D.W. All Wet

D W All Wet D W bosses her brother Arthur into carrying her on his shoulders at the beach because she maintains that she hates the water until she gets a big wet surprise

  • Title: D.W. All Wet
  • Author: Marc Brown Marty Appel
  • ISBN: 9780316112680
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • D.W bosses her brother Arthur into carrying her on his shoulders at the beach because she maintains that she hates the water, until she gets a big wet surprise.

    One thought on “D.W. All Wet”

    1. After I read “D.W. the Picky Eater,” I got even more interested in Marc Brown’s “D.W.” series since I am a huge fan of his “Arthur” series and I wanted to get into the “D.W.” series as well! So, when I finally got around to reading “D.W. All Wet,” I was pleasantly surprised by the simplistic yet hilarious storytelling of this book!The story starts off with Arthur’s family going off to the beach for a nice vacation, but D.W. was complaining about not wanting to go to the b [...]

    2. I usually like D.W. books, but this one doesn't hold together very well, especially when Arthur throws her in the knee-deep water and she freaks out that she is drowning, then suddenly starts having fun. WTF?

    3. D.W. All Wet (D. W. Series) by Marc Brown is a look at a trip to the beach, where D.W. complains and repeatedly claims that she hates the water, until she gets a wet surprise.D.W. complains that it's too hot, she doesn't like the beach and she hates the water. She wants to leave immediately and doesn't want to get sunburned. D.W. tries to trick Arthur into carrying her to the Ice Cream truck but instead he dunks her in the wading area, where she claims to be drowning until Arthur has her stand u [...]

    4. My son in first grade liked this book. This is one thing I don't like about kids--they sometimes resist something that they really like. Well, in the end she likes it after her brother tosses her into the drink. DW is, by the way, Arthur's sister, so it's cool to get a younger sister narrative.

    5. D.W family took a trip to the beach and her brother Arthur is trying to get her to get in the water but she is afraid of the water because she does not know how to swim. D.W eventually is playfully forced to get over her fears. This is a good read for children to teach them how to try new things.

    6. My 4-year-old loved this. It's a pretty short book so it was easy to keep his attention plus the story line is funny. As a parent I thought it had a good moral about not judging something until you've actually tried it.

    7. DW doesn't want to swim, she doesn't like the water and she doesn't want to be at the beach. Can DW learn how to have fun at the beach?

    8. D.W. doesn't like the beach. She tries to trick Arthur into giving her a ride to the ice cream hut, but he has a different surprise for her.I just enjoy D.W.'s feisty character.

    9. This is a great book to have you 1-2nd grade student read to you. It's about Arthur and his family that takes a trip to the beach.

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