Ride for Tomorrow

Ride for Tomorrow Man made the virus that wiped out than % of the population Now it s up to a tough as nails lesbian to save what remains First there was the outbreak As the virus sweeps across the United States clai

  • Title: Ride for Tomorrow
  • Author: Linda Kay Silva Alex Westmore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Man made the virus that wiped out than 90% of the population Now it s up to a tough as nails lesbian to save what remains.First there was the outbreak As the virus sweeps across the United States claiming and victims, butch firefighter Dallas was sure death was coming for her, too Only it never did Of course, that doesn t mean its deranged, bloodthirsty hMan made the virus that wiped out than 90% of the population Now it s up to a tough as nails lesbian to save what remains.First there was the outbreak As the virus sweeps across the United States claiming and victims, butch firefighter Dallas was sure death was coming for her, too Only it never did Of course, that doesn t mean its deranged, bloodthirsty horde won t Dallas and a hodgepodge gang of new friends know that to survive the world, they must shut themselves off from it But with constant misdirection from the government, a frightening decree of martial law, rogue military leaders, and oh yeah a roaming rove of hungry zombies, that task could prove pretty damned difficult.Will they make it out with their lives and sanity in tact Or will they end up as meals on wheels for a hungry zombie Rev up your engines and prepare to put the pedal to the metal as Dallas and her gang do whatever it takes to Ride for Tomorrow.An earlier version of this book was published as Man Eaters by Linda Kay Silva The story has since been updated and re edited Learn at AlexWest.

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    1. 3 1/2 Stars. Zombies! I’m a zombie apocalyptic fan and this was a straight up zombie busting adventure. This book was originally released as Man Eaters by Linda Kay Silva. It has been updated, re-edited and released under Alex Westmore who is Silva’s pen name. I’m a Silva/Westmore fan so I’m not surprised I enjoyed this.This was one of the more entertaining zombie books I have read in a while. Yes you have to suspend disbelief a bit, but in what zombie book does that not happen. I just s [...]

    2. It's been a long time since I have written a review, for a combination of factors, but I'm back and hope to be more active in the coming months. Well what do I think of this book?Mixed bag, some things are very well realised and play out in a believable manner (within reason, this is a Zombie apocalypse story after all), while others fell flat for me. I know it's a familiar trope that very quickly large numbers of people become complete douche bags but the whole of the military and politicians a [...]

    3. Where do I begin,- First of all, let me be clear that I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a close family member that is gay and to be frank, I don't care who you or anyone sleeps with. As long as it is a consenting adult, it's none of my business. It's your life, go live it, I support your right to do so. Screw who you want, marry who you want - none of my business. - That said, the author is clearly a heterophobe (hater of heterosexuals). All the heroes are gay and all the @ssholes are [...]

    4. Man Eaters is a good book - a very high three stars. It blends action, adventure, romance, and horror together in a fairly robust and coherent way; the decisions made along the way felt like they had real consequences down the track, and even if some of the character deaths felt forced, they still had real emotional impact.Dallas Barkley finds herself in a pickle; one day she's riding her motorbike to work, and the next she's dodging zombies (“man-eaters”) and military helicopters, trying to [...]

    5. Alas. I didn't read the blurb for this book closely enough, and found myself re-reading a story I already owned. Such is life.This was my prior review - alas, the new text I skipped over fairly quickly, so bear in mind some of my criticisms might be out of date.

    6. It's Walking Dead with strong female main characters. If you love F/F romance and zombies in the mix, this is a good one. 4 stars for the action, 3 for the romance. The romance could have been better developed though.

    7. Amazing bookThis is an incredible story. Zombies, military, run for your life stories all rolled up into a nice lesbian romance.

    8. I've been in a reading slump for a while now. It happens from time to time and it usually takes a really great book to break the slump and get me back on the book wagon so to speak.This book - was just that book.It started right in the heart of the action and kept going at that pace throughout the book. The plot advanced quickly (and violently at times) without sacrificing character development or the relationships that form between the ever changing and evolving cast of characters.I loved this [...]

