My Diary from the Edge of the World

My Diary from the Edge of the World Told in diary form by an irresistible heroine this heartfelt bittersweet and ever so clever coming of age fantasy School Library Journal starred review named one of Publishers Weekly s Best Books

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  • Title: My Diary from the Edge of the World
  • Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781442483880
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Told in diary form by an irresistible heroine, this heartfelt, bittersweet, and ever so clever coming of age fantasy School Library Journal, starred review named one of Publishers Weekly s Best Books of the Year from the New York Times bestselling author of the May Bird trilogy sparkles with science, myth, magic, and the strange beauty of the everyday marvels we sometiTold in diary form by an irresistible heroine, this heartfelt, bittersweet, and ever so clever coming of age fantasy School Library Journal, starred review named one of Publishers Weekly s Best Books of the Year from the New York Times bestselling author of the May Bird trilogy sparkles with science, myth, magic, and the strange beauty of the everyday marvels we sometimes forget to notice.Spirited, restless Gracie Lockwood has lived in Cliffden, Maine, her whole life She s a typical girl in an atypical world one where sasquatches helped to win the Civil War, where dragons glide over Route 1 on their way south for the winter sometimes burning down a T.J Maxx or an Applebee s along the way , where giants hide in caves near LA and mermaids hunt along the beaches, and where Dark Clouds come for people when they die.To Gracie it s all pretty ho hum until a Cloud comes looking for her little brother Sam, turning her small town life upside down Determined to protect Sam against all odds, her parents pack the family into a used Winnebago and set out on an epic search for a safe place that most people say doesn t exist The Extraordinary World It s rud to lie at the ends of the earth, and no one has ever made it there and lived to tell the tale To reach it, the Lockwoods will have to learn to believe in each other and to trust that the world holds possibilities than they ve ever imagined.

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    1. برای این کتاب تا چند وقت دیگه یه ریویو مفصل می نویسم اما موقتا تا این حد می گم که این کتاب بر حسب اتفاق اولین کتابی شد که ترجمه کردم و باز هم بر حسب اتفاق یکی از کتاب هایی که دقیقا با سلیقه من جور بوددر این حد که دلم می خواد به عنوان مولف یه روزی چنین کتابی بنویسم. کتاب کاملا توی رس [...]

    2. I totally loved this middle grade book! I didn't even realize it was a mystical book and I read the blurb before I read it awhile back! My brain! We have dragons that burn down the T.J. Maxx on their way migrating. We have sasquatch, witches, giants, trolls, fairies, unicorns, pegasus, mermaids, kraken, witches, ghosts and everything else I can't think of! Not all of these creatures make a big appearance in the book but a few of them do. This book is written in diary form from Gracie and it's to [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI am little conflicted on this one. Its really lengthy book with slower pace but written in interesting diary format.Its a beautiful book on sweet family adventure set in an different world from ours.

    4. Let me say the one good thing I can: The MG voice here is strong and well done. It definitely gets you invested and keeps you reading. However, that also left me feeling greatly betrayed and incredibly angry by the time I reached the end of the book. I wanted to rage and shake my fists at the sky, "I READ 400 PAGES FOR THAT???" Ugh. Engaging voice aside, it is just not worth it. The story takes place in an alternate modern US world where fantastical creatures (dragons, mermaids, sasquatches, etc [...]

    5. This book was incredible! It reminded me of that 1990's sadly short-lived television show So Weird, and the way it shows the unity and importance of family was really excellent. This is a great book, I really recommend it. Even if you're an adult, it's totally worth it, believe me. :)

    6. Gracie Lockwood lives in a world much like our own. Her family are US citizens living in a small town in Maine, her father is a scientist/meteorologist, her mother plays the violin. She has an older sister and a younger brother. However, the world Gracie lives on is flat, wild sasquatches and other fantastic creatures have driven most people into the Eastern edge of the country. Migrating dragons sometimes burn down buildings. When it is time for people to die, strange clouds come for them, and [...]

