Rosa Moreno: Hollywood, California, 1928

Rosa Moreno Hollywood California Rosa dreams of being a movie star until her aunt a Hollywood make up artist allows her to take a look at what lies behind the scenes

  • Title: Rosa Moreno: Hollywood, California, 1928
  • Author: Kathleen Duey
  • ISBN: 9780689831263
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rosa dreams of being a movie star until her aunt, a Hollywood make up artist, allows her to take a look at what lies behind the scenes

    One thought on “Rosa Moreno: Hollywood, California, 1928”

    1. The cover said 1928 but in the book they say it is 1934. And it would have to be, because they mention Shirley Temple movies, and Shirley Temple was born in 1928, so she wouldn't have been making movies the year she was born- she was however making movies in 1934. So for whatever reason, the cover lists a different date. There were tons of typos in the edition I had.I get that the point was for Rosa to discover what she wanted to do with her life, not just following her mom's dreams for her- how [...]

    2. Rosa Moreno grew up in Hollywood, but it wasn't a glamerous life. Since the death of her father, she and her mother have struggled to make ends meet, but the country is in the midst of the Great Depression. Rosa's mother dreams of making her a star, and Rosa doesn't have the heart to tell her mother that she wishes for something different, although she's not sure what yet. But Rosa does manage to discover what it is she wants to be, and determines to live her dream while still making her mother [...]

    3. This is a book about a girl name Rosa Moreno. Rosa would always audition for roles because she wanted to become an actress. She also didn't think that she wasn't pretty enough because she doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes. After many auditions she finally got a role. At the end of the story she realize that she would rather become a director.

    4. Rosa Moreno was an enchanting book with many indulging themes. The main theme was Rosa's strive to become a movie actress. She wanted to model after Shirley Temple.

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