The Snow White Files (The Twisted Files, #1)

The Snow White Files The Twisted Files Brendan Hunter is a private investigator stuck on dead end cases until seven dwarves show up in his office and offer him a King s ransom to track down a missing girl Their description of Lily Whitaker

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  • Title: The Snow White Files (The Twisted Files, #1)
  • Author: Sonya M. Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brendan Hunter is a private investigator stuck on dead end cases until seven dwarves show up in his office and offer him a King s ransom to track down a missing girl Their description of Lily Whitaker sparks his imagination, leading him into the dark world of twisted fairy tales, magical machinations, and political gambits

    One thought on “The Snow White Files (The Twisted Files, #1)”

    1. This was part of Qwillery's grouping and has been eliminated. I've read a few fairy tale retellings and to be honest, they never really clicked with me. I was hesitant to start this because I didn't know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Plot: Brendan is a private investigator, a dwarf, and has a father who is the head of the Mage's Council. He mostly works on small-time stuff, trying his best to stay out of politics and take on bigger cases that might draw [...]

    2. This was an enjoyable twist on the fairy tale Snow White. I liked the main character Brendan, and his partner Stasia (a shapeshifter!) was awesome. Detective stories are a favorite of mine, even more so when fairy tales are involved. I definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy detective stories and fairy tales.

    3. I wasn't sure going into this whether or not I would enjoy the story, The blurb seemed interesting but I've never read Sonya Black before so I wasn't sure. But since I could borrow the book for free and it has a fairy tale premises and everything I was like why not. And I'm glad I did. This was a quick paced, engaging read I'm glad I stumbled across. I liked the plot, the characters were interesting and the climax held my attention completely. There was drama, romance (which wasn't the focus of [...]

    4. A well-crafted story that balances the serious drama of criminal investigations against magical fairytale elements. The setting does a great job of fitting these magical races into the world without having them dominate the plot. What we end up with is a very believable world, complete with a swat team throwing around magic instead of flashbangs for their breach and clear.Brendan's character makes for a good view-point. He feels like a real character who doesn't just fall into his destined fairy [...]

    5. Interesting take on the tale of Snow WhiteNot a bad book, but passing on the rest of the series.I prefer books that I can't put down

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