Alles super!

Alles super Klug feinf hlig voller Humor Kinderliteratur vom FeinstenAls Onkel Ben sein Gesch ft aufgeben muss ist den Kindern Gloria und Raymond klar dass irgendetwas Schlimmes passiert sein muss Denn Onkel

  • Title: Alles super!
  • Author: Roddy Doyle Rosa Linke Bettina Obrecht
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Klug, feinf hlig, voller Humor Kinderliteratur vom FeinstenAls Onkel Ben sein Gesch ft aufgeben muss, ist den Kindern Gloria und Raymond klar, dass irgendetwas Schlimmes passiert sein muss Denn Onkel Ben ist einfach nicht mehr der alte, von seiner Fr hlichkeit ist ihm nichts mehr geblieben Die Gro mutter behauptet, ein schwarzer Hund , der die ganze Stadt Dublin heimsuKlug, feinf hlig, voller Humor Kinderliteratur vom FeinstenAls Onkel Ben sein Gesch ft aufgeben muss, ist den Kindern Gloria und Raymond klar, dass irgendetwas Schlimmes passiert sein muss Denn Onkel Ben ist einfach nicht mehr der alte, von seiner Fr hlichkeit ist ihm nichts mehr geblieben Die Gro mutter behauptet, ein schwarzer Hund , der die ganze Stadt Dublin heimsucht, sei die Ursache des bels Gloria und Raymond beschlie en, etwas zu unternehmen Und so beginnt f r die Kinder von Dublin ein wundervolles Abenteuer Am Ende sind es die Tiere aus dem Zoo, die den Kindern helfen, das Ungeheuer f r immer zu vertreiben.

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    1. عندما سرقت العظمة المضحكة في مدينة دبلن من قِبَل كلب الكآبة الأسود، يقرروا اولاد المدينة ملاحقة الكلب والقضاء عليه.كنت متوقع من بداية قراءتي أنه لن يبهرني الكتاب بحكم انه كتاب مخصص للاطفال. ولكن للأسف لم اجد شيئا مميزا لأعطيه تقييم مرتفع سوى فكرة الكتاب وهو التحدث عن الاكتئ [...]

    2. After I discovered that Roddy Doyle had written a children’s book and that he would be tackling the subject of depression, I was really keen to read it. In Brilliant, he tackles both the economic depression and the illness of depression, illustrating the link that the one can have with the other when a job is lost for example. The story is very readable indeed and captures the menace of the darkness that the big black dog brings with it. With his words he draws on this name for depression, the [...]

    3. It started off really well but became quite repetitive - could have been a lot shorter and then more enjoyable. A great idea though and a way for kids to understand what depression is / open up for discussion.

    4. "The Black Dog came in the night. He came in a cloud - he was the cloud. A huge cloud that covered the city."Brilliant is a children's story by Booker Prize winner Roddy Doyle. It was featured in VOYA Magazine's "Top Shelf: Fiction for Middle School Readers 2015." The two main characters, Gloria and Raymond, overhear their family talking about Uncle Ben whose business recently went under and who will now be living with the children's family until matters improve. The grandmother says that Uncle [...]

    5. My feelings about this book went back and forth quite a bit. There were bits that I really really enjoyed, that gave me goosebumps, that even made me tear up! Yet, I kept thinking about how I would have felt about this book as a young reader. I doubt I would have been able to understand a lot of the more adult concepts such as the financial stress of a mortgage. Nothing wrong with an adult having to explain a little further, but as a kid I probably wouldn't have asked anyone for clarification. T [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My thanks for the opportunity.Brilliant is a funny yet meaningful book for middle grade readers tackling the subject of depression in a very clever way. The Black Dog of depression had invaded the city of Dublin. No humans noticed. But the animals did. The city's pets tried to warn their owners but the humans weren't listening. A bark was a bark, and a mew was just a mew.When Uncle Ben comes to [...]

    7. Not much plot here. Two siblings like to hang out underneath the kitchen table late at night listening to adult conversation that they don't understand. At first their parents are aware they are there and watch what they say, but later the adults somehow don't notice them and stop censoring their dialogue. The children then go on a wild goose chase for an imaginary "black dog" that is plaguing all the adults in Dublin. They don't know why they are pursuing this creature, or what they hope to acc [...]

    8. Buku ini mengingatkan kita untuk tetap gembira dan tersenyum. Walaupun hidup sedang sudah dengan berbagai macam alasan. Kita harus tetap semangat dalam menjalaninya. Namun terkadang kata-kata lebih mudah daripada ketika melakukannya. Sehingga tak sedikit dari kita yang mudah terpuruk dalam keputusasaan. Sekarang tugas kita membuktikan bahwa tidak ada yang bisa membuat kita tunduk dan menyerah pada kesusahan.