    7. I am not sure I can actually put into words how good this book is. My 7-year-old daughter and I purchased this book from an indie bookstore here in Milwaukee. It was a "staff pick" and sounded interesting for us to read together. It tells the story through one little girl's diary entries in an alternate world full of all the magical and make-believe creatures you can think of. But those creatures and make-believe circumstances were woven and integrated into the daily observations of this little [...]

    8. I swear, this book will always - no matter how many times I read it - make me tear up.It may be an MG geared strongly toward a female audience (like, you know those books that you can't imagine a boy reading because it's obviously not for them?? It's weird! and I'm digressing), but it's deep enough to be three YAs rolled up into one - I kid you not.The Lockwoods are the most precious family I've ever gotten to know in a book. I just want to wrap my arms around each and every one of them and cry [...]

    9. Well, this had an interesting premise/universe. What happens to civilization in a world that has real supernatural beings (ghosts, sasquatches, mermaids, dragons, etc)? Oh, and the world is flat. Travelling across the US is difficult. Sailing the oceans is moreso. At one point there was an Industrial Revolution but ghosts put an end to that so that manufacturing occurs in isolated pockets around the world. There are still devices that are the same in our world (cars, Winnebagos, Sega Genesis gam [...]

    10. This was bittersweet. The ending was a sad surprise. I liked the world, which a reversal of our world. There were mythical creatures in this book, which has been true quite often lately. Also, I liked the characters. It was nice that the MC's parents were still alive and a part of the story.

    11. A student recommended this book to me, so I had to read it. It took me a little bit to get into the story. Loved the relationship and uniqueness of each member of the family. A twist at the end was unexpected, but I'm not sure it was fully explained.

    12. I had really low expectations for this book. I expected it to be a cheesy, goofy alternate world book. My Diary from the Edge of the World is nothing like that. I read it in a day, and I was thoroughly captivated. I absolutely LOVED the characters. There was independent, reckless Gracie; sweet yet obnoxious Millie; naive, hilarious Sam; mysterious Oliver; etc. Everyone felt real and they were all so precious and gah.Other characters that I loved were Gracie's mom and dad. I also liked the faerie [...]

    13. I liked it. The first POV diary format gives personal-intimate insight to the strange (but to her mundane) world the protagonist inhabits. A world where Sasquatches aided in the civil war, your relatives could be witches, mermaids haunt the coasts and dragons make regular migration rounds akin to geese. Yes I like how the wonders were treated as mundane but at the same time it emphasizes the point of appreciating the wonders of the ordinary-everyday world. The POV also gives insight into the pro [...]

    14. This book was just beautiful. It captured the middle grade voice perfectly, and since it is a tad longer than the average MG, the reader really feels the transformation of the main character. Gracie and her family start off like any other - they irritate each other, they argue, they are perfectly imperfect. It's actually refreshing how the author has captured this stage of life through Gracie's diary entries. Thankfully, too, there are Sasquatches and dragons, and giants and ghosts and witches t [...]

    15. Gracie lives in a world remarkably like ours. She eats at KFC, shops at Wal-mart, and dreams about going to Disney World someday. But her world is also filled with yeti, sasquatches, vampires, and Clouds - beings that appear when someone is about to die. When a Cloud appears outside Gracie's back yard for her younger brother, Sam, her family decides to leave their small town and travel in search of the Extraordinary World (a planet that sounds remarkably like ours, and best of all, one without C [...]

    16. This book had a unique premise, depth, and surprises. Gracie lives in a world just like ours only not. If all the creates of myths and fairy tales lived among us in our time--that's the setting of this book. Few communities exist. Each time there's a railroad being built or a thriving city, the wild takes it over. When a cloud comes for Gracie's brother (the way they die), her scientist dad decided to take them to the edge of the world. He believes there's another world like theirs that Magellan [...]

