Scarred - The Complete Series

Scarred The Complete Series Scarred boxset contains the full series with a HEA PainFearUncertainty That pretty much sums up Kelly Ward s life in a nutshell Surviving a childhood filled with horrific abuse and then at the hand of

  • Title: Scarred - The Complete Series
  • Author: Kylie Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Scarred boxset contains the full series with a HEA PainFearUncertainty That pretty much sums up Kelly Ward s life in a nutshell Surviving a childhood filled with horrific abuse and then at the hand of the one man that saved her her first love that she trusted only to discover he was really a monster Jesse Donovan will try and kill her again once he gets outScarred boxset contains the full series with a HEA PainFearUncertainty That pretty much sums up Kelly Ward s life in a nutshell Surviving a childhood filled with horrific abuse and then at the hand of the one man that saved her her first love that she trusted only to discover he was really a monster Jesse Donovan will try and kill her again once he gets out of prison On the run New cityNew identity is the new Chloe Green Not the broken, scarred and frail Kelly Ward Trying to build a new life towards her life long goal of becoming a teacher, she accepts a job at one of the most prestigious gentlemen clubs in Rhode Island as a pole dancer Her goal save as much money as she canNo MenNo Distractions That is until she meets Derek Stark Self made Millionaire, dark haired, blue eyed and a body of a gladiator He wants Chloebut does he have an ulterior motive Is he connected to her old life somehow Kelly Wards life She soon discovers that Derek does have secrets of his own, secrets that will change her life foreverright before Jesse is released from prison and is ready to start hunting her NOTE This is intended for 18 due to abuse and sexual content.

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    1. Interesting story in need of editingThis book would benefit from a good editor. There are spelling and grammar mistakes sprinkled liberally throughout the book, a lot of repetition. In places there were even unfinished sentences. While it has promise, the poor editing affected my attention span. It started off better than it finished. I could think of ways to erase at least 100 pages that would make this infinitely more readable. On the whole a nice typical-romance-happy-ending type story. Perha [...]

    2. First half: 4 starsSecond half: 2 starsOverall rating: 3 starsI'm not a huge fan on contemporary romances, so I should have known this wasn't for me. The writing was good. The first half of the book definitely had me interested. Chloe was trying to move on with her life after her boyfriend tried to kill her. Derek was a charmer. There was an unusual twist involving Chloe's past. It was obvious from what had happened to Chloe that her ex-boyfriend was a psycho, so it was completely unnecessary to [...]

    3. This story could easily be based off a true story.I have heard horror stories similar to the story in this book. There is abuse, terror, pain and heart break throughout this book. There is also a strong woman, Chloe who suffered through it all and believed in hope, a chance to move forward from the past love and got to have her happy ever after.I enjoyed the strong, beautiful and courageous Chloe and her awful yet inspiring story. The characters in this book are very likable, other than the ones [...]

    4. this was a 3.5 star read for me. The premise of the book was great however that isn't how it went. First the series was to long and drawn out. This is a Danielle Steele kinds of book(s). It needed to be a little more grittier. Way to much crying for me and everyone except the ex were really nice great people. I was waiting to read about unicorns and rainbows. This is the first I have read from this author and I was left very disapointed

    5. CuteThis was a pretty good story. 3.5 Stars. I would have given more, but the book was not edited very well. It held my interest, but I could put it down. There was one part that was very emotional, which I loved. I felt like Derek's character, in particular, was one dimensional, considering he is one of the primary characters in the story.

    6. AmazingThis is a well written book of how a girl can live thru so much abuse and still become a strong and independent woman. Her love and how her and Derek get thru all the turmoil and still have such a loving life is truly amazing. This is one of my best reads yet

    7. Good storyScarred had a great story. I enjoyed reading Derek and Chloe's story and the series kept me mostly interested. I was disappointed because it seemed like details were repeated a lot so it got annoying. The series has the potential to be great with a good editor. At the very least it needs a decent proofreader.

    8. I just finished this series and I really, really liked it. OMG, so many emotions! The only reason I'm giving it four stars and not five is that there are way too many editing mistakes. At one point I knew that the author had intended to write these books in the first person, the mistakes were distracting. BUT, the story was gooood. Chloe's journey in the series was so heartbreaking and beautiful. When we first meet her she is so broken but so determined to move on and try to live her life by her [...]

