Jax Jax Wheeler has been fighting his own demons for as long as he can remember One of those demons is from his past a brother who wants nothing to see Jax suffer Working closely with the Cincinnati Bran

  • Title: Jax
  • Author: Teresa Gabelman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jax Wheeler has been fighting his own demons for as long as he can remember One of those demons is from his past, a brother who wants nothing to see Jax suffer Working closely with the Cincinnati Branch of the VC Warriors Jax never thought he would find someone who could help him ease his pain, but he was wrong Having a past of her own, Caroline Fitzpatrick has surJax Wheeler has been fighting his own demons for as long as he can remember One of those demons is from his past, a brother who wants nothing to see Jax suffer Working closely with the Cincinnati Branch of the VC Warriors Jax never thought he would find someone who could help him ease his pain, but he was wrong Having a past of her own, Caroline Fitzpatrick has survived being put into a trance by a madman who wanted to control her sister, an abusive relationship, communicating with the dead, but nothing has prepared her for Jax Wheeler From the moment she saw him the attraction was immediate, but the attraction was not mutual or was it The Jax tries to stay away from Caroline, the he finds himself at her door, in her life All he knows is that every minute he spends with the beautiful school teacher, the danger he puts her in His brother s vengeance of wanting him to suffer has put Caroline in the line of fire and only Jax can protect her.

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    1. ***4.25 StarsThis is one of my favorite series and Jax was a good addition. He is uber hot and alpha. I loved Caroline. She was just what he needed.Looking forward to Sloane's book!

    2. Once again this author has added another wonderful addition to a fantastic and favorite series! Jax Wheeler is part of the VC Warriors, who protects vampires and humans alike. But Jax is different from his fellow Warriors because he is a shifter, who can shift into any human he has had contact with and also any animal. He has so much darkness in his life, mostly because of his evil brother, Mika, a shifter like himself who is determined to cause misery in Jax’s life, and will hurt and kill any [...]

    3. Jax and Caroline. Not my fave in the series but it was still a good read. I found the first half a little slow to get into, but the second half was better. Jax's life has been on hold for many years since he is cursed with an evil brother, Mikal who is determined to kill anyone he cares about. Not really a stand alone, the whole series is pretty intertwined and now it intertwines with the author's other series that focus's on shifters. I liked Caroline, she never balks at telling Jax when he's b [...]

    4. I loved this book! I live the whole series and have never been disapponted. You will fall in love with these characters. They are funny and keeps you in the edge. I highly recommend this book and series!!

    5. You know everyone of these books I have loved, I mean really loved following the journey. To be able to read more and more about these characters has been an absolute pleasure. This is Jax's story and just as mind blowing as the rest. Jax is a powerful Warrior, he's had to live through a lot of suffering and his evil brother wants him to suffer some more, well actually his goal is to make Jax suffer his entire existence. Caroline the sister of Lana who is hopelessly in love with our awesome Sid [...]

    6. Usually I am far from a Paranormal Romance kind of girl and in truth I actually stay completely clear of them because though I love Vampires I feel that this sub genre of Romance easily becomes far too erotic for my liking. HOWEVER, when I was gifted this book I decided to give it a go and I am pleased to say that I absolutely loved this story. It is my first book of The Protectors series and thereby there was a few times I felt like I were missing small pieces; for example the knowledge of how [...]

    7. Jax Wheeler has been fighting his own demons for as long as he can remember and he knows the more time he spends with Caroline the more danger he puts her in this enthralling paranormal romance. The Protectors continue to be their usual, tough-guy selves with lots of friendly ribbing which just invites readers to join in on the fun and excitement…even the dangerous parts because these guys are just so sexy when they are doing their protecting thing and Jax totally captured my heart with everyt [...]

    8. Engrossing! Riveting! Outstanding!To say that I loved it, does not do justice to this book. Teresa out did herself on this one. So much angst. So very much action. Jax is drop dead gorgeous. He's been running from emotions for a very long time. Caroline makes him feel. What, he can't look at, until his POS brother is gotten rid of. Mika his POS brother. Is hell bent to make Jax suffer. As the story unfolds, We get to see all the rest of the Warriors we have come to know and love. Plus all the Wa [...]

    9. This one was one of the better in the series. I liked Jax even though he kept pushing her away and sending mixed signals. But I liked how he could not let her go even when he did. Caroline was a good heroine. She did not take his shit. The story was fast moving and had lots of action and seemed more focused on the couple than the overall plot.While she had a pain in the ass ex, I do not remember OW drama for a change! Thank goodness!

    10. I'm a fan of this series but Jax and Caroline aren't my favorite characters and I felt a there was a little lack of character depth for Jax. Caroline was alright but a bit wishy washy for me. I don't know I just didn't connect with these two characters like I did the rest of the characters in the series. Still there were some funny moments and I love catching up with all the characters from the earlier books.

    11. I don't know how many different ways I can say how much I enjoy the series as a whole with each new character introduced you dive into the world more and more wanting to know about each and every one of them and see them each get their HEAs.Jax and Caroline were gonna happen we all knew it and now we get to see how it all plays out.Jax had been tracking his brother for years pushing people away knowing that anytime anyone got close to him they would die but this time he can't. Pushing her away i [...]

    12. Great as always! I have read all the books and have lived them all! Jax and Caroline were touching. They both grew as individuals and as a couple. They had their missteps and was good to see that it just wasn't instant perfect. That is what I like about this series no instant perfect! So like the real world. Ghosts of the past do need solved before you can face the future. Mika was dangerous but didn't scare the crap out of me and that is why I didn't give the total 5 starshe was an anticlimacti [...]

