The Big Fear

The Big Fear It s August in New York and the steaming garbage littering the streets isn t the only thing that stinks Civilian investigator Leonard Mitchell can keep his job as the new head of the Department to In

  • Title: The Big Fear
  • Author: AndrewCase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s August in New York, and the steaming garbage littering the streets isn t the only thing that stinks.Civilian investigator Leonard Mitchell can keep his job as the new head of the Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption only by successfully prosecuting veteran cop Ralph Mulino.Mulino shot an armed man on a dark night he didn t know the man was a fellow copIt s August in New York, and the steaming garbage littering the streets isn t the only thing that stinks.Civilian investigator Leonard Mitchell can keep his job as the new head of the Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption only by successfully prosecuting veteran cop Ralph Mulino.Mulino shot an armed man on a dark night he didn t know the man was a fellow cop Now, to keep his badge and his freedom, he has to make his case to the investigator But the gun Mulino saw in his victim s hand has disappeared.As Mitchell digs deeper into Mulino s claim, it becomes clear that the misconduct and corruption infecting New York City go far beyond the actions of one allegedly dirty cop Murder and sabotage force Mulino and Mitchell into an uneasy partnership to uncover the truth and protect the city they are both sworn to serve.Assuming, of course, they can stay alive

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    1. Leonard Mitchell is the new acting director of New York City's Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption. In particular, it's the job of his office to root out and punish corrupt cops. Mitchell is very anxious to get the job on a full-time basis and so it's important that he make a big score right out of the gate.He gets his chance with a case involving a veteran detective named Ralph Mulino. Mulino is fifty-three years old, a cop with a bad knee and a shadow that's dogged his career f [...]

    2. This was an First Read choice for me and I chose wisely this month. I understand this is Andrew Case's first novel. This is a fantastic first book and I will definitely look for more.The plot developed through a small number of pov with great character development. I was hooked from chapter one. We start off with a veteran police detective being called out to a ship in the New York harbor, for some unknown reason (other than a crime or disturbance has been reported). What he finds sets up this [...]

    3. Ralph Mulino hated the sea. He was comfortable in the stairwells of housing projects and the stubble of vacant lots, but on the water he felt exposed.-First sentenceSo, Ralph is a cop and in the first chapter, he shoots another cop who is sneaking around a crime scene with his gun drawn. But, when the crime scene is processed, no gun is found. The book follows Ralph, Leonard Mitchell (who works at the Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption), and Christine Davenport (Leonard's boss) [...]

    4. In “The Big Fear,” author Andrew Case does a remarkable job of capturing the overweight ambience that surrounds New York City. The enormous city fascinates people who are not only awestruck by its immensity, but by its diverse humanity, constant hubbub, political turmoil, and its suffocating press of gigantic buildings. Case brings it all to life with his creative language and descriptive prose. The reader actually feels the pulse of NYC.Veteran cop Ralph Mulino shoots a killer after chasing [...]

    5. This novel is about several investigations proceeding at the same time with some aspects not clear to those doing the investigating that the investigations are most likely related. Rather than a single main character, there are several major characters that the novel deals with.I am really conflicted about this review and here's why - this novel is one of the better "police procedural" novels I have read in a long time. Having insight into the world of law enforcement and governmental machinatio [...]

    6. I received this book free through Kindle First, and I bought into some of the good reviews, but I wish I had gone with one of the other choices. I just wanted an easy detective story, and this was not it. Something about his writing style was very hard for me to focus. Any type of description paragraph made my mind wander. I understand you need a side salad in a novel, because if you only wrote the "meat and potatoes" your book wouldn't be very long. But the details added were just arduous and c [...]

    7. The Big Fear was a long way from being the worst book I've read, but I found it rather uninspiring. The only time I looked forward to picking it up was when I got near the end so I could be done with it and get on with something else. Technically it was well written, but I found it quite tedious in places and considering it was relatively short it dragged, especially early on. To be fair, the plot was interesting and there was a good mix of characters but there wasn't enough spark and a 2 star " [...]

