Unlikely Mates Bundle

Unlikely Mates Bundle Complete Edition Part Author s suggested reading order of all series Chosen by the Vampire Kings Stolen by the Alpha Wolf Unlikely Mates Awakened by the Vampire Prince Mated to the Vampir

  • Title: Unlikely Mates Bundle
  • Author: Charlene Hartnady
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Complete Edition Part 1 3Author s suggested reading order of all series 1 Chosen by the Vampire Kings 2 Stolen by the Alpha Wolf 3 Unlikely Mates 4 Awakened by the Vampire Prince 5 Mated to the Vampire Kings 6 Wolf Whisperer standalone novella After one glorious night, Rushe considers the human doctor to be his His Damn It Unfortunately, he must bide his time beComplete Edition Part 1 3Author s suggested reading order of all series 1 Chosen by the Vampire Kings 2 Stolen by the Alpha Wolf 3 Unlikely Mates 4 Awakened by the Vampire Prince 5 Mated to the Vampire Kings 6 Wolf Whisperer standalone novella After one glorious night, Rushe considers the human doctor to be his His Damn It Unfortunately, he must bide his time before being permitted to pursue Becky Ross, on the other hand, wastes no time in going after what he wants, namely, one lush human The scent of another male on her skin only incites him further to eradicate the shifter from her mind, by whatever means necessary Take what is mine Becky knows that Rushe has his heart set on finding a mate Since she made it crystal clear that it won t be her, she s sure he s moved on On the rebound, even though she won t admit it to herself, it leaves her free to explore her deepest, darkest vampire fantasies Only, it s not quite as freaking simple as she thought it would be Be warned, this story contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18 There are scenes of mfm m nage It is highly recommended that you start with Chosen by the Vampire Kings first for the most enjoyment.

    One thought on “Unlikely Mates Bundle”

    1. ☆☆☆No Spoilers! Definitely colorful language abound! Whoa y'all. That's enough of that.Listen, there is a time and a place for getting lost in the idea of being the stuffing between a werewolf and vampire sandwich. It was yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning. I struggle with stories such as these, something will happen and I suddenly can't turn off my analytical mind. How critical can I really be here? I'm debating on if I should delve into the crisis that is m/f/m DP mechanics. Is t [...]

    2. Great ménage Ok, so I really like Ross and Rushe and their camaraderie. Becky did get annoying because she didn't know herself and didn't really have much courage to face herself. The best part of this book was Ross and Rushe's relationship. Becky was just happenstance to me.

    3. SERIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: Unlikely Mates BundleSeries: The Chosen SeriesDesignation: Complete Three Book Compilation, Standalone, NO CliffhangerAuthor: Charlene HartnadyMy Rating: FIVE SUPER SEXY STARS*****WOWZA! OMG! I absolutely loved this story! Unlikely Mates is a sub-series and third release in The Chosen Series by USA best-selling author Charlene Hartnady and was originally published in three separate installments, His First, His Last and Their Everything which [...]

    4. Ok. Love Rushe and RossI still really dislike the kings. Total dirt bags! I'm not sure how Did he and Ross end up at the castle and how she becomes the Dr. But I really !over this story. We get to see how all 3 relationships develop. How they work together. Love. Love. Love these guys and how Did he stood up for Ross. Even during the fights.

    5. 5 starsFirst of I can not stand brant and Zane anymore. They are both horrible horrible "people." I loved the friendship between rushe and Ross. It made the story so much more enjoyable than the first book. Becky was a little too stubborn for my taste but I still loved her

    6. First, those looking for His First it's not available to buy on anymore. Yet parts 2 and 3 still are. I ended up having to buy the whole thing for $4 and I just dunno, I mean it's almost 300 pages but not quite. Ok moving on, the series as a whole book was good, a decent story with some smut thrown in, a great mix. Except I was disappointed in this book a bit. First with Becky only wanting to do no strings attached sex, she makes it sound like she doesn't want a relationship then turns around a [...]

    7. Becky is the funny friend of Tanya, the Queen of the vampires.She is a doctor and a very good one at that.She has a clear way of saying what she thinks and she really wants sex with a paranormal being.The door is open when she must stay with the shifters to help Stephany with her newborn babies.Rush, the wolf shifter, is the man for the job.But he wants a mate, a family, and she is not ready for that.Back to her hometown Ross, the hot vampire, smells the shifter on the doctor and shows her ho [...]

    8. AddictedTo quote our audacious Dr. Becky, "Holy macafreakingroni!" How lucky is Becky to have not one, but two non-human males vying to become her mate. Two ultra alpha, hot and sexy guys competing to win her heart and mind and soul. But will age old prejudices between the shifters and the vampires keep them apart? This series keeps getting better and better. I am so hooked, I think I have an addiction. One I aim to keep feeding! 😀

    9. Ross and Rushe are the superior men in this series.Best one so far. Brant is still an asshole. But what's new. Not the most literary challenging or incredible novels but just nice and easy to read on my kindle.

    10. Awesome!!!This was one of my favorite books in the series! Ross and Rushe are two of the best characters and super hot. Becky definitely had a steamy time.

    11. Four stars!!I liked this book, the story and characters were interesting. Also, the sex scenes were sexy and hot. However, I would have liked a more in depth ending.

    12. Awesome!Loved it. Its kinda heavy on the sex, but overall good storyline and great characters.Totally read them out of order and am backtracking, but the world is super intricate so its okay.

    13. 3's Not a Crowd!Ross (vampire), Rushe (wolf shifter), & Becky (human & BFF to Tanya) are the 3some in this series. Ross & Rushe 1st met when Stephany went in labor & the Kings thought to capture Ward. While Becky was visiting Stephany to make sure everything was ok she seduced Rushe into having sex with her & as he wasn't supposed to as he was ordered by Ward not to he wasn't allowed to say goodbye to her when she left. Ross from the moment her met Becky in Tanya's story he's [...]

    14. Unlikely Mates by Charlene Hartnady is my favourite book / bundle so far, and yes it's a hot threesome, a sexy ménage.

    15. OmgThese books just keep getting better.you can't help falling in love with all the characters whilst still having the original ones

    16. Fantastic BookThe is another good book. I recommend, you read part 1 first, that way it will make more sense. Got, to be over 18 to read these books.

    17. Good stuff!This book was great! Third in the series and I'm going for number four! Super fun read, great characters, good flow from book to book! These two guys are my favorite!!

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