    13. Sebut aja aku pilih kasih, tapi dari awal kemunculannya di buku-buku sebelumnya Jax dan Caroline memang tidak membangkitkan rasa ingin tahu seperti karakter-karakter seri ini. Karakter mereka seperti karakter tambahan yang di sisipkan tapi kemudian berkembang jadi penting, sehingga di bukukan ASAP. Karakter mereka berdua yang serius, kepala batu dan kebanyakan galau juga tidak membantu. Tarik ulur mereka bikin frustasi karena penuh dengan aksi layangan. Adegan steamy mereka bisa bikin berasap sa [...]

    14. 5+ Stars!!JAX is exciting ,sexy, amazing, funny, & unpredictable!I thought Jill and Slade were my favorite couple but after reading this its' Caroline and Jax! I love how she wont back down and he wont give inThe ending leaves you wanting more in the very best way possible.I have been 100% completely sucked into this amazing series from the very 1st book, Damon started my addiction and Jax just gave me my Fix! and I love it. I cannot wait for the next book! Teresa Gabelman never fails to del [...]

    15. 4.25 rating. Loved it. Ms. Gabelman once again tugs you into the world of vampires and their mates. And Jax and Caroline's story is a great addition to this series. Once I started reading this book I was immediately SUCKED IN. Excellence character and plot development. The story between them just makes you want more. I highly recommend this series. You will want to read them in order to fully grasp the storyline progression. I truly enjoyed the world of the VC Warriors. I know you will as well. [...]

    16. So GoodThere are not a lot of books that I wish did not end but this is definitely one of them. Avid readers know what I mean. You read fast to see what is going to happen next but then you want to slow down to savor it. But then you want to get to the end to see how it turns out. But when you finish the book you are heart sick because it is done. Yep, sounds a little schizophrenic I know, but so, so true. This was a fabulous book with a great ending. Love, love, loved it.

    17. Love The Protectors series. After finishing Jax I can't decide who my favorite is. I really enjoyed Jax and Caroline's story. Jax was so yummy and I loved that Caroline was so persistent. I also really liked how Jax owned it once he realized he loved Caroline he claimed her and that was that. This book really has piqued my interest in Blaze as well as how Ms. Becky is going to ignore Sloan and thereby goad him. It's going to be good!!!!!!!

    18. Read this and sloans a bit arse backwards but it didn't ruin anything for me. I love these books! There laced with inappropriate humor, sarcastic Witt, a disfunctional family feel and a good bit of sexual suspense. The storyline flowed seamlessly and the characters are a pleasure to read. Looking forward to number 10!!

    19. Jax and Caroline do not disappoint! As much as I wanted her with Sloan - I have to admit these two are HOT and perfect for each other! I love all of the Warriors and they were all in this book front and center which I loved. Nice to reconnect. Cannot wait for book # 9!!!!What are you waiting for? Get reading about these Warriors , you will not be disappointed!!

    20. I just can get enough of this series it has jump to my TOP series everyone needs to read about these WarriorsIf you are a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan by J.R Ward then you will love Protectors by Teresa Gabelman this series is a must read

    21. As always with this series I loved the possessive males, the feisty females, the humour among the warriors and the overall hunkiness of all the VC's! Bring on Sloan!

    22. This may have been my favourite book of the series yet. Jax is one of the newer characters in the series that was brought in to help with training the half breeds. His past is something that he avoids talking about, and this just makes me more interested in his character. I loved seeing his struggle with his feeling towards Caroline; seeing how he finds emoting and loving someone, and being loved, a totally foreign concept. I loved seeing how over the course of this story, Jax really opens up an [...]

    23. I really enjoyed Jax and Caroline's story. Jax has a past that is bloody and painful one that he doesn't talk about to anyone. And when his brother comes back to kill anyone Jax holds dear again things start to get real for him and Caroline. Caroline is strong she doesn't take shit from anyone she is never going to settle or be a door mat for another man again after a bad break up with her former fiance. Caroline puts it all out there for Jax multiple times and it get pushed back in her face tim [...]

    24. Book 8 in seriesNow this book I knew it was gonna be stingingly good and it was!! And jax was right, he is an arsehole albeit a likeable one! Caroline at times was just to soft with him but that was defiantly her nature and I got it she’s the softness to his hard. My only grumble was the quick wind up of the end ‘we’ve caught the bad guy’ the same bad guy who was so freaking hard to catch that was so smart etc just fell a little flat but a little scalping and decapitation soon lifted me [...]

    25. VC Warrior brother against his evil siblingJax has been a sullen, bossy, butt head from his introduction, and still is. We do learn a lot of his past, considering his brother is the antagonist and his dead sister communicated with Caroline and Lana. Caroline's abilities are fully used and abused by Mika as well as Rod making an obnoxious appearance. This ones not my fav, not that it's a bad book, just something didn't grab me add hard as the others. (Keeping in mind I read book 1 only 3 days ago [...]

    26. What can I say but wowJax and Caroline are going all out.ting and loving. Jax brother is a shifter and he wants Caroline and everyone had cares about dead. I won't give any spoilers but it is full of happy and dad moments. It tears at your heart and makes you hate jaxes brother. It has you cheering when justice is meted out even though harshly.

    27. I found the plot interesting from the end of the prior books, with the challenge and emotional conflict from Jax’s past, and Caroline’s power and personality, this book really captures and contains attention.For rating and review breakdown, please feel free to read my blog review of this book at:flidaisdail/2017/06/23/j

    28. Never a dull moment!!!So far every book in this series is awesome!! . So many twists and turns! How a person can think of this many things twist and turns I have no idea. Miss Theresa is one very talented writer. I have enjoyed every one of these books and ready to start the next one!!!

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