It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments

It s a Jungle Out There The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments For all of you humming I Will Survive while watching the political debacles gracing the evening news when getting an earful from your Limbaugh loving brother in law or as you re ducking into the bat

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  • Title: It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments
  • Author: Amanda Marcotte
  • ISBN: 9781580052269
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • For all of you humming I Will Survive while watching the political debacles gracing the evening news, when getting an earful from your Limbaugh loving brother in law, or as you re ducking into the bathroom to avoid the date espousing the wisdom of those Mars versus Venus books, this book is for you.It s a Jungle Out There gives all you smart, independent women out thereFor all of you humming I Will Survive while watching the political debacles gracing the evening news, when getting an earful from your Limbaugh loving brother in law, or as you re ducking into the bathroom to avoid the date espousing the wisdom of those Mars versus Venus books, this book is for you.It s a Jungle Out There gives all you smart, independent women out there the funny pranks, witty comebacks, and stalwart sources of strength you need in these trying times With her tongue firmly in cheek and her middle finger stuck straight up in the air, Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon takes you on a tour through the perils that await any feminist who must navigate day to day life in the U.S from the abstinence only classrooms to the glass ceiling of the office world.Drawing on her personal experiences of dealing with anti feminists from her years of blogging about feminism and living in the woman unfriendly state of Texas Marcotte brings her wit and distinct lack of patience to the topic of surviving while feminist She doles out priceless advice along the way on how not only survive but also thrive, and even how to carve out a space for your feminist self in these oft times hostile environments.

    One thought on “It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments”

    1. This book is hilarious! As a longtime feminist, some of the concepts were very feminist 101 (so it would good to give a "I'm not a feminist but" friend) but I still wanted to keep reading it because the prose was so snarky, witty, and fun. Her metaphors are so creative that they cut right through the sexism and bullshit.It looses a star for some of the very old-timey racist cartoons that add nothing to the book. I get that Marcotte likes retro, but it's more than a little tacky. The guides to fe [...]

    2. The only reasons I didn't give this book 5 stars:1. Lots of typographical errors.2. Lots of run-on sentences that can be difficult to read. Hire me as an editor next time!3. Exclusion of trans* women. This is a huge problem for me in most feminist literature, and I will not relinquish that withheld star until this is corrected.Otherwise, it is a veritably hilarious, witty survival guide even for the most seasoned of feminists. Trans* women beware, though, because there are some erasing passages. [...]

    3. Amanda Marcotte has a hilarious take on the insanity that is modern American misogyny. For example, an essay on how "feminist" has somehow become conflated with "crazy cat lady," or one on how women's magazines describe the perfect woman. The astute reader will alternate between nodding in recognition and howling with laughter, which beats hell out of our previous options of crying in frustration and seething in rage before grabbing a pistol and heading out for the shooting range to blow off som [...]

    4. The book is amusing most of the time. The drawback about it is that the blog format doesn't translate that well to book format. I would recomend it to budding feminists and young women but if you're much older than 25 or have considered yourself a feminist for more than 5 minutes, you're probably not going to get a LOT out of this book (though you ought to get something. Even at my age and having considered myself a feminist for 20+ years, there were many arguments I appreciated someone else art [...]

    5. Overall I liked this book although the tone was definitely tounge in cheek, but sometimes came across as just plain angry. I most identified with the chapter on 'Being told to smile by a stranger'. How often that has happened to mew I know it happens to others as well.I did learn about some movements that I had never heard of before such as the father/daughter dances that celebrate the girl's virginity, creepy.

    6. I'm not really finished with this book, but I've read enough to review it, and since I'm in no rush to get through it, I just sort of want it off my "currently reading" list. I really do enjoy Pandagon, Marcotte's blog, for the most part, but I get a little annoyed when she thinks she's being hilarious and she's just not. She is smart and quite often cuts through the bullshit to offer some really illuminating takes on our culture, but godDAMN is she in love with her writing. And it shows.This bo [...]

    7. I like Marcotte's writing on the Pandagon blog, but I think I was hoping for something more from this book. As is, it reads like a series of blog posts, and light ones at that. I think I was expecting a combination of actual suggestions for existing as a feminist in politically inhospitable environment, with a good dose of humor and perhaps derision for some of the idiocy that exists out there. Unfortunately it was far heavier on the humor and far lighter on the actual suggestions than I would h [...]

