The Guy Next Door - Pria Impian di Sebelah Rumah

The Guy Next Door Pria Impian di Sebelah Rumah To AndaFrom Human Resouces Subject Buku iniKepada Pembaca Berikut ini pesan yang secara otomatis dikirim oleh Divisi Human Resources New York Journal koran foto utama kota New York Menurut catatan k

  • Title: The Guy Next Door - Pria Impian di Sebelah Rumah
  • Author: Meg Cabot Indah S. Pratidina
  • ISBN: 9789792203288
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • To AndaFrom Human Resouces Subject Buku iniKepada Pembaca, Berikut ini pesan yang secara otomatis dikirim oleh Divisi Human Resources New York Journal, koran foto utama kota New York Menurut catatan kami Anda belum membaca buku ini Apa lagi yang Anda tunggu Kami harap pegawai kami, Miss Melissa Fuller, belum mempengaruhi Anda dengan semua cerita bohongnya tentang tetaTo AndaFrom Human Resouces Subject Buku iniKepada Pembaca, Berikut ini pesan yang secara otomatis dikirim oleh Divisi Human Resources New York Journal, koran foto utama kota New York Menurut catatan kami Anda belum membaca buku ini Apa lagi yang Anda tunggu Kami harap pegawai kami, Miss Melissa Fuller, belum mempengaruhi Anda dengan semua cerita bohongnya tentang tetanggannya yang diserang penjahat hingga koma limpahan tugas menjaga anjing dan dua kucing akibat kejadian tersebut soal keponakan tetangganya yang tampan lalu soal bagaimana keponakan itu ternyata menipunya habis habisan Anda bisa mengabaikan berita tersebut, karena semua itu BOHONG belaka Semua itu hanya karangannya agar terhindar dari sanksi kepegawaian Bila membaca dengan cermat buku ini, Anda akan langsung tahu bahwa divisi ini adalah pihak yang benar, dan tuduhan bahwa kami selalu mengincar kesalahan pegawai New York Journal adalah fitnah.Tidak percaya Silakan temukan sendiri kebenarannya di dalam buku ini.Salam hormat,Human Resource DivisionNew York Journal

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    1. Well it is almost 1 o'clock and I just finished this book. I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed it! I gave it 5 stars, the definition for 5 stars is "it was amazing" and I probably wouldn't say that because I don't think you can say that chic lit is "amazing". If I had to give it a score out of 10 I would give it a 9 1/2 only a couple things bothered me, first there is swearing not much though but that always bothers me it really isn't necessary and the other thing is really stupid but the m [...]

    2. This was so much fun. I mean, I saw the ending coming from a mile away and it was mega cheesy, but still, SO FUN. I can't believe I waited so long to start this series. Meg Cabot is my queen

    3. When I'm asked what my favorite book is, this always comes into my head because I was just so entertained. I don't know how Meg Cabot did an all-email book and make it so amazing. She is definitely a talented author!

    4. What I particularly enjoyed about this book is the originality of the writing style. The book is written in a modern epistolary fashion, it develops through the emails the various characters exchange.The story is witty, there is a little bit of a mystery to solve, which I always enjoy, and the book overall is light and refreshing.

    5. Ok - just to warn you - This entire book is in e-mail format. Yup. 379 pages of e-mails. Truth be told - I really liked it! So we have Mel Fuller who writes the page 10 celebrity gossip column for the NY Journal. She is late to work (for about the 50th time) because she found her neighbor lady laying face down with her dog barking like mad. She really likes her neighbor Mrs. Friedlander and feels bad for her 2 cats and dog (a great dane named Paco - who has a Great Dane in NY City?!?!) so Mel ta [...]

    6. To see review of whole series with gifs click here.In a lot of ways this is the best one in the series. The reason why, the relationship is the most developed and I love the Trents. Though, the Hertzogs are just as amusing but a lot more dysfunctional-and that’s saying something since Daddy Trent is in jail.I think the style that this book is written in-emails, notes, phone messages, etc. really works well for it. I don’t know if it-or its sequels-would work well in any other style. I often [...]

    7. So, this was my first Meg Cabot. Maybe not the best place to start, considering there are more popular books of hers I could have started with but I guess it wasn't a too bad introduction to her work. The Boy Next Door started out pretty awesome, there was hilarity left and right and I just loved it. After I was halfway through, though, the book began to drag quite a bit and I was annoyed with most of the characters. The magic of the cute romance faded for me as well because even if it was cute, [...]