    9. Well written and interesting storyThis book kept me engaged from the beginning to the end. I love apocalyptic stories but so many are poorly written and/or slanted politically to the extreme right. So refreshing to read an apocalyptic story with not only strong women characters but some gay ones to boot! I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

    10. Good book, annoying main character If the goal of this book was to upset me, it did it perfectly. The main character Dallas upset me so much though out the book. Oh my godd the girl has too big a heart. It's the zombie apocalypse and she wants to pick up every stray dog along the way, my God she is the most annoying main character I've ever seen. I literally wanted to shoot her right in the face so many times when she either picked up some clearly questionable people or she surrendered to thugs [...]

    11. I really wish I could give a better rating here, but it just constantly shoots itself in the foot. For a zombie man eater apocalypse, there's very little tension. A hummer gets shot with a missile? We already know who's in it. Someone gets kidnapped? Better end this scene and go check up on them. Uh oh, some bad men are about to teach our heroine- And she's rescued. So much of the dialogue is just blah blah blah the military blah blah blah the government blah blah blah We get it. Big bad governm [...]

    12. Honestly, Alex Westmore is one of the most underrated authors I've read. Her books are just on point. They're full of adventures, they are written so well, they are face paced, they are filled with great characters. They might be written under the LBGT genre. But I read all of her books at this point and I'm a straight woman, telling you that they're THAT good. Some books have sex, some don't. I don't find them important, so I gloss over them. I focus on the stories themselves. And I love them.T [...]

    13. Have you ever had a book where you simply loved the beginning you were certain it would be a five star book? One where you couldn't find a "good" spot to end for the night? One that while you were reading it, you were also thinking of all the people who you would recommend it too?And then It went horribly wrong?This was that book for me.I loved the plot twist, which for the sake of avoiding spoilers I will not reveal. Honestly I was smiling at the twist.I loved the main characters. They were bot [...]

    14. What I think is most disconcerting about the zombie apocalypse is how real it can actually turn out to be. The thought of humans being infected with something that causes them to rise from the dead and feed on live humans is disturbingly possible and Linda Kay Silva brings this possibility to a whole new level of believability. The two main characters of Dallas and Roper are exactly the type of women I would want to emulate when the plague occurs. They are both strong in body as well as in heart [...]

    15. I've never written a review before and this probably won't be much of one. Mostly I am trying to find out where the heck I can buy copies of this series (I borrowed it to read it) and I want copies of my own to read it again. I actually found these books very interesting and a refreshing change from the usual fiction you find these days. They covered it all, humor, romance, heartbreak, a little action and gore. I loved them. Tempted to even write the author and beg for copies if I can't find som [...]

    16. I can honestly say that I have never EVER read a zombie book or seen a zombie movie or tv show, no desire. But I have read some Linda Kay Silva's other books. Since I knew I liked her talent for character driven story I thought this book could be a nice intro to what I know is a popular trend. Holy crap I'm hooked! Can't put the book down. Well obviously I did to write this review but now I'm done.

    17. I really loved the premise for this book. Zombies and tough, attractive lesbians? Sign me up!Unfortunately, this one fell short of the mark. I never connected with the characters, and after a chapter or two, I had to call it a day. If given the chance, I would rewrite the first few chapters to make them more engaging, because I’ve heard a lot of good things about the series.

    18. This is one of the best Zombie stories out there! I would like to see this book turned into a movie. While I was reading it, I felt as if I was there, with the characters, doing and experiencing all those crazy things. The author broke my heart, at some point, because she had to kill one of the minor charactersKudos to Linda Kay Silva for this amazing book!

    19. HeartbreakingIf you don't like sad, don't read this book! I read books to be entertained not depressed.i know people die in apocalyptic tales, but who the author selected to die was terrible.

    20. I just can seem to quit zombie tales This one has good characters (finally, a Gamer Nerd who is relied upon for his expertise) and an interesting, plausible back story about where the zombies/man eaters came from. Can't wait for the sequel.

    21. This is a great book. Fast and a lot of fun. If you like zombies this is for you. Try it, I can't wait till the next one comes out : )

    22. Not sure I would like this type of genre, but gave it a try and loved it. LK does it again with a GREAT story.

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