change from Assembly Room and Marriage Mart. Witty, humorous, concisely written, and far more true to the life of those times than most authors would dare. A bloody good read.”–Anne McCaffreyI am opening a review, once again, with a quote from the back cover. Lady Elizabeth is the twenty-eight year old heroine, who has been left in charge of her multiple younger sisters after her father’s death a year earlier. Ever since, she’s been ensconced in the estate’s Dower H [...]

    27. Quote:"It was an excellent session. At three or so the cold penetrated even my awareness. I called it a night. My notepad was covered with sketches and scratchings. I folded the pad and bestowed the instrument."To me, the stiff, uncreative language defines my first impression of this character. I couldn't imagine this book picking up in any way. The summary makes it sound like it would be entertaining. I couldn't get past the first few pages. But then curiosity over took and I gladly finished it [...]

    28. I vastly enjoyed the first two chapters of the book. I was giddy with excitement. I thought that here, finally, was a book that did first-person historical romance well.Alas, that happy glow did not last. I did not like Lady Elizabeth, and I didn't believe in Clanross's character enough to even finish the book. I didn't buy how this morose man who was stiff and severe and scorned society could go from a taciturn man to grinning at Lady Elizabeth and seeking out her company to talk to her in the [...]

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