Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos

Parallel Worlds A Journey Through Creation Higher Dimensions and the Future of the Cosmos Alternate Original cover for In this thrilling journey into the mysteries of our cosmos bestselling author Michio Kaku takes us on a dizzying ride to explore black holes and time machin

Parallel Worlds A Journey Through Creation, Higher In Parallel Worlds, Michio Kaku brings his formidable explanatory talents to bear on one of the strangest and most exciting possibilities to have emerged from modern physics that our universe may be but one among many, perhaps infinitely many, arrayed in a vast cosmic network. Parallel universes in fiction A parallel universe is a hypothetical self contained reality co existing with one s own A specific group of parallel universes are called a multiverse, although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute reality.While the terms parallel universe and alternative reality are generally synonymous and can be used interchangeably in most cases zeldaparallelworlds Google Sites It s been close to years since the release of Parallel Worlds I m happy to announce the release of the spiritual sequel to Parallel Worlds Conker s High Rule Tail over at Zeldix Unfortunately this means official . will probably never happen, unless another group of talented romhackers make it. Multiverse The multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes including the universe in which humans live Together, these universes comprise everything that exists the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, the physical laws and the constants that describe them The different universes within the multiverse are called the parallel universes, other universes, or alternative universes. The Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds Zeldapedia FANDOM Title screen for Parallel Worlds The Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds is a fan overhaul of The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past using new graphics, new music, a new overworld and underworld, and a new storyline.It is for the SNES As of , the game has been in production for years and has had a demo release, a . release and a . patch to fix many bugs as well as minor changes in Parallel Universes The Search for Other Worlds Fred Alan Parallel Universes The Search for Other Worlds Fred Alan Wolf on FREE shipping on qualifying offers From renowned physicist Fred Alan Wolf comes his enthralling and accessible exploration of parallel universes and the various theories surrounding them In this enthralling read Publishers Weekly Publications Official Website of Dr Michio Kaku The Future of Humanity Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth Publisher Doubleday February , Go to Book Detail Page. The Future of the Mind The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind Paperback Edition Publisher Anchor Books February , Go to Book Detail Page. Purchase from . Michal Karcz Parallel Worlds Award winning S F, fantasy unworldly landscapes photomanipulation, photoshop, graphic design Begin your journey through the Parallel Worlds of Michal Karcz. Multiverse DC Database FANDOM powered by Wikia Crime Syndicate After Earth Two, the next parallel world encountered by the JLA was that of Earth Three, a partially reversed Earth populated by their evil opposites, the Crime Syndicate of America.However the general populace of Earth Three reflected a society based on laws and good values, despite the majority of their super powered beings having evil natures. The theory of parallel universes is not just maths it is The existence of parallel universes may seem like something cooked up by science fiction writers, with little relevance to modern theoretical physics But the idea that we live in a multiverse

  • Title: Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos
  • Author: Michio Kaku
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate Original cover for 9781400033720 In this thrilling journey into the mysteries of our cosmos, bestselling author Michio Kaku takes us on a dizzying ride to explore black holes and time machines, multidimensional space and, most tantalizing of all, the possibility that parallel universes may lay alongside our own Kaku skillfully guides us through the latest in Alternate Original cover for 9781400033720 In this thrilling journey into the mysteries of our cosmos, bestselling author Michio Kaku takes us on a dizzying ride to explore black holes and time machines, multidimensional space and, most tantalizing of all, the possibility that parallel universes may lay alongside our own Kaku skillfully guides us through the latest innovations in string theory and its latest iteration, M theory, which posits that our universe may be just one in an endless multiverse, a singular bubble floating in a sea of infinite bubble universes If M theory is proven correct, we may perhaps finally find answer to the question, What happened before the big bang This is an exciting and unforgettable introduction into the new cutting edge theories of physics and cosmology from one of the pre eminent voices in the field.

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    1. I hated Physics when I was a kid, because the teacher who taught me wore coke-bottle glasses, had halitosis, and his spittle flew. He also churned out equations on the board, and expected you to get E=mc2 as if you were born to do so. How can one not understand the elegance and simplicity and total enlightenment that this captured about our physical world? Well, I didn't. Because the physical world -- believe it or not -- was abstract enough not to grasp at the 10,000 foot level.Ok, then comes P [...]