    8. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish this one because, while there were some things I genuinely liked about the email format in which it was written, the format overall left me wanting. The story picked up, however, and I found myself not minding the email format so much. After a little while, I found myself engrossed, wanting desperately to find out who attacked the neighbor and whether or not Mel and John would get together (OK, so admittedly I knew this was an inevitability since it [...]

    9. This book has earned its place as my new most embarrassing book to read in public to date. I made a special point to fold the pages of this book over, hiding the cheesy cover which seemed to scream the announcement “Yes I read mindless, fluffy chicklit!” I guess I wouldn’t have been so embarrassed to be reading this book if it had not been for the general low quality of the entire concept. The Boy Next Door is a romantic story Mel, young gossip columnist for a New York newspaper, who ends [...]

    10. I had a blast reading it. I will write a longer review laterA: 4.5 stars rounded up to 5I have just finished re-reading it and it was just as much fun as the first time around. This book is written as an ongoing exchange of emails (‘epistolary novel’ sounds just too 18th century 😉), and even though I am not usually a fan of this format, it worked for me here. The author managed to keep the voices distinct and different (Vivica, hee).I might as well say it here - if you are looking for rea [...]

    11. Cabot's hilarious humor in a book filled with emails?I'm not a big fan of chick-lit, but what can I say? Meg Cabot always knows how to make me laugh out loud and move me ♥To : jerrylives@freemailFrom : Mel Fuller Subject : How about this one?I knowPrincess Leia, Return of the JediMel

    12. Title: Boy next doorAuthor: Meggin CabotCopyright date: 2002Publisher: HarperCollins publishersHow many pages: 374 pgsHow long it took me to read: 10 daysCategory: FictionI learned about this book from: borrowing it from the library in the beginning of the year but not getting to read it.This book was purchased at: G booksThis book is: amusingOther books by these authors: Princess Diaries series, Pop idol, big boned, jinx, queen of babble in the big city, size 12 is not fat, and size 14 is not f [...]

    13. As someone who doesn't keep up with the world of pop culture, the constant references to films and celebrities in this book put me off it a bit. Cabot's need to make her adult characters have sex within a few weeks of meeting each other also bugged me. Why? Is it not possible to have a relationship in today's society without sleeping with everyone you date?I used to really enjoy the format of letters and emails in novels, but I've realised that this stops authors from showing their full literary [...]

    14. Reread and this time my rating is 4 stars, previous rating: 5 stars You just cannot go wrong with Meg Cabot (at least all the ones I've read so far)!I gobble up her chiclits like cookie-dough ice cream -> fun fact, I actually did this simultaneously in this case lol.Not much to review with this really, so yeah - if you need easy to read escapism, here you go.

    15. 8%, and I can't take the email format. I love dialogue, character interaction, the author interjecting snarky observations about what's happening. Email is so cold. But this is just me, and so far the writing is funny and colourful.

    16. This was a fun story with all the quirky characters. I think the only character that annoyed me was Dollie and her kiss, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, hug. So annoying, ugh.

    17. I almost didn't read this book.First of all, I am not a big fan of adult Meg Cabot books, minus a few exceptions. Her teen books are my guilty pleasure, but her characters are exactly the same in both. What's acceptable for a teenager is different than what's acceptable for someone in their 30s, and it becomes annoying. Plus her sex scenes are really awkward.Secondly, I don't like books written in letter format. Diary format is fine, but letters and emails are just hard for me to get into. I gav [...]

    18. The plotMel Fuller, the female lead writes the page 10 celebrity gossip column for the NY Journal. She is late to work again for around the 50th day in a row because she found her neighbor, Mrs. Friedlander unconscious with her dog barking like crazy. Feeling bad for her neighbor's pets she takes care of them while Mrs. Friedlander lays in a coma. Walking the dog every morning before work causes Mel to be late A LOT and finally with a help of her coworkers/friends she tracks down Mrs. Friedlande [...]

    19. The wonderful Kat Conway gifted me this kindle book for a sick day read. It was DELIGHTFULLY bad - all told through email correspondence, but in that magical time when people had email but not general web access. Literally all the problems in this book could have been solved by an internet search or two. The cultural references are also so hilariously early 2000s that it was hard for me to not screen grab every single one. It's Cabot's first "adult" book, but it reads like it's still written for [...]