    8. As entertaining as her blog Pandagon (plus an I'm-sure-it's-a-typo about libertarians who complain about "taxing the public to pay for pubic services," oops), it's a fast, witty trip through many sexist aspects of American culture and what to do about them. I should write a more in-depth review, because there's probably a number of things I could quibble with, and things that could have been included, but overall, recommended for anyone who knows what it's like to stay up way too late reading fe [...]

    9. As someone who has been very heavily involved in feminist activism and academia for the past 4 years, this was kind of boring. I maybe read the first part in its entirety? And then skimmed the rest. I completely skipped the "Surviving the Sexual Minefield" section since I'm a lesbian and it was based completely on heterosexuality. In sum: Marcotte tries to be intersectional and appeal to diversity, but basically resorts to discussing straight, able bodied, white women's issues and throws in spri [...]

    10. Well, I never got around to reading each and every essay, but it's due back at the library and I can't renew it. Not sure whether or not to give it 2 or 3 stars - wish I could do 2 1/2, maybe. I did like it. There were some very funny bits. I particularly liked her essay about the "nice guy." (will add in some quotes if/when I have the book in front of me.)There is some controversy around the book because of the publisher's use of racist Tarzan-like imagery (white woman saving man from dark-skin [...]

    11. It is funny. Also, the chapters really help highlight various issues in feminism, which is important. But I didn't like her writing style. She used the No True Scotsman Fallacy throughout the whole book. Basically it's her brand of feminism or the highway and you're not a true feminist. I find that behavior abhorrent on so many levels. But hey, that's her and if this type of thinking makes her feel better at night

    12. The wit wasn't witty? Most of this books humor I didn't find humorous. (Do you like that fact that I can't stop using the same words over and over again? No. Okay, I'm not very witty either.)The format of this book fell flat for me as well. And there was some trans erasure in this book. Not one I would recommend to my feminist friends, but not horrible.

    13. This book was reviewed and recommended by Ms. Magazine. I am not sure why. The attempt toward cutesy/funny writing was nauseating. The book lacked depth and brought nothing new into the feminist discussion. If anything, I feel badly that this book might represent feminists. A much better book is Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti.

    14. Made me laugh out loud repeatedly! Marcotte has a fantastic sense of humor along with excellent information and reasoning skills. She and I have different experiences and opinions, but she writes respectfully as an individual and I appreciate learning about others' lives. I highly recommend reading this as an educational, delightful break from the ever-dour news

    15. Has anyone else read this? So poorly put together, excessive use of the same few words, badly edited, humorless, long choppy convoluted sentences. This woman thinks it would be funny and helpful to picket outside of reproductive health clinics on surgery days just to fuck with the anti-choice protestersuse making things worse makes things better, right? Terrible.

    16. Reviewed in Bitch Magazine. Looks like a good read and might hone my sexist-bullshit-detector, but I am troubled by the image of the big breasted cartoon character on the front. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

    17. This book was hilarious and insightful. Marcotte is a master at finding the funny in horrible situations and making them more bearable. You don't have to agree with everything she says to feel energized and more hopeful while reading about real problems in our society.

    18. Although I share some of her feminist perspectives on issues, I'm not sure it quite worked in this format. And, I'm all for sarcasm, but I'm afraid it's the kind of feminist writing that might turn people off and scoff with stereotypical, anti-feminist responses.

    19. While more concerned with the content of the book and less of the imagery accompanying the text (because, let's face it: comics are the least concerned media with progressive identity politics), I found the book to be hilarious and insightful.

    20. Fantastic. Perfect if you're someone who actively attempts to call people out in problematic situations and sometimes has trouble productively navigating negative responses.

    21. An alright book. It's not super practical, but it is funny, sarcastic, and snarky. It's a light read on a bunch of serious subjects.

    22. Funny lighthearted look at how to approach life in a sexist world. I feel like all tween girls should be given a copy

    23. Hilarious, wonderful. Not very much new information, and some parts could have gone a touch deeper into it.

    24. A fun, light read. She closes the book with a chapter listing online resources, which I'll be interested to check out.

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