Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel

Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel Marriage is so much than a human institution The Bible teaches that marriage was created by God and reveals an eternal mystery the mystery of the gospel In this way marriage paints a picture of our s

  • Title: Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel
  • Author: Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781433546877
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marriage is so much than a human institution The Bible teaches that marriage was created by God and reveals an eternal mystery the mystery of the gospel In this way, marriage paints a picture of our salvation in and through Jesus Christ In the second volume in the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series, pastor Ray Ortlund traces the Bible s teaching on marriageMarriage is so much than a human institution The Bible teaches that marriage was created by God and reveals an eternal mystery the mystery of the gospel In this way, marriage paints a picture of our salvation in and through Jesus Christ In the second volume in the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series, pastor Ray Ortlund traces the Bible s teaching on marriage from Genesis to Revelation revealing how marriage stands at the center of God s redemptive purposes for the world Helping us grasp a cosmic vision of this oft misunderstood institution, this volume honors and exalts marriage as a grand display of the gospel, offering guidance and hope for our own marriages today.

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    1. If you've been following my feed: yes, I finished three books today. And while they were all fairly short, this one -- Ray Ortlund's Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel -- was the longest, the most noteworthy, and the most moving.Ortlund's writing is clear yet weighty, accessible yet profound, entertaining yet soul-crushing. It's actually funny to see when Ortlund quotes other writers because, there, you get to see back-to-back comparisons of just how pleasant and understandable Ortlund's wr [...]

    2. This is probably the best book on marriage that I have ever read and one that I will refer back to often. I am thankful because not only does it help me understand the biblical foundation and purpose of marriage, but it also helps me understand the Gospel and the love God has for His people as a whole much more so than I did before. As always, Ray has knocked it out of the park.

    3. Short, helpful survey of the theme of marriage throughout the Bible. Ortlund Jr spends much of his time in Genesis 1-3, the teachings of Jesus, Ephesians 5, and the end of Revelation. While he picks up on some other passages, I found his focus on the marriage theme in the bookends of the Bible to be his most helpful meditation because it both placed me in the storyline of redemption and further established the purpose and goal of earthly marriage.

    4. I really loved this book. Some wonderful reminders here of the beauty of marriage, and the even greater beauty of the gospel. Ortlund writes incredibly well, and there were moments where I felt lost in awe as I read, overjoyed at the wonder of God's design. It also left me so thankful for the wife God has brought into my life, and eager to love and cherish her more!

    5. Every Christian husband who grasps the gospel will love his wife as himself. And every Christian wife who grasp the gospel will respect her husband as her head. His love for her, with her respect for him, will display the eternal romance of Christ and the church, bring the only lasting hope. With regards to gospel, this study on marriage ranks high on the purpose of marriage for mankind. Is this for all Christians married and single? Yes! Does it promote marriage over singleness? Only in purpose [...]

    6. If you treasure the gospel and want to know it more deeply read this book. If you desire to know a marriage is all about, read this book. If you want to understand the existence of the whole cosmos, read this book.

    7. An ode to the Bible's teaching on marriage—and in 117 pages. And with typical Ray Ortlund gospel-dripping humility and earnestness. Here are my favorite 20 quotes.

    8. This is a great book on a biblical theology of marriage. It is part of Crossway’s Short Studies in Biblical Theology Series. So far in this series this is my favorite work thus far. Don’t let the size of this book fool you; it is packed with a lot of insightful gems from Scripture in each page. I actually spent a longer time reading this book as I was taking notes than some books on marriages that has more pages than this work. The publisher Crossway definitely picked the right guy to write [...]

    9. Marriage is created and designed by God for our good and his glory. It is not a social construct which we may change at will. It exists to ultimately display the love of God for his people, in Christ. And any attack on marriage is an attack on the Gospel. Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel is first and foremost a brief exegetical walk through of key biblical passages on marriage. The Bible begins with creation and marriage and it ends with re-creation and a new marriage. And in the middle, i [...]