    9. Loved this gentle fantasy set in Dublin. Two young children heard that the black dog (of depression) is ruining their uncles life so they set off on a quest to find and defeat it. The book is like the title - Brilliant.

    10. "When the grown-ups speak sadly of “the black dog of depression,” the children assume that it’s a literal dog that has caused nationwide depression by stealing Ireland’s funny bone.That premise alone is strange enough, but then this theory that the kids half made up turns out to be completely true. Gloria and Raymond go out one night and actually find the enormous dog that’s caused everyone’s depression. Naturally, such an enemy is dangerous to fight. Getting too close to it can make [...]

    11. 'Brilliant' by Roddy Doyle and illustrated by Emily Hughes is actually tied in to Dublin's Saint Patrick's Day parade. Back in 2011, Roddy Doyle was asked to write a short story and each chapter would tell a story of the float that people were seeing.Raymond and Gloria like to sneak down and listen to what their mother and father are talking about. It's a fun game that the adults are in on. Ever since Uncle Ben came to live with them, the growups don't talk out loud at night, and when the kids s [...]

    12. This cute book had such a hopeful and magical feeling about it. When the "Big Black Dog of Depression" takes over the city of Dublin, it's up to the children to get the city's funny bone back and get the adults laughing again. I loved how empowered and caring the children in this story are! The two main characters' (siblings Raymond and Gloria) Uncle Ben has moved in with them while he goes through some hard times. Through some clever eavesdropping, the kids learn their uncle has depression and [...]

    13. I chased this story through one sweet morning. In what might seem the simple tale of children chasing down a dog in the night, huge themes are touched on--depression, love, and the power of community. Lovely language, talking animals, and gentle magic culminate in an oddly touching story that ends with a city's funny bone. I teared up and smiled while I did. "They ran. They stayed warmer that way and running seemed to be the right way to measure their love for Uncle Ben. They wanted to hear thei [...]

    14. I wasn't sure the pumpkin princesses would enjoy this one as a bedtime story, but they really did. The 10-year old loved it all the way through; the 8-year old thought there was too much aimless chasing toward the end and would have liked a more complex resolution.

    15. I recently came back from a trip to Ireland, so I thought I'd read something by the famous Irish writer Roddy Doyle. He's not well known for juvenile literature, so I was surprised he'd written a novel for children, but that didn't put me off. Well-written kids' books can be fun to read, even as an adult. Brilliant starts well: the sparkling Irish humour is there, the childish understanding is there, and the characters are realistic, if not detailed. But when the kids decide to fix everything fo [...]

    16. Roddy Doyle creates a funny fictional story in his book Brilliant. The story starts off with the Black Dog Of Depression sneaks in to the city of Dublin at night. Nobody else knew until now. Siblings Raymond and Gloria set off to stop the Black Dog so they can save their uncle. They search for it but, they don't know how to be it. . The theme I get from this book is that you should stay positive no matter what. The Black Dog tries to make them feel like nothing but, they always stayed positive.M [...]

    17. I really like the first four chapters of this book. The idea of the "black dog of depression" stealing Dublin's funny bone is a good one. But the rest of the book was just the kids running and talking to animals. That's it. It didn't really make sense and the book ended up feeling very choppy and random.

    18. I thought it was an okay book. I sped through it and liked it but I don't think ~I'd pick it up again.~Rock

    19. It made a brilliant read and an exciting one, how these children need to chase that ghosdtly black dog away.

    20. I'm slowly working my way through everything Roddy Doyle writes. It pains me to say it, because I LOVE Doyle, but this could have been a bit shorter. It seemed almost like he was trying hard to squeeze in as many Dublin landmarks as possible. Still good though!

    21. One of the characteristics shared by a number of the junior novels I have read in preparation for this children's literature task is that they often involve children coming face-to-face with problems of the adult world, problems which they may not fully understand but which nevertheless give them reason for sadness, fear or worry. In "Brilliant" by the Irish writer Roddy Doyle, the issue raised is depression, both economic and psychological, and the anxiety caused in households by the spectre of [...]

    22. Full review is available at missmageesreads.wordpress. Thank you for reading!After visiting Dublin last year, I absolutely fell in love with the culture, music, and whole country of Ireland. I was very excited to pick up this middle grade book from Roddy Doyle, an accomplished Irish author. Brilliant takes place in Dublin, with the entire story taking place in the 24 hours leading up to the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade. In addition to having plenty of references to the Irish way of life, [...]

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