The Fighting Agents

The Fighting Agents The Philippines As the ragged remnants of the American forces stand against the might of the Imperial Japanese Army a determined cadre of OSS agents becomes their only contact with the outside

  • Title: The Fighting Agents
  • Author: W.E.B. Griffin Alex Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9780515130522
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Philippines, 1943 As the ragged remnants of the American forces stand against the might of the Imperial Japanese Army, a determined cadre of OSS agents becomes their only contact with the outside world and their only hope for survival.

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    1. Rating: 3.5 afternoon-passing stars of fiveThe Book Report: Fourth in the series Men at War, this novel takes the factual creation of the Office of Strategic Services by the administration of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt another step on the road towards becoming the American spy service we know and love as the CIA.My Review: Set laregly in the Phillippine Islands in 1943, this is one of the best military thrillers I've read. Griffin's grasp of WWII history seems to me, admittedly not a profession [...]

    2. Griffin mines valuable veins of World War II history to produce some of the most interesting and exciting stories of that era. "Fighting Agents" is the fourth title in his Men of War Series. The series is set in the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor of the CIA. Each of his series follows a growing cast of characters through and often beyond WWII while tracing the development of the actual history of the war. This volume follows form, using two themes: the development of the atomic bo [...]

    3. Another highly readable book from W.E.B. Griffin, this one in an early series of his (originally written under a pseudonym) about the OSS in WWII. These wartime series of Griffin combine historical accuracy, interesting characters and a lot of action, making them a great pleasure to read. This one involves activities in the Philippines and on the other side of the world in Hungary. Watching the characters work their way through the difficulties encountered along the way is always worthwhile. The [...]

    4. Perpetuating a Myth: W.E.B. Griffin's books have been praised for so-called "historical accuracy." However, when he refers to branches of military service during World War Two, he repeatedly speaks of "Army Air Corps," the "Air Corps" and the "USAAC" (for Unites States Army Air Corps).But, there was no such branch of service during World War Two.It was almost six months BEFORE Pearl Harbor - and America's entry into World War Two - that the old reference of "Army Air Corps" was officially droppe [...]

    5. Over the years I have read most of W.E.B. Griffin’s books. Now they are coming out in audio form I have gone back and checked my records for the ones I had missed reading. This book is one of them. Unlike some of the other series this one is about spies primarily the OSS. It is best to read the series in order; this is the fourth in the series. This book has two main plots going on, one with James Whittaker who is being sent to the Philippines to meet with General Wendell Fertig. He is a Lt Co [...]

    6. A thoroughly enjoyable story from start to finish. One of those stories you don't want to end and when it does, you want to immediately read the next one in the series to see what happens next to all the enjoyable characters. Historical events blended into an exciting novel. It helps somewhat to read the earlier stories in the series first but each novel easily stands on its own.

    7. This deserves three and a half stars. It was, plotwise, a vast improvement over the first couple books. As one would expect, there is espionage and things don't always go smoothly, which makes for a much more interesting read. Another pleasant break from schoolwork. Sooner or later I'll get around to tracking down book 5 and continue on.

    8. Finally end the rescue from Hungary. Begin the formal infiltration of the Phillipines. The usual women as decoration and wartime diversion for the men on the missions; typical sounding WWII behavior. If you can ignore it, the story is a pretty good one, just drawn out.

    9. twist and counter twist with plots and subplots. Who's the stand up guys and which aren't? Author does an out standing job in keeping the strings running in the same direction, coverning action in Washington, England, the Phillippines and eastern Europe. Another outstanding tale

    10. Very detailed. Action was a bit slow to get going would've (of course) liked more action. But a good setup for his later books in the series. I guess the story of each character has to be told somewhere

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