Stripped 2

Stripped NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIES There are some relationships that destroy your faith in people They make you jaded and hard irrevocably changing you forever I wish I could say that I hate

  • Title: Stripped 2
  • Author: H.M. Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIES There are some relationships that destroy your faith in people They make you jaded and hard, irrevocably changing you forever I wish I could say that I hate her, I wish I could walk away and never look back, but I can t I have to save her The woman who stole my heart and crushed it in her hand disappeared from my lifeNEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY BESTSELLING SERIES There are some relationships that destroy your faith in people They make you jaded and hard, irrevocably changing you forever I wish I could say that I hate her, I wish I could walk away and never look back, but I can t I have to save her The woman who stole my heart and crushed it in her hand disappeared from my life 3 years ago So when I see her at a bachelor party, half naked, rolling around on the floor with another stripper, I m shocked I have to know what cracked Cassie Hale s picture perfect world that landed her in this hellhole, and I hope that I m not so bitter that I can t help her escape Type Novel, part 2 of 2 No cliffhanger THE FERRO FAMILY The Arrangement Sean Avery Damaged Peter Sidney Stripped Jon Cassie The Proposition Bryan Hallie Easy Joslyn Ferro Broken Promises Trystan Mari The Wedding Contract Nick Sky Secrets Lies Kerry H.M WARD S NEW YORK CITY LOVE STORIES Secrets Cole Anna Scandalous Jack Abby A Little Christmas Romance Chris Brooke Christmas Kisses Ryan Holly REVIEWS H.M Ward writes an emotional, deeply felt story that will rock your world Carly Phillips, New York Times Bestselling Author H.M Ward takes this series to a whole new level of intensity Cary Mattiller One of the most emotionally charged novels I have read all year Crystal via Enthralling, compelling, and a whole lot of sexy in one phenomenal book Suzan Tisdale, USA Today Bestselling Author If you love The Arrangement, then you will not be disappointed with The Proposition Linda Wallace Amazing, awesome, and unbelievably sexy Cheryl, via You can t go wrong with any book written by H.M Ward Christon Benford This a story about true love first love never dying and making it through all odds An incredible book Gabby s Book Blog This has to be H.M Ward s best work yet Sheri via Emotional, heart wrenching, and sexy three elements this particular author has mastered You can t help but fall in love with these characters Stacey Mosteller, New York Times The tension is palpable and so physically powerful it literally reaches out and tugs at all my emotions My God, it was beautifully erotic When a story elicits so much emotion from you, you know it s good Tessamari Reviews I want to marry this book and have it s fictional babies Move over Christian Grey and welcome Sean Ferro Reading, Eating, Dreaming You can t go wrong with a book written by H.M Ward Christon Benford I thought nothing could top Damaged The Arrangement Series I was wrong Curious Kindle Reader Serious sexual tension Spare Time Book Blog Jack Gray was perfect naughty, professional, drop dead GORGEOUS Reese s Addict to Fiction Hilarious, witty, with a gut punching story line Workman The sexual tension is great, the characters were great It has everything a fight to protect the girl, sexy scenes, hot men, and the funny scenes Loving Read Amazing, hot, sexy, and leaves you wanting ENA AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY H.M Ward continues to reign as a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author who is swiftly approaching 13 million copies sold, placing her among the literary titans Ward has been featured in articles in the NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES, and USA TODAY to name a few You can interact with this bestselling author at facebook AuthorHMWard Text HMWARD to 24587 and get a text reminder on release sale days.

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    1. This book has been a long time coming. If you're like me, you read 'Stripped' years ago and were left hanging. Finally, the conclusion to Jon and Cassie's story has arrived!When I read the first book, I remember loving it. Jon quickly became my favorite of the Ferro clan. As months passed, then years, I pushed Jon and Cassie to the back of my mind. Eventually, I swore off the Ferros completely after reading nineteen or so installments of 'The Arrangement' with no end in sight.It had been quite a [...]