    10. Excellent book. Short and to the point. Strong exegesis, but even better explanation of why marriage is so important. Ortlund looks at marriage as a controlling theme throughout all of Scripture - primarily the marriage of the Bridegroom and his bride (the church). This is a book every Christian should read - anyone who is seeking to understand marriage and how it is such an institution that is to be held in honor by all.

    11. I really want to give this book 3.5 stars. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing book, focused, and almost one of the time. The sections on Genesis and first Corinthian's are worth the read. But much of the rest of the book just seems to be a tad an engaging. That's most likely my fault, but I was hoping for a little bit more out of the book particularly in Revelation. However, it's now a part of my favorite marriage books and wines I will encourage everyone to read.

    12. Excellent. This is not a "practical" marriage book, but one that builds a framework for marriage by elucidating God's view of marriage from Genesis to Revelation. And perhaps the most beautiful thing about Ortlund's exposition is that not only does he help us contemplate marriage more holistically, he helps us see the love of God in Christ more clearly, displayed in the mystery of the gospel.

    13. Perhaps the best book I have read on marriage. I tried hard to resist highlighting everythingeach page now has several or many highlights! It is a book to be savored, and better yet, it made me want to pastor marriages better and love my wife deeper, for God’s glory.

    14. This is a concise biblical theology of marriage you do not want to miss! "Marriage is not a human invention; it is a divine invention" (11). "We have seen that the biblical concern about sexual integrity is not a petty Victorian taboo, as if sex were dirty or even just below true spirituality. Just the opposite. Married sex, with its intimacy and desire and pleasure and intensity and adoration and satisfaction and rest, is a glorious metaphor of heaven" (115).

    15. Awesome bookReally enjoyed the simplicity and urgency of this book. Ray Ortland lays out a Easy to follow biblical theology of the beauty of marriage while connecting it to the bigger story of redemption. Will go back to this book often!

    16. Beautiful work! Wonderful little book. I particularly enjoyed his perusal of OT texts on marriage. The only part I thought he could have gone a little deeper o. Was the issue of divorce.

    17. Biblical theology at its best. A great take on the biblical theological arc of marriage from a man who has a long, joyful marriage worth imitating.

    18. Vintage Ortlund - really tremendous. Theologically strong, accessible, very practical, full of fresh insight into familiar passages.

    19. I have just finished this brief but beautiful book on the the biblical theology of marriage and how we can look at it as more than a mere institution but something meant to convey so much more than what we typically settle for. This is an important topic and not because of political realities at play but because the church is called to live in response to the gospel letting our marriages point back to it.Ray Ortlund Jr. is responsible for this entry into Crossway’s Short Studies in Biblical Th [...]

    20. I have read a lot of marriage books and many of them are very good. Some of the books I would recommend to newly engaged couples to read together as they go through premarital counseling or just as a way to discuss married life.This is definitely one that I’d recommend to Christian couples seeking to maintain and grow a biblical view of marriage. In this very pastoral book, you’ll find that the theme of marriage is woven throughout the entire scripture from beginning to end and take away tha [...]

    21. This work is certainly an improvement in Crossway's new Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. The title is a bit misleading, though. The book is 95% about marriage and 5% about the "mystery" of the gospel. Most if it is a straightforward look at the Biblical description of marriage, focusing heavily on Genesis 1-3, the words of Jesus, and the book of Ephesians. Ortlund is thoroughly orthodox and hits all the right notes. However, I was hoping for a lot more of how marriage pictures the rela [...]

    22. Great read for every Christian, married or single. For those wanting a introduction to the Bible's teaching on marriage, I'd start here. It's clear and condensed, and the author writes in a very engaging and reader-friendly style.

    23. This was a very good review of the intent and joy of marriage--as well as its pitfalls. Several unique perspectives--perhaps only unique to me.

    24. This is one of the best books I have read on marriage in a long time. Unless we understand what marriage is we won't have marriages that reflect the original intention God had for it. Let us, through the power of the Holy Spirit, return to the Biblical, God intended meaning for marriage and let our marriages shine with the light of Christ like a beacon in a dark, twisted, and depraved culture!

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