Living Death

Living Death Katie Maguire goes undercover in the new gripping and gruesome thriller from number one international bestseller Graham Masterton DS Katie Maguire is at a loss Last year she and her team destroyed th

  • Title: Living Death
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Katie Maguire goes undercover in the new gripping and gruesome thriller from number one international bestseller Graham Masterton.DS Katie Maguire is at a loss Last year, she and her team destroyed the biggest drug trafficker in Cork So how is the city s drug trade at an all time high Meanwhile, a spate of violent attacks which leave victims severely disabled has broughKatie Maguire goes undercover in the new gripping and gruesome thriller from number one international bestseller Graham Masterton.DS Katie Maguire is at a loss Last year, she and her team destroyed the biggest drug trafficker in Cork So how is the city s drug trade at an all time high Meanwhile, a spate of violent attacks which leave victims severely disabled has brought confidence in the Garda to an all time low.As Katie investigates, she realises that the two cases might be connected Someone is using brain damaged victims to smuggle drugs into the country And the only way to find out is to go in undercover

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    1. This is the first book I’ve read in the Katie Maguire series and also the first book by Graham Masterson. This book read well as a standalone, but there were tie-ins to previous books, such as an ex-boyfriend. I picked this book up as a crime thriller and while it was that, there was also a good bit of gory horror and animal cruelty which I skimmed. In this story Katie deals with dognappers, a missing child and an influx of drugs while her boss works to destroy her career. At times the Irish s [...]

    2. Another great DS Katie Maguire story. Her ex-boyfriend is back and wants to reconcile. Meanwhile the team is trying to find a missing girl, a dognapping ring and find where all the drugs in the local community are coming from. Great read. I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.

    3. I love these books but must say I am starting to dislike the character. So her fiance lost his legs ib part because of her and after her rocky relationship and how much she loved him, she suddenly stopped doing so. Then she meets a man, goes to bed hours after meeting him and next day she is already thinking in a live with him, marriage and even children. This from a resolute professional with intelligence enough to tackle the most vicious criminals. The sex scenes are as cringey as ever

    4. A well written tough and gritty thriller. It's Halloween and people of Cork are out partying. A young girl leaves a club crying, she calls for a taxi to take her home. A young boy who she doesn't even know offers her a lift to her house. She is not driven home, but dropped off at St Giles Clinic. The driver of the car slowly edge the rear wheel over her legs. The young girl wakes up in the clinic, but everything about clinic doesn't seem good. Another part of this exciting thriller is a gang are [...]

    5. Review: LIVING DEATH by Graham MastertonAuthor Graham Masterton is noted for his prolific output, his devotion to imaginative horror, and to his immense talent and ability to engross readers. In the Katie Maguire Series, he applies that talent to crime--specifically in Cork, Ireland. In this seventh in the series, Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire copes with an influx of stultifyingly dangerous imported narcotics, a rash of dognapping, kidnapping, and a new beau. She also welcomes into her [...]

    6. I have read and enjoyed all the Katie Maguire books. WARNING: If you want a 'true to life' 'down to earth' 'realistic' read then this series should be avoided. Each one is more unrealistic than the one before but I enjoy that and laugh at the madness. Nothing is set in stone with people dying in one book and alive again in the next. Katie Maguire is a Garda Superintendent. She employs no risk assessment or management and sends her Guards into the most dangerous and precarious of situations with [...]

    7. "Crime Thriller That's Not for the Faint-Hearted"The Katie Maguire series is entering the realm of sadism and medical horror and just to make it more brutal animal torture all rolled into what would be a good story without the hipper depravities, her character for the most part is very interesting and logical, but in the romance department Masterton has decided to give this poor women a lobotomy that goes against her normal nature, she can not enjoy the company of men without becoming a discombo [...]

    8. The plot was very good and I loved the story. DS Katie Magurie and her team are over worked, trying to find the dognappers, an influx of drugs, and a missing young girl. Also her Ex boyfriend John is back, now recovering from his legs being amputated due to injuries in the previous book 'Buried' and he wants her back. Her boss dislikes her and tries to set her up. The characters were very interesting, and the story moved at a good pace. There was lots of action and suspense that lasted to the ve [...]

    9. May be arguably the best Katie Maguire to date. A bit on the gory side but Masterson brought his horror self deep into the details of this story wrapped in dognapping, dog fighting, kidnapping, betrayal & drug smuggling as well as a cast of smug, antisocial criminals.Graham also finds a unique way to end one romantic relationship and start another.Graham Masterson still retains his go to status for me.

    10. I received this arc from Netgalley. If you have a problem dealing with the abuse of animals (as I do), don't read this. I skipped the parts that contained animal abuse. The rest of this book was gruesome but I didn't have a problem with that. Katie, the main character, will make you want to smack her. Absolutely hated the way she treated John. The way that the book ended was kind of a cliffhanger.

    11. This series is one of the most disturbing series I've read. It's gruesome, graphic, and it can be very sexual at times. However, this book bothered me more than the other 6 strictly because of the dog fighting. I was brought to tears over the dog fighting. That part bothered me the most. There was one chapter that I skimmed because the animal abuse bothered me so much. Other than that, another amazing book. I can't wait until the next one.

    12. Another fantastic instalment in the Katie McGuire series. Always great plots that tell a great story with lots of sub plots interweaving. With a whole host of characters with stories and plots of their own always give the reader plenty to think and summarise about. Like I’ve said before you generally know who the culprits are from early on so it’s not a mystery but it’s how with the Garda find them out and when. It’s this non stop action and pure drama that make me love it so.I must say [...]

