Fateful Lightning

Fateful Lightning The latest chapter in a unique epic military science fiction series that sweeps from Civil War America to a time warped world of horrifying conflict The Civil War Yankees lost in another world and t

  • Title: Fateful Lightning
  • Author: William R. Forstchen
  • ISBN: 9780451451965
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • The latest chapter in a unique, epic military science fiction series that sweeps from Civil War America to a time warped world of horrifying conflict The Civil War Yankees, lost in another world and time, find themselves part of a tactical retreat from the onslaught of the mysterious Merki hordes, reenacting the Russian retreats against the French and Germans.

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    1. The lost Regiment series is a fabulous story set in the days of the American Civil War. It is basically the Civil War meets Planet of the Apes. It is one of those refreshing stories that no on has done before or since. The writing style is smooth and easy to understand, and the plot moves just right. A great series is one where the reader gets to grow with the characters and this one does just that.

    2. A painting of HeroesMr. Gretchen paints a mural of battles. One between Armies, the other amongst the participants. Both of them, heroic. Anyone who likes historical novels will this series of books.

    3. Une bonne suite qui va dans la lignée montante niveau action et intensité. Je regrettes, toutefois, un nombre trop conséquent de descriptions et de liens (utiles par moment) pour créer des relation, mais qui a la longue deviennent plus mêlant et barbant qu'autre chose !On s'attache au sort de ces hommes (et femmes), on espère pour leur survie à tous, mais comme dans toute "bonnes guerres" ils doit y avoir des pertes déchirantes pour que l'on puisse comprendre toute l'horreur de ces actes [...]

    4. This series has been dubbed Planet of the apes meets the Civil War, as each book progresses the series gets richer and better, lots and lots of action, great story further advances of the cultures and world building of this epic tale. Kind of sad that this series is difficult to find as it is a fine read and a real page turner. Hard to know how Forstchen can top this.

    5. The Lost Regiment series is probably my favorite SF series, as opposed to fantasy. Forstchen is great with the historical aspects of the series and knows how to tell a good story and introduce sympathetic and realistic characters. I like this series very much.

    6. If you like the "displaced person in another world" stories then this is the series for you. Now we get an entire regiment of people on another earth. Fantastic story and awesome characters. Highly recommended

    7. Best of the series -- epic battles, in-depth Civil War tactics, and an incredible amount of backstabbing intrigue and political nastiness over on the Merki side!

    8. My favorite lost regiment book so far, The battle of Hispania makes the siege of Suzdal look like a walk in the park!

    9. Sadly I never read the other books in the series. Still, I was able to get the gist of the prior story and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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