    20. 4.5 stars Boy Next Door is a novel told through email exchanges that really made my day. The characters were amazingly shown with distinct traits, but jived perfectly together. The humor was just too good, the attraction between John and Mel was wonderfully set, and the friendship over Mel and Nadine and her relationship with her workmates is entertaining. Not to mention that I do enjoy this kind of novel telling. I didn't like everything that happened but this is just what I need today - the So [...]

    21. PERO QUÉ DULZURA DE LIBRO. No sé si tendría que ponerle tres estrellas, 3,5 o las cuatro de ahora. Pero qué importa. Ya veremosESTIÓN QUE ESTE LIBRO ES SUPER TIERNO Y SUPER LINDO Y SÚPER RARO.Reseña express en puntitos hasta que pueda escribir algo bien:-Soy la fan #1 de las novelas escritas de otra forma que no sea la prosa común. Por ejemplo, esta novela está escrita en forma de correos electrónicos.-A pesar de que el final me resultó medio apresurado como por así decirlo (view spo [...]

    22. It's 4:00 o'clock in the morninge conversations go boring Naaah. My eyes are kinda droopy now, not that I have ptosis or something--my eyes are kinda tired now but my brain wants me to write a review even I know my thoughts are a little messed up, considering my body is a silently shouting: Sleep now! You bloody, abusive, self-centered. but my brain says, LOL. NOd I'm here now, typing my so-called review when I should have been sleeping by now and get back to this once I'm all sober and coherent [...]

    23. I entered the re-read challenge at the start of this year and so far have been failing miserably, but I have found myself coming back to old favorites from time to time when the mood strikes and this time was the chance for "The Boy Next Door". I have to say that I was very nervous about it, because this is an old favorite of mine, I think I read it the first time when I was about 11 or 12 and re-read it obsessively during my teen years so to say that I was desperate to it to hold up my good mem [...]

    24. This turned out to be a really enjoyable read! At first I wasn't so sure I could read a whole book based on emails back and forth. But after a while I kinda got used to it. I found myself looking forward to the emails and WHO was sending it and to WHOM! It wasn't just a back and forth reply between two friends at the office but others popped in as well. I think thats what made it a more interesting read because you weren't sure whose email you were going to end up reading next. The funny thing i [...]

    25. I friggin' love Meg Cabot. LOVE I SAY. Not only did The Princess Diaries teach me more about adolescence (and New York) than my mum I would argue this book kicked off my obsession with romance novels. I found it on my cousin's bookshelf when I was 14 and have been 'borrowing' it for the last decade. I can't count how many times I've read it but each time I do I laugh and swoon and grin. That sounds like a cliche but it isn't, not to me anyway. With the exception of the not-detailed-enough-for-my [...]

    26. This is one of Meg Cabot's Boy Series books (Every Boy's Got One and Boy Meets Girl) which are written in 21st Century epistolary style, this particular book in all email messages.Melissa Fuller lives in New York at a small newspaper and lives next door to an older woman who has an "accident", forcing Mel to tend to her neighbor's three pets. Mel suspects foul play while the police hunt down the neighbor's only living relative, a nephew named Max. Max is too busy vacationing with a supermodel to [...]

    27. This is the second time I read this book. I love this book, the story and the writing is very interesting. The reader been drag to follow the plot through emails who been send by the characters, co-workers, friends and families. So the story is about Melissa Fuller, a gossip columnist found her neighbor fainted on the floor. She later contacts her neighbor’s nephew that is Max Friedlander as a fashion photographer. Max is doesnt care about his aunt and rather have some fun with a supermodel. T [...]

    28. Oh so this is the famous author who wrote princess diaries! Ah great. And so this is what it feels like to read a chick lit? Gotta say, it's a wonderful feeling. Oh wow this book was rainbows and butterflies feeling. It was so cute, and very well portrayed inspire of the whole story being in the form of emails. Like wow. People could write in any way and reach out to the readers. Fascinating. 5 fluffy stars!

    29. Quick and light, addictive, but not heavy on substance. A bit dated as well, which is odd-I'd think 2009 wouldn't feel quite that way.

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