    13. Another gory & gripping read from one of my favourite authors. Once more there is a lot of brutality & the inhumane way in which people.& animals are treated, along with the perpetrators casual indifference to their suffering, makes it all the more chilling - Dr Fitzgerald has to be one of the cruellest, self-servicing villains I've read about for a long, long time *shudder*Despite being a huge Masterton fan & enjoying this series, I've never really taken to Katie. This time I wa [...]

    14. I don't know if I should be disappointed or not. This book had such a low body count compared to the other books in the series. However, there was still the high level of mindless and brutal violence and pain inflected upon innocent people.Katie Maguire has to come to terms with the events that had occurred in the previous book in the series and the greatest of these is her ex-boyfriend John recovering from having his lower legs amputated. She also has to deal with stolen dogs, a dog napper with [...]

    15. The author certainly stretched to make his villains extra villainous this time out. Psychotic doctor and dog fight organizers along with the usual Cork family gangs and corrupt police. Still a good read that moves along briskly. The explicit sex scene didn't do it for me and seemed out of place, but it appears that one is now obligatory in modern crime novels. And the scene at the end with the pitchfork was a bit over the top.The link between dognapping and drug smuggling seemed forced to me. Pe [...]

    16. Blimey old Mr Masterton's knows how to make your skin crawl and your toes curl with his cruel killers finding the most horrible ways to maim and murder poor innocent folk. This latest Katie Maguire book is no exception with plenty of people meeting grizzly ends before Katie finally catches up with her suspects.Full of the old regulars and plenty of new characters, the story is another page turner and I really enjoyed it. This time Katie is chasing dognappers and missing people who have been caug [...]

    17. Wygląda na to, że Masterton zaczyna powielać własne schematy, co widać zwłaszcza jeśli od lektury poprzednich tomów nie minęło zbyt wiele czasu. Martwi za życia to całkiem niezły thriller, który bardziej zyskuje jako niezależna, indywidualna powieść, a nie część cyklu, chociaż znajomość wcześniejszych losów Katie, na pewno pozwala lepiej zorientować się w jej prywatnym, mocno skomplikowanym życiu.Cała opinia:kacikzksiazka/2018/02/m

    18. I have enjoyed this series but The lead Katie is now becoming so dislikable and unbelievable ( quite obviously written by a man ) I'm not sure I'll read anymore The animal abuse in this is also horrific and way too graphic and the sex is beyond a joke to much repetitive graphic detail ( Masterton used to write porn so no surprise I guess) Shame as it's lol spoiling what is basically a great series ruined by obsessive sex writing if author

    19. Slow start. Obvious finish.I almost stopped reading this book because the circumstances of the crimes were so muddled. But I slogged through to a very obvious conclusion because I always want to be sure I have given an author a chance to pull me into their work. I won't be looking for or reading any more of this author's work.

    20. Since the opening of "The House that Jack Build" this was the most brutal book from Graham Masterton. This was for me the best one of the Katie Maguire series. I am probably gone take a rest until I start book 8 as book 9 has been announced for February 2018, so it would be wayyyyyy to long to wait :)

    21. Like all Graham Masterton's books this does not disappoint, its twists and turns are very exciting, and at times had me holding my breath with my hands to my face, the pictures in your head that this story conjures could give you nightmares for a week, and poor Katie Maguire certainly goes through the mill.


    23. I think one actually was a bit too much. It seemed just a lot of violence without any real purpose. I don't know, maybe this one was just too depressing for me!

    24. Katie Maguire #7, this book continues the series with an old crime solved and more evil being done in the city of Cork. Katie has trouble with her bosses and coworkers and her love life is tortured. The series confirms bad things are happening and Katie just continues on.

    25. Living Death is book #7 in the Katie Maguire series by Graham Masterton and the second one I have read. I have to remind myself occasionally that Masterton wrote horror stories for a time and that this foray into Irish crime novels, with its visceral taste of dark foreboding creatures, whose thirst for violence and blood, that prey on the innocents. Only this time Masterton's monsters are cloth in flesh and blood and the dark heart of man."When he looked up from doing that, he saw that a man was [...]

    26. Story was great but the continual use of local (I assume Gaelic?) words were quite off putting. Some of them I could sort of understand what they meant but others not at all.

    27. I love the Katie Maguire series and this one is brilliant, just wish Katie could have an easier time of it and maybe meet a decent man, as I am becoming very fond of her

    28. Thank you Net Galley for this advance copy in return for an honest review."Living Death" is the 7th installment of Graham Masterton's Katie Maguire series. This is the second book by Graham Masterton that I have had the pleasure of reading. The first was "White Bones" which is the first in this series. I already have the second and am anxious to start reading.As with most books in a series, this is a stand alone book. However, there are bits and pieces of the past that are discussed and are a pa [...]

    29. 3 StarsWarning: this book has very graphic violence in it. Just an fyi…This is a difficult book to judge. While it is written spectacularly it is difficult to read in parts. I used to really enjoy the Katie Maguire novels, however, this one is almost terribly bad – content wise. What’s with Katie jumping into bed with any man she meets? And good grief, do we need a clinical description of what is done in the bedroom? We start out with the kidnapping of a young woman by two thugs. What happ [...]

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