    9. This was a good series. I downloaded the complete set so I read it as one long book and so I’m not sure if that makes a difference in my perception of this series. I liked the message the author is trying to make with this series and she definitely drives that home not only throughout the book but also in the epilogue. I liked the plot twist. The author did a good job leading up to and I was emotionally invested. I was drawn in and engaged with the characters and was rooting for them throughou [...]

    10. 3.5I really liked this series. The plot was solid although I found the writing style to be pretty juvenile. I did have to suspend belief throughout and had a bunch of “oh come on” moments. I thought it was ridiculous that Kelly called Chantelle instead of dialing 911 herself. How Jesse kept getting so close without detection was infuriating. Also purchasing and registering cars in Rhode Island and New York is trial in patience. It’s not nearly as easy as Ms Walker made it seem. If Jesse ha [...]

    11. Amazing on all levels!!!Such a wonderful series! I loved Chloe and her strength! It was almost like a self help book wrapped up in a romance novel. I learned so much from her. I liked that it wasn't predictable either that I'm finding in books I've been reading lately. The love story is incredible and the sex scenes were very well written and steamy! I liked that the beginning of their relationship wasn't overly a cat and mouse game that ends up becoming monotonous and annoying like so many othe [...]

    12. Do not recommendI had trouble wading through this and skimmed most of it. The heroine was whiny and annoying, and everything went too easily in the heroine's favor so that it was too predictable and annoyingly sweet. Last, the love interest was too nice and forgiving while totally creeping and grossing me out due to his past relationship. Also, I couldn't stand how the main characters talked to each other once they were in love. The phrase, "Gag me with a spoon" was apt while try to wade the rou [...]

    13. This book is One of the best books I read in a long time. It hit close to home because I seen abuse before not to myself but someone I love with all my heart and soul my mother, she has so many scares from the time she was married to my father that I don't see how she survived but she did and I think it made her stronger today for it I cried along with Chloe in this story and some times I was so mad I wanted to throw my kindle against the wall because of her ex. But in the end Chloe proved to be [...]

    14. Amazing! I can't tell you enough how amazing this book was. If I had a free moment I was reading this book. I didn't want to put it down. Everything about this book is just so amazingly well written. I cried, got angry and laughed a little. This book gave me everything a book should give someone. You loved, got angry and felt sorry for everything that Chloe went through. It truly was an amazing book to read. It teaches you that pain does go away. To stick up for yourself and to never give up. Th [...]

    15. UmmmThis book was all over the place. I know it is "fiction" but you'd be lying to yourself if you said ANY of the things in this book "could" happen. The editing wasn't so great; some sentences needed to be tighted up or completely omitted. I'm shocked they missed that Kevin was spelled with an I throughout the book until the end when it was spelled Keven. I did like the abuse storyline. It was wonderful to read her overcome such difficult obstacles. Even though it made me sick to my stomach to [...]

    16. Emotionally Moving How can you call yourself a Parent treating your child the way they Did Kelly aka Chloe. This book was heartwrenching, informative(I never knew what goes though a Abuser mind). I love how you told the story of Chloe life though her words and her Journals. I cried when i stated the book when Jesse told her he would Kill her. My heart was hurting for her. A parents love knows no bounds. The way they took too her and the emotional journey she went though, I was truly happy she go [...]

    17. This book will shatter your heart , & then lovingly put it back togetherMy body was physically shaking with hate & anger for some of the characters in this book.My heart broke & I cried ugly sad tears for other characters.My body felt light & happy, & I cried happy tears for the same characters that I cried ugly sad tears for. Chloe/Kelly/Sophia went the the most horrifying heartbreaking 24 years of her life .A past she knows & a past she doesn't know come straight at her [...]

    18. This book suffered from the need of an editor. There are spelling and grammar mistakes sprinkled liberally throughout the book. The author clearly didn't understand the difference between a plural word and the need for an apostrophe. There were grammatical mistakes on every page. It was very irritating to read. The book started off intriguing but then it just DRAGGED on. It seemed like every bad thing that could ever happen to a main character did. It stretched the limits of credibility. 1/3 of [...]