    2. Jonathan is my favorite! I would love a longer story with him as the lead ❤️ Or a longer series of books than just two!! Tired of all of the 100 pages or less series and the series that are released 6months to a year later. I have to check to make sure the complete series is available before I can read most novels these days. By the time the next one comes out, I have already forgotten what happened in the previous book. Just expressing my opinion even though no one asked me

    3. ARCs go out tomorrow! Are you ready? Releases on 4/4 to the general public. This is the final volume of Jonathan Ferro's story - book 2 of 2.No cliffhanger.Novel

    4. I truly understand it takes time to write all these books, but then we have to wait so long for next book to come out its hard we have to go back and reread that last book So plz tried to write as quick as possible Thanks your awesome writer

    5. This book was phenomenal! All I can say is wow! Just wow! I'm speechless. This book is hands down my favorite for Ferro book yet. Jon was so not who or what I thought he was. He makes me say Sean and Peter who? Jon is what every woman dreams of. There's so much to the story that you won't even believe. I cried more than a few tears, but I can honestly say that my heart is full! My hat is off to HM Ward for bringing to light everything she did in this book!! Jon and Cassie's story is one that wil [...]

    6. Surprised and awed! Cassie and Jon set off on an extraordinary journey of healing. Unfortunately, there are people lurkingwaiting for Jon to fail. Who would want that? Will Cassie ever be free of her past? Can Jon protect her? H.M. Ward's Stripped 2 showcases all her amazing tricks of the trade, like humor and laugh out loud moments, to discuss topics that can be emotional and sensitive. I would definitely recommend reading this lengthy book. Amazing characters revisit the pages and yesI finally [...]

    7. I loved the sequel to Jon and Cassie's story.This story starts right where Stripped ended. I just finished re-reading in to refresh my memory before I started on the conclusion to their story. It's one hell of a journey. We find out what happened to Cassie after she and Jon went their separate ways, it's shocking and terribly sad. Something no person should have to go through. We find out the full in's and out of that happened with that interview that caused their split in the first place. We al [...]

    8. I hate to be the party pooper but I really don't agree with the consensus This book took way to long to come out, so long I completely forgot what i read in the first book. Fine, so I re-read book 1 d found I still liked, though not as much as my original read . This one though It was just too dragged out and childish for me. Don't get me wrong, I love Jon Ferro, I love all the Ferro boys but i really really thought Cassie got dragged out and cried and whined just way to much for me.I get shes [...]

    9. Jon is still my favourite Ferro by far. I have loved the stripped series from start to finish. Jon and Cassie are both so troubled and have so much to deal with that it seems there's no way there can be a happy ending. Jon is so loving and caring towards Cassie And it is clear he loves her from the first book. Cassie tries to be strong and act like she isn't broken. She tries to pretend she is ok if Jon is seeing other people when really she wants him as much as he wants her. I did find myself s [...]

    10. ARC REVIEW -Jon & Cassie.I love Jon & Cassie. They each worked so hard not to be obvious of their love & feelings toward each other & kept it from one another, in order to remain in the 'friend zone'. They both had heart breaking moments, talking about the past and letting one another in, to know all those gorey & horrific times. But, love wins all - they realised love was between them. Jon & Cassie worked so damn hard to be there & to be each others rock, and in the [...]

    11. 1 StarI remembered I read the first one of this duet and I remember I liked it. This one not so much.Jon Ferro has been the heir of the Ferro family. After his brother's bachelor party he finds Cassie again, the sweet virgin girl he loved a long time ago, turned into a stripper. What could've gone wrong all this years? In order to find out he buys the strip club and becomes her boss. That does not sit well with his family and neither he gets close to Cassie. She has become a whole different pers [...]

    12. The Ferro family. Dark old little secrets and very dirty sadistic games.« You’re not my favorite anything, anymore. You’re a putrid piece of shit too low to acknowledge, but since I’m here with my hands around your neck, I’ll elaborate. You screwed with the wrong man, you fuckfaced pisshole of a human being. » « There’s nothing you could say to fix the damage you’ve done. There’s no fucking way to undo a goddamned drop of the misery you’ve caused. Stay the fuck away from me [...]

