Skip Beat!, Vol. 04

Skip Beat Vol Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol But he s casting her out now that he s famous Kyoko won t suffer in silence she s going to get her sweet

  • Title: Skip Beat!, Vol. 04
  • Author: Yoshiki Nakamura Tomo Kimura
  • ISBN: 9781421505886
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol But he s casting her out now that he s famous Kyoko won t suffer in silence she s going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz

    One thought on “Skip Beat!, Vol. 04”

    1. It's finally happened. Skip Beat hooked me in. It took four volumes, but I am now firmly entrenched in the story and love Kyoko, Sho, and Ren. I love that nothing ever turns out the way Kyoko intends it to, but it still ends up working out in Kyoko's favor. I love that Kyoko never loses her spirit - that is, her optimistic yet crazed vengeful spirit. She learns to rely more on herself in this volume and not on the superstitious symbols of good luck that she's counted on in the past. Ren helps he [...]

    2. Kyoko learns some valuable lessons in this volume. She also learns from failure. They also build up more on her backstory. Along with relationships with fellow characters Maria, Ren, and Kanae.

    3. Vaya las cosas se van poniendo más interesantes, ya sabia que habia algo ahi, Kyoko y Ren tienen un pasado, pero que curiosidad .

    4. Actual Rating: 2.75 stars I liked that there was more on Shou in this volume although the plot seemed kind of a waste and the end between Kyoko and Ren only slightly made up for it. Of course, we can't have Kyoko work her way up too quickly but I think some things in this volume were unnecessary. I assume they all lead to a bigger picture though so I shall continue with next volume.

    5. I was a little irritated in this volume that they revealed a standard manga plot device. Our heroine actually knew and loved the dark, mysterious hero as a child, yet now they are enemies and she hasn't discovered his true identity or recognized her true feelings for him. I actually don't mind this twist normally, but it doesn't seem to fit the tone of this series, at least to me.

    6. see full review @ Katie's CornerReview covers 46 chapters Hi everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Today I’m starting a series of reviews covering one of my favourite mangas – Skip Beat! To say the truth it’s my third round reading it, and first time was only half a year ago or so. It’s still ongoing and because there’s too much information in it for only one review, I’ll be making a series of it. I will be having some major things as my time lines. But let me begin; oh, but [...]

    7. Todo el capitulo 18 mi expresión facial fue esta:y así continuo hasta la mitad del cap 19, pero cuando ya pensaba que todo iba a concluir bien, Ren parece reaccionar a una piedra que tiene Kyoko con lo que incluso adivina de donde es ella, y ahora mi pregunta es cómo tienen un pasado en común??? WTH!!! por qué recuerda a Kyoko de pequeña y qué significa eso de que no ha cambiado tanto como yo, todo esto me ha dejado con una cara de OMG!!!! gigantesca. Y que ella le enseñara el dedo medio [...]

    8. Hola de nuevo, aquí viniendo con la reseña de un nuevo tomo, ya es el cuarto y poco a poco avanzamos. Bueno estaba pensando en unir la reseña del tomo 4 con la del 5 pero creo que se desordenaría. Finalmente descubrimos un poco del pasado de Kyoko gracias a María, no tiene padre y su madre la abandonó cuando era pequeña. Me parece algo fuerte en verdad. Soy de esas personas que piensa que ningún niño debe crecer sin un padre, pero que es mejor no tenerlos a saber que te odian ¿Ustedes [...]

    9. 3.5 starsIt's been awhile since I've read a manga and this was my, erm, first manga after almost three yearsd actually? Not bad after lifting up that hiatus from reading manga (although I have to admit that I was so outdated with the previous, ongoing mangas that I have read before but still not reading its updated manga, yet. I'll get there, eventually. HEH.) I actually started reading mangas again because I got a little burned out with the novels, I guess I need a little visual material this t [...]

    10. I fell in love with this manga immediately. It drew me in and kept me there. Sadly to say i have been reading it from the internet and hate to wait in between chapters. I've also been watching it's anime and I've seen the first episode of the TV show extravagant challenge based on this manga. But nothing beats the manga because it has all the extra details that are not shown elsewhere.I'm writing this review for all of the volumes of Skip Beat because i tend to read them all together. I enjoy Ky [...]

    11. omg love iT! 16 year olf Kyoko s first love shes ever had named Sho, the one she dropped out of high school for, cooks for, cleans for, does everything for but gets nothing even works multiple jobs for calls her a loser, nothing, meaning less, stupid, to another woman. while Kyoko is delvering his lunch in between her 5 (or 3 dont remember) jobs to his work , he works as an up-and-coming-singer in tokyo. she vows to upstage him at his own game show business there is only one choice since she can [...]

    12. En mangas sólo puntúo el primer volumen como nota general del manga¡Este tomo ha estado muy completo!Aparece la niña que si Kyoko es extraña, la niña va por el mismo camino. Pero el modo de Kyoko de actuar y darle la vuelta a las cosas Simplemente delicioso.¿Y lo mejor? Que hay momentos de Ren y de Sho, ¡ya dije que estaba muy completito! La parte de Ren ha sido un poco intensa y perfecta para generar interés con la piedra y con el pasado de Ren.Por su parte, la parte de Sho no ha podid [...]