    2. اینو یه بار پارسال خونده بودم، ولی خوندنم این بار خیلی متفاوت بود. کتابم کامل رنگی رنگی شده و هر تیکه ش یه سوال و اظهار نظر خردمندانه ای (!) از شخص بنده پیدا می شه. بیچاره جلدش نابود شد و چند بیست سی صفحه یه بار یه صفحه رو تا کردم تا علامت گذاشته باشم مثلا :-"+ من کلاً بدم میاد از چیزا [...]

    3. دوستانِ گرانقدر و خردگرا، به هیچ وجه، فریبِ عنوان این دسته از کتاب ها را نخورید این کتاب ها با درهم کردنِ موهومات و توهماتِ دینی و مذهبی، در مسائلِ مربوط به علم و دانش، سعی در بازی با افکارِ انسان های ساده لوح و زودباور را دارند و به قول خودشان سعی دارند تا با علم فیزیک و ریاضیا [...]

    4. جهان‌های موازی یکی از بهترین کتاب‌های علمی است که در سال 2005 توسط «میچیو کاکو» (Michio Kaku) نوشته شد. طبق گفته‌ی کاکو جهان‌های موازی ممکن که در فیزیک نظری مطرح هستند در ۳ دسته با مفاهیم کاملاً مجزا قرار می‌گیرند که برای هیچ‌یک هنوز شواهد تجربی به دست نیامده است. این جهان‌ها شامل [...]

    5. Kaku starts off by comparing the big bang to the creation in Christian and Chinese mythology. Yuck. He also finishes off the book with a tedious digression into religious inanities.The syrupy and hyperbole-riddled language is guaranteed to cause misunderstanding in anyone unfamiliar with cosmology, and irritation in anyone already familiar with cosmology. But hey, it's a popular science book, you sort of expect that.Kaku attributes the "discovery" of dark matter and dark energy to the WMAP data. [...]

    6. !آش شله قلمکارالبته از این کتاب بیش از این توقعی نیست، با زبان شیرین و ترفندهای جناب کاکو که در پی ربط یک چیزی به چیزی دیگر که کاملا بی ربط هستن، حرفی نمی مونهدر قسمتهای مربوط نظریه ریسمان هم حرفهایی زده میشه که موجب شگفتی استکلا ایشون اینقدر آسمون و ریسمان بهم میبافه تا به نتی [...]

    7. If you are into time travel or a time travel author, this should be required reading (or in this case listening). Because there was so much great information presented in an understandable manner, this might become the only book that I will read after listening to it as I want to ensure I have this one as a reference.The first third of the book was a good refresher and had me thinking, “I know this stuff”. . in fact, I felt a little cocky and questioned why I chose this book. Then came the h [...]

    8. 24 June 2013:Help, help! I'm surrounded by microscopic wormholes and baby universes!12 July 2013:I have just finished the best pop-science book I have ever read (including Balcombe's "Pleasurable Kingdom" which I found very well-written, perfectly constructed and also very touching; a no. 1 until now).The subject of the book is mind-blowing and it is extremely difficult to stay focused on the reading for a length of time, because it inspires and stretches imagination to the limits. I just couldn [...]

    9. A very, very nice book! Provided a radical understanding of the nature of Nature from the physical perspective, while eventually ending the book with its plausible connections to divinity. a Superb Book!!

    10. كتاب في ثلاث أجزاء يحوي في صفحاته مادة علمية دسمة للفيزيائي الشهير "ميشيو كاكو وكما هو واضح من العنوان فان الموضوع المطروح ذو طبيعة كوزمولوجية و الحديث هنا عن العوالم أو الأكوان الموازية وفي ما يلي لمحة عن محتوى كل جزءالجزء الأول:الكون. يتحدث الكاتب في فصله الأول_ الذي يشكل م [...]