    19. Excellent Series of PlotsThis author deserves to have 5 stars for this series. I couldn't put it down till I read the last page. I loved the characters Chloe and Derek( her knight in shining armor). This series unfolded into many different side stories. Not only did it give a background of abuse for Chloe, but also how she found happiness. I'm not going to be a spoiler just giving a little insight. This is a must read; it is well written and worth your time. Thanks Kylie for this great book.

    20. Mindblowing!This story was an emotional roller coaster ride! Every time you thought you knew where it was headed there was another plot twist but they were all great!! I loved how Chloe rebuilt herselfenomenal character!!!! And while some of the twists might be soap operaish they still made for a fantastic read! Derek was definitely a Prince Charming from the startt what you would expect from a strip club customer but ya never know. Tons of suspense. Passionloveterrortears This book has it all.I [...]

    21. Terrible editing. Way too much rambling. The book should have been half the length it was published. The journal entries were too repetitive of what was just read. Third person writing was difficult to follow at times & messed up with the flow. No matter how terrible a book, I always finish it. I need to know the ending. Most of this book I skimmed ahead. No need to read ramblings. The ending was meh. It felt like I was reading a middle school creative writing essay that someone decided to p [...]

    22. 600 plus pages and there was no mention of what became of the abusive family who illegally adopted Chloe/Kelly/Sophia. After the Jesse situation was remedied, I really expected Derek or her birth parents to go looking for these a**holes but nothing. This was a good story and it was well written (minus the editing), but it was entirely too long. The journal/ diary entries were repetitious, and it could have easily been complete with 200 or so less pages. It’s a shame because clearly this author [...]

    23. Not bad but not out if this world I liked that the main character was learning to fight back and overcome trauma in a healthy way. It was refreshing to have the central live story be healthy but I felt like Derek’s character needed some depth. He’s the knight in shining armor and that’s great but no one is perfect. Where are his flaws and internal demons? All in all a nice read to pass the time but for my tastes Derek needed a slight edge.

    24. Pain is life, but it gets easier.Chloe is such a strong women, who has been thru a life that should never happen to anyone.Derek has been thru a lot, but when he finds Chloe, he vows to take care of her.Chloe knows that she has to take care of tying up loose ends from her past. She knows that she's the only one who can end the pain.After so many twists and turns, will they have their happily ever after???Loved it.

    25. BeautifulI loved this book, not all parts of it because some of it was hard to read some of the things Chloe endured. It all came together though into a beautiful story of pain, strength, and heart wrenching love. Great job Kylie Walker. I'd read it all again just to get to the last journal entry. It's an important entry full of love and encouragement from mother to child and from author to reader.

    26. Best Book I've Read In Years!!Simply put,,,,this author is brilliant! If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. It amazes me that someone can write something with all the twist and turns that this story entails. I was constantly surprised with the storyline. The emotions I experienced were gut wrenching anxiety and hatred to heart melting joy. First book by this author and definitely not my last.

    27. I read this after a friend suggested it. I was very impressed with the story. There were some things that bothered me with the writing style. There were errors I found with little things with miss place " or she/he that confused sentences so I would have to go back and re-read to make sure I understood what I was reading. aside from that, the creativity of the story and the suspense was fantastic.

    28. Stay strong my baby girl. It always gets better.This book is absolutely amazing! I have been completely consumed by every page; hooked on every word. I have done NOTHING but read this set for the last 20+/-hours. I could not put it down. I could not close my eyes or even try to sleep until the last word was read. I have felt every emotion possible while reading this. It’s simply amazing!!

    29. AmazingSo this is not your typical rich guy falls in love with a submissive girl . Derek was a really nice guy and the story didn't focus on his wealth although it was mentioned. Chloe was a hard nut to crack with good reason. There are graphic depictions of abuse in this story. I cried. I enjoyed the focus on their family members near the end as well. I would definitely read another book by this writer.

    30. Ok read It was a good story and the characters were ok but it could have been shorter than 6 parts. I found myself skipping some just to get to the parts I actually wanted to read. There were also grammatical errors that were a bit distracting. Overall it was an enjoyable story

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