    13. I don't see how you could read just one is a series of manga and get a true feel for the story, so I read 4. I absolutely loved these. I have been into manga (do not pronounce like sang) for a long time and this has been on my to read list almost since it came out. Just like P&P, this class gave me that extra incentive. This manga is much more believable and relate-able than some of those other popular series. I would recommend this for 8th grade and high school, especially to students who d [...]

    14. Kyoko worships the ground that Sho Fuwa walks on -- until he dumps her. In her rage, Kyoko vowed to get her revenge by beating Sho in show business, and now she has to make good on that promise. The art is gorgeous, Kyoko's vengeful demons are hilarious, and anyone who has ever had a bad experience with love can relate. This isn't a manga that deals with cutesy love stories -- it deals with some grittier elements as well, something that makes it endearing to me even as an adult. Love isn't all h [...]

    15. Once again I enjoyed another Skip Beat manga! I enjoy the Maria and Kyoko combo and I hope to see them work together more in later books! I liked how when Kyoko was acting for The Miraculous Language of Angels and Maria interrupted she continued as if Maria was a part of it. I thought the end of the scene was very heartfelt between her a Maria. I found it funny that they had put Kyoko in a Chicken suit. One thing I didn't know was how Kyoko was going to get her revenge on Sho in a Chicken suit. [...]

    16. This volume starts with Act 18: The Mysterious Power of the Angel. Pt. 3.The CoverVery pink is all I can say. The cover doesn't match the plot in this volume; yet it is still beautiful.The storyLME's presidents' granddaughter, Maria, is running down memory lane. As the improvised play is being played out, Maria has remembered the years of loneliness since her mother's death. Will Kyoko be able to heal her heart? Will Kyoko succeed where Ren hasn't?This is one of my preferred volumes of Skip Beat [...]

    17. Poor Kyoko! Having to be nice to Sho and getting booted from the show because she went to far in trying to get revenge. It really is a top dog business! I'm glad that they finally mentioned the Kyoko and Ren connection. I always liked the fact that Kyoko knew Ren when they were young!I'm also glad the her and Kanae (It feels weird to call her that. O.O) are finally starting to become friends. I know it takes a long time for the friendship to really bloom but it nice to see the seeds of that frie [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the first portion of the book, which delves more into Kyoko's backstory by virtue of her intervening with the Agency's granddaughter. However the later portion, with Kyoko wearing a chicken suit and attempting to win her vengeance over Sho is too over the top, too forced. In some respects the results make sense because she needs to learn that to become a star she has to do it for herself, not for her desire for vengeance, but still, it was just a bit ridiculous for me.

    19. This volume I loved! Watching how Kyoko shows up her new classmates and helps Maria. So sweet yet also so sad. And her in a chicken costume! Bwahahaha!!! The is one expressive and easy to move costume somehow. She starts to get a better feel for Ren and has another run in with Sho. Both with unexpected results. I really felt like the pace starts to pick up in this one. Moments of sympathy, laughs and lots of happy grins swirled around me as I read this volume.

    20. I love all the stuff with Bo the Chicken. It was genius to put Kyouko in that position. Plus now we have the added element of Sho's suspicion. Finally, some progress in that area. And, better than that, there was that whole thing with "Corn" and Ren, eh? ;3 Good stuff. I have already seen the anime, though, and I must say Bo is so much funnier in motion. It's fun to read it, but I can't wait to get beyond the material covered in the anime.

    21. Oh, I am so glad things ended up this way. Too bad that jerk Sho had to go and ruin everything. I hope he gets his soon. I love how Kyoko keeps screwing up, but keeps learning that it's not the end. It always makes me feel better when a screw up doesn't give up. Gives me hope for myself. Keep on going, Kyoko, we'll all be cheering you on. Though I do hope we keep getting more backstory about Ren. This volume gave us more than the previous three combined.

    22. But of course Kyoko/Ren has GOT to be canon I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THEM????? I was surprisingly disappointed of the lack of Maria in this volume, and there was too much Shou for my liking (okay he's one of the important guys but I just dislike him so much) and the entire rooster thing was really really funny (AND WE GOT TO SEE A KIND OF NICE/CUTE SIDE OF REN!) I really don't find him mean at all, and he's probably my favorite character so far. Looking forward to everything related to him.

    23. Eh. I find this really confusing to try to follow. I don't know how much of that is due to the translation and layout choices, but I do suspect a lot of it is in the original. But there are a lot of places where sentences are broken up across multiple panels _while_ other sentences are also being broken up across overlapping multiple panels. And sometimes I can't tell who's speaking, or if someone's just thinking and not speaking. And I also have trouble following character motivations.

    24. This was such a hilarious series! Kyoko was such a quirky character and was always doing stuff to get into trouble. I liked the transformation of her character throughout the series and how she found out that instead of having to rely on a boy she could make it on her own. There was a love triangle that I also enjoyed very much.

    25. Worst part (and this is one of the worst scenes that appears in any of the books, in my opinion) - When Kyoko's in the Bo costume and she falls on top of Sho and he's groping her and COMMENTS on it, ughBest parts - When Kyoko drops Corn and Ren finds it and remembers that he's Corn. And when Kyoko helps Ren with his confused word, and he smiles his real smile at her.

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