C is for Chimera

C is for Chimera This installment of Rhonda Parrish s alphabet anthology series asks skilled storytellers to write around the theme of chimera The resulting tales are part fable part poem part dream But like any chi

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  • Title: C is for Chimera
  • Author: Rhonda Parrish Jonathan C. Parrish Suzanne van Rooyen Sara Cleto Michael M. Jones Michael Fosburg Milo James Fowler Laura VanArendonk Baugh
  • ISBN: 9781988233000
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • This installment of Rhonda Parrish s alphabet anthology series asks skilled storytellers to write around the theme of chimera The resulting tales are part fable, part poem, part dream But like any chimera, the parts make up a greater whole.Blend reality with fantasy Mesh science fiction with mystery Mix history with what should have been They are all chimera.A shadowThis installment of Rhonda Parrish s alphabet anthology series asks skilled storytellers to write around the theme of chimera The resulting tales are part fable, part poem, part dream But like any chimera, the parts make up a greater whole.Blend reality with fantasy Mesh science fiction with mystery Mix history with what should have been They are all chimera.A shadow tells a tale of schoolyard bullies A long vanished monster returns from the cold dark Make up makes up a life Alchemy, Atlantis, and apocalypse These 26 tales bring both chaos and closure to dark and elusively fantastic geographies Contributing authors include Alexandra Seidel KV Taylor Marge Simon Pete Aldin Michael M Jones Simon Kewin BD Wilson Gabrielle Harbowy Sara Cleto Megan Engelhardt Michael Fosburg Megan Arkenberg Lilah Wild Laura VanArendonk Baugh Milo James Fowler Brittany Warman Michael B Tager L.S Johnson Beth Cato C.S MacCath Sammantha Kymmell Harvey Steve Bornstein Suzanne van Rooyen Michael Kellar Jonathan C Parrish Amanda C Davis

    One thought on “C is for Chimera”

    1. [Note: I received an electronic ARC of this anthology, and both the editor and a couple contributors are friends of mine. Just FYI, in the interests of full disclosure.]The thing I love about anthologies is that they're always such a mixed bag. And Rhonda Parrish does an especially good job of mixing it up with her alphabet anthologies. C is for Chimera invokes both the mythological beast and the Frankenstein's monster of modern science, and the stories cover everything from traditional folk sto [...]

    2. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I quite enjoyed this book, though it took me a little longer to read. I was impressed with the wide variety of stories inside. Not all of them were for me, but they were all very well written. There is definitely something in here for everyone. The different ways the author used the theme chimera was amazing.There are 26 stories in this anthology that range from fantasy to sci-fi to dark to hopeful to just plain weird (in [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to score an e-ARC of Rhonda Parrish's latest alphabet anthology, C is for Chimera, in exchange for an honest review. Releasing April 12, this book is a good showcase for Parrish's literary curatorship. I'm a huge fan of Parrish's anthologies, from Fae to Corvidae and its companion Scarecrow, so I jumped at a chance to review her latest. And while this definitely has a different feel than her Magical Menagerie series, her skilled editorial touch is still obvious.First, I should [...]

    4. The latest "alphabet anthology" from editor Rhonda Parrish (Poise and Pen Publishing) takes readers into dark places. The opening stories deliver an oppressive atmosphere which leads into warrens where even innocent creatures such as butterflies are soaked in menace and terror. However, just as the stories seem destined to be as unrelentingly bleak as the monsters they describe, hope and even joy emerge. It may be hard to to envision 26 stories about Chimera. By definition, a Chimera is one of t [...]

    5. Note: I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.I'm a fan of Rhonda Parrish's anthologies, and, as always, this one is great. The format is like the previous two (A is for Apocalypse, B is for Broken), where each author writes a story around a word beginning with their given letter. What I really love is that the word isn't given until the very end. Sometimes the word is obvious. Sometimes not so much.A couple of the stories left me scratching my head in confusion, but since there a [...]

    6. This book is a collection of short stories, each with a running theme and different perspective of a chimera. It's a hard book to rate, mostly because some of the stories I would definitely give five stars, and others not so much. I will say I really liked most of the stories, but there are a few that I couldn't get into very much. I gave it four stars because I did find most of the stories entertaining, and I love good short stories if truth be known. I found myself reading them during my break [...]

    7. I have to admit up front that I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, but I don't think this affects my opinion. C for Chimera is an anthology of 26 short stories, one for each letter of the alphabet. One fun aspect of the book is trying to guess the title of each story as this only appears at the end of each story. The stories are well-written and bring out the idea of Chimera in unusual ways. Especially memorable is the shocker B is for Butterfly, the reworking of the Cinderel [...]

    8. The good thing about an anthology is- if you are interested in the topic- then you are usually guaranteed to like at least a few stories in the book. Sometimes this leads to finding your next fav author! C is for Chimera is very well written. The stories chosen for the antho complement each other like pieces to a puzzle. Not all were my cup of tea- but again that's the beauty of an anthology- bc I loved others! Do you like weird stories? Dark stories? FUN stories (including some that mess w your [...]

    9. C is for Chimera is the third installment in the Alphabet Anthologies by Poise and Pen Publishing. Edited by Rhonda Parrish, this anthology contains 26 stories titled with a single letter of the alphabet. That letter refers to a theme, image, character, or plot device within the story, pitting the reader against the author in puzzling out what the letter symbolizes before the final page where its meaning is revealed. While the symbolism was obvious in a few of the chapters, several left me guess [...]

    10. [I received an electronic ARC of the book and I know the editor and one of the contributors, in interests of full disclosure, but that did not influence my review especially since I didn't know the one contributor had contributed until I reached her story.]C is for Chimera is the third book in the Alphabet Anthologies series (following A is for Apocalypse and B is for Broken), edited by Rhonda Parrish.Starting with A and working all the way through Z, authors share a variety of stories all based [...]

    11. Reading an anthology is like having a selection box of chocolates (a cliche, but only because it's true). You may not love every single story, but there's not one that'll be left unread. C for Chimera is like having a premium selection box. I was always going to zero in on Beth Cato's story (S), and wow it did not disappoint. My favorite was Laura VanArendonk Baugh's N. What I love about the collection is the varied styles, tones, and story constructions; you never have a 'didn't I just read thi [...]

    12. Rhonda Parrish’s Alphabet Anthology series had me at the first letter! Her latest installment, C is for Chimera, released this week, and maintains the top quality writing put forth in the first two. The chimeras in the collection, all creatures of mixed parts, are sometimes monstrous and sometimes wondrous. While each story has its own tone and style, together they bring the reader on a strange and fascinating journey.You can read my interview with Rhonda Parrish - The Art of Anthology on Book [...]

    13. This imaginative anthology offers such a wide variety of stories, themes, and ideas that it's practically impossible to choose favourites. While the chimera is a unifying thread throughout the stories, the authors deal with the theme in stunningly different ways and interpretations. Although the flavour overall was a little darker than I might normally choose, I still enjoyed the stories and found them thought-provoking, and there is a broad mix of tone in the volume. If you like short speculati [...]

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