    13. Welcome back Jon Ferro! Stripped 2 starts where Stripped left off. The only heir left to the Ferro fortune purposely buys a strip club to make mommy dearest mad. Sean, Pete, Bryan, Trystan, Avery, Sidney and Mel are all there to try and stop him from this deal. But Jon is determined to go through with it. He can’t let them in on a secret he has kept from everyone. The girl he thought betrayed him and the only girl he has ever loved walks back into his life. Bryan is not happy about that either [...]

    14. Stripped 2 is the sequel to Stripped and the conclusion to the Stripped series. In a sense, Stripped 2 is a second chance romance, but don't think for a minute that you know what will happen because it's not a typical second chance romance! From the first chapter, I was spellbound, and I just could not put it down!The characters were complex, well developed, and likable. Jonathan Ferro appears at first glance to be a stereotypical rich playboy, but it turns out he is a savvy businessman. Who kne [...]

    15. WOW, is all I can say after reading this book. I have waited what feels like forever for a happy ending for my favorite Ferro. There is so much emotion in this book and it's so powerful. From the beginning, you can see that both Jon and Cassie are so broken, yet they love each other even with so much time having passed. Jon's devotion and love for Cassie never wavers and he becomes the man I knew he was as he helps Cassie through a painful time in her life. You see so many sides of Jon in this b [...]

    16. Three years since "Stripped 1". A reason I hate cliffhangers.OK, so now that I settled down and re-read Stripped so that I could remember then I started this book fresh. It was seem lessl couldn't tell three years had gone by. But seriously I hate waiting. Some minor spoilers****Jon was by far a Ferro of great measure. I wasn't sure about Cassie and him, but with her issues and the discovery of Jon's secret it all came together. The way Jon slept on the floor and how he loved Cassie was beautifu [...]

    17. I loved and enjoyed reading the awesome & amazing sequel to the Stripped series by the sensational author, H.M. Ward. "ARC Review"Jon Ferro goes against his mother's wishes, buys the strip club, and is disinherited. The love of his life, Cassie, is hiding from her abusive husband. While Jon and Cassie are struggling with their internal demons, they are trying to find their way back to each other. Read the highly recommended, must read, captivating & engaging, romantic love story of Jon a [...]

    18. This books starts where book one left off. I loved how this book wrapped up everything. We find out more about the breakup and what happened to Cassie during those years. We even find out what happened to Jon before he met Cassie. Jon is so sweet to Cassie and is patient and kind. He gives her the time to work out things from her past and just be there for her. Can they get past their past? Like all other HM Ward books I was hooked from start to finish. I am sad to see the end of Stripped but I [...]

    19. Well what a surprise this novel was ?You find Cassie and Jon Ferro, exactly where we left them in book one.It soon becomes clear that they are damaged creatures, their pasts have defined their future, so far !Can love conquer all ?Are they strong enough to heal each other, even if it means exposing their own inner secrets ?Loved the story, the laughs and the very tender emotions that deal with two topic's that we just don't cover enough !

    20. Read the ARC and loved it as much as I had anticipated. Jon Ferro and Cassie have great chemistry and are not your typical couple. Jon is misunderstood and nothing what you would think. Cassie has demons she is fighting and thinks she is damaged goods and doesn't deserve the love from Jon, but she can't stop wanting him. There are many cameos from other Ferro's and their love interests and the hot rocker Trystan from other H.M. Ward novels. This is a must read for any Ferro lover!

    21. **ARC REVIEW **An awesome sequel to Stripped! You get to see a different side of Jon (the playboy) and see the hell Cassie has been through. This is an emotional roller coaster read with real life issues. Jon and Cassie are one of my favorite couples and hate to see the Sripped series come to an end.Once again HM Ward has written a great book! A must read!

    22. I was so excited for this book and after 3 long years of waiting I was so disappointed. It was just not good for me at all. I just had no interest in their story anymore and it had such promise for me but it was just not good and I really wanted it to be.

    23. I didn't mean to rate it yet, even though I know it will be awesome! But 2014?! Ugh :( I was hoping it was already released!

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