    8. Well, it seems obvious that Andrew Case was raised on a pabulum of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. However, Case’s vivid voice in his debut novel THE BIG FEAR demonstrates a refreshing different noir-style of storytelling. With all the tropes of the genre—the good guys and bad guys all cloaked in varying degrees of dubiousness—the reader will relish this intricate tale of corruption and crime so uniquely New York City. As a New Yorker himself and someone implicitly knowledgeable wit [...]

    9. Reads like a movie. Very well written and characters are fleshed out. It is reminiscent of past crime books, shows and movies and a good read for those who want a good old fashioned crime novel. I look forward to more novels by the author.

    10. Riveting action packed thrillerMr case made you feel as if you were really experiencing the actionHis keen eye for details is wonderfulI feel like I know how the underbelly of the city works nowHe is a real New Yorker as it takes one to know oneWell done sir

    11. A debut novel by a playwright shows his mystery skills. People are being set-up in the NY police department and then they start getting killed. Two black sheep put the clues together and finally get to the person who is directing the damage and the killings. The author has a decade of experience with the NYPD Civilian Complaint Review Board and I am betting that he has used some of his experiences there in this novel. It is fast paced, well written and has lots of clues and various surprise turn [...]

    12. Excellent research, intricate plot, believable characters, good mysteries As a career government employee, while not in NYC, I recognized most of the characters in this novel. They resonated as reale ambitious but honest attorneye career bureaucrat who has the skills but has lost the firee good cop caught in the dilemma of the "Blue Line" versus the truthe activist who sees too much to handle in the iniquities of the worldThe mysteries (of which there are many) require a bit of knowledge of the [...]

    13. Great thriller, twists until the very end. Reads fairly quickly, keeps attention through the novel.An excellent ny police, murder mystery, great character depth and complete surprise ending. Would highly recommend to all looking for summer thriller.

    14. Usually if a book is set in New York City it gets an extra star from me. I love NYC books generally. But this one just didn't win my heart.This is a mediocre book about crooked cops. It really has nothing much to recommend itself in my opinion. The notion is that cops have lost the respect of the citizens in their community but if they create enough chaos the people will see that they need to once again respect to the police. It all seems quite ironic. Crooked cops are creating disasters in the [...]

    15. Great ReadThis was one of the best novels I've read this year. The book is well written with excellent character development. The author is very knowledgeable regarding police work in New York City and the city's environs. Very enjoyable.

    16. The Big Fear is Andrew Case's first novel, but hopefully, it will not be his last. The dialogue is cool, crisp, and totally believable and the characters are well developed, although the reader is not given much information on the characters' private lives. Perhaps that was the perfect approach as we know only what characteristics are important to the story line. The story itself is intriguing and held my interest throughout. It tells the story of Ralph Mulino, an old school cop who shoots a fel [...]

    17. I found "The Big Fear" to be engaging without being interesting. What was engaging was the juxtaposition of the sanitation strike frequently described and the garbage within the echelons of New York. Which garbage is worse, the putrid rotting of the detritus of society or the festering sore of corruption within the government and business. Andrew Case's use of language is quite remarkable in describing these different aspects. What left me uninterested was the lack of interaction between any of [...]

    18. Tight plot, gnarly texture, excellent bookThe Big Fear is one of those books that will mess up your sleep patterns, because once you start it you stay up into the wee hours to finish.Case was an award-winning playwright before turning to novels, and The Big Fear shows the tight plotting of Chekov’s gun (Chekov’s famous quote: “If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it's not going to be fired, i [...]

    19. I was asked to read and review The Big Fear in exchange for an honest review, I received the title from Net Galley. Originally; this title was supposed to go another reviewer on the Boundless team, but it wound up in my Net Galley shelf. I am so glad that happened. The Big Fear is such an incredibly thrilling crime drama; I was drawn in from the first page! Andrew Case brought the street of New York to life in his writing and transported me there. I could almost feel the heat and humidity, and t [...]

