One thought on “20 Answers: God”

  1. This was the second of the 20 Answers series that I have read that was written by Trent Horn. Trent Horn has written almost half of the 20 Answers series books. This lent I am doing the 20 Answers Challenge from Catholic Answers Series. This book on God in particular and the series in general are great reads. And if the other books by Horn in the series are as good as this and the other I have read they will be excellent reads as well. But back to this specific book, the sections in this book ar [...]

  2. God from the Catholic Answers 20 Answers series was written by Catholic apologist Trent Horn. The booklet claimed to be targeting “anyone with that false, too-small idea of God: to those who say God doesn’t exist or that he’s just the universe; that God is a physical being like us; that God created the universe but doesn’t care about it anymore.”This book was a lot deeper than I anticipated a 70-ish page booklet to be, but that is a very good thing. Within the first five answers, the r [...]

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