Redemption Book by Susanne Beck Beck Susanne

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  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Susanne M. Beck
  • ISBN: 9780967768755
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book by Susanne Beck, Beck, Susanne

    One thought on “Redemption”

    1. Wow. So that just happened. This was a pretty amazing book. Gotta say it's setting is a first for me. I absolutely cannot wait to read book 2. So it's uber X/G and stays true to that. So much violence though. I normally shy away from that, but it was done in a way that was Ugh, you just root for them. The pacing on this? At times you seem to be able to catch your breath in between scenes that are almost manic in their ferocity. Just wow. I hate that her novels seemed to be caught up in a publish [...]

    2. Ok the cover might be off putting and unappealing but it's definitely worth your time and isn't as dark as the cover suggests. Sure there's violence, etc. but quite acceptable. For those that are fans of the xena concept, tall dark and deadly with the small blond sidekick the only thing i'd like to say is that these characters remind me the most of them. The writer didn't discount or downplay the darkside of tall dark and deadly like other xena fanfic stories tend to be.Try it out at least make [...]

    3. This Series is Part of my all time top 10 Novels. A Must Read. Prepare yourself for a healthy block of time. You will not want to put the book down or stop until the series is completed!

    4. I read this book a veeeery long time ago when it was available as xena fanfiction and to this day I remember it which it's saying something since I go through books like most people go through clothes (can't remember the saying exactly so you'll have to forgive me, but it was something along those lines). I just stumbled across this here and got all warm and fuzzy remembering it Definitely worth a read, would recommend it if this type of book is your cup of tea :)

    5. This is a love story not a romance and a really beautiful one. I stopped reading halfway through and I can't even remember why but I'm really sorry I did. Redemption has everything in it: powerful characters, tension, violence, love, suspense, tears, joy and angst. Written from the first person point of view, this is Angel's journal/memoir. Angel is sent to prison after killing her husband with a baseball bat. As a new inmate her life and body is not her own and it's not long before she is attac [...]

    6. I really, REALLY hate this cover.This story, o maybe just like say "the story of Stephen King" is more than good. But, still is the 'Shawshank Redemption' of Stephen, with a female characters and little twist like a romance.

    7. Úplně mi to nesedlo. Postavy se chovaly někdy dost debilně a měla jsem problém si k nim udělat vztah bylo mi v podstatě jedno, co s nimi bude a to je asi špatně.

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