    20. First, thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book pre-publication. Second, I should disclose that I read only 60% of this book before giving up on it. Life is too short to continue to read a book that put me to sleep every time I tried to read it. When I say "put me to sleep," I mean that literally. Every single time I opened it on my Kindle I read several pages and fell asleep. I even fell asleep reading it in the bathtub. (The water wasn't deep enough to reach my Kindle resti [...]

    21. I won a copy of The Big Fear from a Giveaway.Jeez, was the writing f**king annoying! It was as if Mr. Case was trying to sound slick or Tarantino-like by sounding street or cool but it just came off as stilted and migraine inducing.The novel is short so there is little to no exposition; you barely know the characters or understand their motivations but that's okay because you won't care about them anyway. Not one character sounds believable or genuine but that also doesn't matter since it won't [...]

    22. This is a hard review for me. I was really looking forward to this book. The synopsis drew me in. I couldn't wait to read itThen I read it. The plot itself is fantastic. The writing of the book is what I couldn't get on board with. Andrew is way too wordy for my liking. I found my mind wandering throughout the entire book. He rambles about unimportant things throughout the book that completely took away from what could have been a fantastic read. I am not writing this review to be mean. I receiv [...]

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Big Fear" by this first time novelist, Andrew Case. The writing is excellent and the plot sequence follows logically. There is plenty of criminal intrigue and exciting action involving police corruption and financial fraud prosecuted by credible characters. I subtracted one star because the ending left me underwhelmed. Maybe I was extra tired the night I finished this book, but the story didn't hold my enthusiasm during the last few chapters. In any event, I recommend " [...]

    24. Very good readI chose this book from kindle first. I chose it, first, because it's a mystery, and second because I was brought up in New York. Well, it did not disappoint. It was a little hard to get into at first because there was a lot going on and a lot of characters to follow. But the story all came together and I could not put the book down. I highly recommend this book. I look forward to more from this author.

    25. Fascinating!Really enjoyed this. The first few pages I didn't think I would get into it as I found the New York way if speech a bit difficult to follow but I persevered and am glad I did. In fact I could hardly put it down. I have visited New York and absolutely loved it so the mention of places I visited and things I experienced doubled my enjoyment. A bit scary at times too!!!

    26. BIG SuccessAndrew Case nailed it. Great writing! I loved this book from page one. Great suspense and filled with action. Case keeps the readers interest with his descriptive writing that makes you feel as if you are standing along side of the characters in the book. I hope Andrew Case is only scratching the surface of his career with this book and that there are many more of books by him like this in the future. Loved it!

    27. This is a good rendition of a struggle between good cops and bad cops. The violence is limited, but contributes to the sense of fear as the story progresses. The main characters are not fully developed as people, but the suspense and threats keep the reader interested. A twist at the end came as a shock, and made the story just a little better in my view. It was a quick read and provided good entertainment.

    28. OutstandingGreat mystery combined with financial fraud, stock manipulation, and mini disaster s arranged to achieve other hidden goals some monetary others are social engineering to achieve goals perceived as beneficial for the greater good even though some people must first die to achieve the social goal, which of course the perpetrator has deem acceptable loses. The opinions of those to die are not requested. The attitude of all tyrants and their beliefs.

    29. The best book yet on Prime First, and a great readThis is a book for the zeitgeist. At once, a true post-9/11, post-Crisis book, it is also reminiscent of the police thrillers of the 70s, set on a world where the Little Fears are harbingers of the Big Fear

    30. I had a little trouble getting into it at first because there was so much going on but, man am I glad I stayed with it. As the story unfolded, things came together. The story was exciting! I got this book for free as this month's Kindle First choice. I'm so glad I chose this book.

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