    11. نظریه ریسمان، جهان های موازی و نظریه (ام) از مباحث مطرح دهه اخیر در زمینه فیزیک کوانتوم و تلاش برای یافتن نظریه ای برای همه چیز است .در این کتاب نویسنده که خود از دانشمندان فیزیک کوانتوم می باشد به زبان ساده به توضیح مباحث پایه ای در این زمینه پرداخته است. بعد از کشف گرانش توسط ن [...]

    12. Уопште није лако оцијенити ову књигу. Ако је стрпамо у доста широк кош "популарне науке" и упоредимо са књигама те врсте које сам прочитао ове године, Каку је знатно бољи од Млодинова, али и знатно слабији од Хокинга, коме сам, авај, такође дао четворку. Дакле, ово је негдје за [...]

    13. I am inclined to see this marvellously inspiring book as consisting of three distinct but entwined parts.The first part is a an excellent account of the history of modern science told in Michio Kaku's impeccably witty and easily-understood narrative. As such I would recommend this book as a natural continuation of for instance Thomas S. Kuhn's "The Copernican Revolution" or some other similar book about the history of science in general. Parallel Worlds picks up naturally and leads us into the t [...]

    14. Michio Kaku is quickly becoming my favorite science writer, and easily my favorite hypothetical or theoretical physicist. His ideas and the way he presents them make fun, easy reading for those of us who were always terrible in math and didn't digest much about astrophysics in school. He deals with a lot of "what if" scenarios, and more than most modern physicists he holds onto his imagination. Kaku's work bristles with excitement, something you can rarely say about a book covering cosmological [...]

    15. Nếu cả vũ trụ này vơi hàng tỷ thiên hà và tỷ tỷ ngôi sao từng bé hơn một electron thì liệu trong móng tay tôi có thể có bao nhiêu vũ trụ?Năng lượng nội tại của vũ trụ là gì? Làm sao từ một đơn vị bé như thế lại có thể chứa năng lượng khủng khiếp đến vậy? Và làm sao vũ trụ lại có thể ra đời từ thinh không? Và làm sao nó có thể giãn nỡ mãi mãi tới vô cùng?Con người thật vô v [...]

    16. This book is an entertaining and interesting read. Almost no formula, although you still need some basics to get the most out of it. It will update your general knowledge about cosmology to year 2004, when the book was written.The Large Hadron Collider(LHC) came online this year. Some scientists predicted that LHC could create black hole, which could destroy the earth. We all know what happened now. Dr. Kaku talked about LHC in his book - LHC could only create black hole in subatomic level with [...]

    17. میشیو کاکو یه فیزیکدان نظریه که روی نظریه ریسمان کار کرده و مثل بسیاری از فیزیکدانان نظری که روی این نظریه کار کردن توی محافل علمی زیاد جدی گرفته نمیشه ولی با توجه به حضور فعالی که توی برنامه های تلویزیونی داره معروفیت زیادی پیدا کردهاین کتابش هم انصافن در تشریح مسائل فیزیک ب [...]

    18. მიჩიო კაკუ ალბათ ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე ცნობადი და პოპულარული ტელესახეა დღეს. მეცნიერების მნიშვნელოვანი ხმა, დიდ წილად უშინაარსო გართობაზე ორიენტირებულ მსოფლიო კულტურის სფეროში. კაკუ science channel-ზ [...]

    19. I've been putting off my review for this book in an attempt to organize my thoughts so the review consisted more of the contents within the book rather than just a mindless rant of how awesome Michio Kaku is. Unfortunately, my thoughts remained a jumbled mess as my giddiness took precedence.So why is he just so fantastic? Michio Kaku is not only gifted in his abilities as a physicists (he is co-founder of string field theory, has written textbooks, articles, novels, etc. in the field of physics [...]

    20. This book isn't exactly light reading. It's not what I'm accustomed to reading, either, but science has always been one of those topics I love to watch on tv, but flounder at in class. But I wasn't being graded on Parallel Worlds so it worked out fine!Mr. Kaku is actually one of my favorite guys on History Channel's The Universe (also gotta love Neil deGrasse Tyson) so I was really excited to read his book. I won't lie; it's not a summer beach read, in my opinion, but it's worth the read. String [...]