    17. Jodi Lynn Anderson is a natural storyteller. Whether she's writing children's or teen books, historical fiction or fantasy, she knows how to plot a book, how to created layered characters, and how to think outside the box to give the reader a world just different enough from our own to illuminate the good and the bad around us every day. Gracie lives in a world much like ours, except that dragons, sasquatches, and mermaids are all real (and they aren't the creatures you find in Disney movies). P [...]

    18. I received this book as part of a giveaway.A very nice coming of age tale set in a world where fantastical creatures, sasquatches, dragons, fairies, and giants, exist. It is in this world that Gracie Lockwood lives with her parents, sister Millie, and little brother Sam. When a dark cloud comes for Sam, yes that's how people pass into the afterlife in this world, the Lockwood family decide to try and out run the cloud and escape to the Extraordinary World, which sounds suspiciously like ours. T [...]

    19. Rick Riordan-ish, but with better much plot structure, and more beautiful written. Truly artful story telling about journeying through a fantastical world to the unknown in the name of family. A few very, very rare books make me want to have children so I can read them at bedtime, this is one of those! -Although no book in the end is that fantastic!

    20. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It was full of adventure and mystery. The ending was kind of sad, but I was on the edge of my seat every time I read this book and couldn't wait to see what happened next. I would definitely recommend this book.

    21. 4.5 stars. Anderson has captured the nuances of families so aptly. The book's ending rang true and real. I see the world a bit differently for having read this book about family and hope and love.

    22. My Diary from the Edge of the Worldby Jodi Lynn AndersonRating 4Synopsis from :Spirited, restless Gracie Lockwood has lived in Cliffden, Maine, her whole life. She’s a typical girl in an atypical world: one where sasquatches helped to win the Civil War, where dragons glide over Route 1 on their way south for the winter (sometimes burning down a T.J. Maxx or an Applebee’s along the way), where giants hide in caves near LA and mermaids hunt along the beaches, and where Dark Clouds come for peo [...]

    23. This book is not nearly as engaging as Jodi Lynn Anderson's Maybird series. The story seems to ramble on as if it were a draft copy and the author was still unsure of the direction, only the destination. Some of the characters were interesting, others were ill-defined. I found myself on more than several occasions wondering why I should care what happens to any of them because the story left me apathetic. The lasts 40 pages are good (i.e. the destination I referred to earlier) - probably the onl [...]

    24. Gracie and her family have a Cloud parked near their house. That's really not good. Clouds come to take people away. Little Sam has always been sickly since he was born and the family isn't ready to give him up. You can't really outrun Clouds, but Gracie's Dad has a theory that if they can get to The Extraordinary World (an alternate version of their world where things like dragons and sasquatches and Clouds aren't real) Sam will be safe. There's just one teensy tiny little issue. Ok, make that [...]

    25. A Sad, Funny, Wise, Imaginative TreatOur spirited young heroine diarist narrator is much too wise, witty, observant and emotionally sophisticated to be an actual young heroine narrator, but if we're going to fault books for being too insightful and too well written, we're all in trouble. This book worked for me as an alternate world tale, a coming of age story, a family epic, an adventure/quest, and a road trip. The setup sounds precious but it worked for me. Gracie's Earth is a flat rectangle. [...]

    26. This is a great, fun, clean book, taking place in an alternative world. One where dragons, giants, sasquatches and mermaids exist, a Dark Cloud comes to take a person when it's time for them to die, and the world without magic is thought to be only a myth. Only a few believe it even exists, and Gracie's dad is one of them.A Dark Cloud appears for her brother, and, wanting to outrun his death, the family goes in search of the Extraordinary World. A world where Dark Clouds don't exist, and their b [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book. The writing was simple, emotional and humorous at times. Even though I am not a middle-grade reader, this book went far beyond my expectations. It was amazing ironic, especially (view spoiler)[ at the end when Gracie remarks on how lucky people in the Extraordinary World are. I also found it ironic that our world is called the "Extraordinary World" when we don't have magic, and their world is just the world.(hide spoiler)]However, my one complaint is that the author m [...]

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