    21. Kaku takes us through physics history from Newton’s laws to M-Theory, his favorite flavor of string theory. Along the way we find Maxwell’s electromagnetism, Plank’s Constant, Einstein’s relativity, Hubble’s red shift, Schrodinger’s cat, Gamow’s big bang, Guth’s inflation and end up exploring exotic concepts such as wormholes and parallel universes. This brief history was well written and enjoyable. The rest of the book is engaging but has some shortcomings. As is typical in popu [...]

    22. The Blurb:In this thrilling journey into the mysteries of our cosmos, best-selling author Michio Kaku takes us on a dizzying ride to explore black holes and time machines, multidimensional space, and most tantalizing of all, the possibility that parallel universes may exist alongside our own.Kaku skillfully guides us through the latest innovations in string theory and its latest iteration, M-theory, which posits that our universe may be just one in an endless multiverse, a singular bubble floati [...]

    23. An excellent read especially if you are interested in cosmology and modern physics. Very well written, the language is precise and not overwhelmed with technicalities and pseudo-clever demagogy, but at the same time advanced scientific topics and the latest scientific developments are presented by an insider in an interesting, concise and thought provoking way. Lots of food for thought and fascinating topics here from creation of the universe and the place of intelligent life in it to the distan [...]

    24. პოპულარული ენით იმის ახსნას თუ რას წარმოადგენს სამყარო,თავისებურად ცდილობენ ვაინბერგი,გრინი თუ ჰოკინგი,მაგრამ როგორც ვნახე,ეს ყველაზე უკეთ კაკუს გამოუვიდა.იმდენად ბევრის თქმა შემიძლია [...]

    25. This was my first Kaku book. I’ve been impressed with the writing in all of the popular science books written by big time physicists (Greene, Susskind, Tegmark, etc…) and Kaku did not disappoint me. He isn’t my favorite of the aforementioned authors, but he does offer unique perspective and comes off as extremely open minded. He certainly does not read as haughty, pretentious, egotistical, or self-congratulating as some of the others authors can at times. Kaku frequently pays tribute to co [...]

    26. Suggested Further Reading:The Five Ages of the Universe: Inside the Physics of Eternity - Fred Adams and Greg LaughlinTau Zero - Poul AndersonThe Gods Themselves - Isaac AsimovThe Artful Universe - John D. BarrowThe Universe that Discovered Itself - John D. BarrowThe Anthropic Cosmological Principle - John D. Barrow and F. TiplerEinstein's Unfinished Symphony: Listening to the Sounds of Space-Time - Marcia BartusiakEon - Greg BearMen of Mathematics - E.T. BellQuantum Profiles - Jeremy BernsteinE [...]

    27. Kaku uses the categories of "Type I, II, and III civilizations" that were "introduced by Russian physicist Nikolai Kardashev in the 1960s." Type I is a civilization that "has harnessed planetary forms of energy." Type II "has exhausted the power of a single planet and has harnessed the power of an entire star" Type III "has exhausted the power of a single solar system and has colonized large portions of its home galaxy." "Each type of civilization differs from the next lower type," Kaku explains [...]

    28. Michio Kaku este un renumit fizician şi scriitor, fiind profesor la Colegiul din New York.Cartea este divizată în 3 arii: Universul, Multiuniversul şi Evadarea în Hiperspaţiu; reuşind să ne înveţe de la istoria astronomiei şi primele cercetări făcute de Isaac Newton până la acceleratoarele de particule din zilele noastre şi posibilitatea existenţei unor lumi paralele. De la teorii pline de absurditate până la cele mai logice concepte întâlnite până acum cartea are rolul de [...]

    29. Albeit a comprehensive and informative history of Physics, I'm afraid the author and I parted company with the introduction of the String and M theories. To quote Einstein, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." At this stage, String and M are simply hypotheses, with little or no hard evidence to prove their validity. That may happen, but as of now, in their present form, I find them lacking in two features all great discoveries have: simplicity and elegance of de [...]

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